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  1. "At some point someone removed the paint on the edge of the body, exposing the wood along the entire edge of the body, which actually looks pretty good." Oh, so that's what happened.
  2. One of one, and a trailblazer. RIP.
  3. I plan to go for "Corpse of Engineer".
  4. Welcome Jimbo! Nice find. Congrats and enjoy it and the ones that will inevitably follow.
  5. Sounds about right. If you're happy, then I'm happy. Congrats and enjoy!
  6. I don't have your answer, but apparently no one is hearing back from Lovepedal much recently. Speculation is that it may be due to the shutdown orders in place in Michigan.
  7. The barrels don't have to be brass, you know. Steel and titanium are available. And you can get bent ones that are meant to help with intonation, if that's something that interests you, and you don't think it will monkey with the Tele sound too much.
  8. I went with a friend and his sister to see him in a minor league hockey rink-sized arena a few years back. His sister REALLY wanted to go, and needed someone to go with, hence her brother. And Buckcherry was opening, so I said I'd go. I was enthusiastic about Buckcherry, and they did a good set, but the crowd was kind of lukewarm, I thought. So at that point I was done with my goal for the night, just ready to sit through and see what the Kid Rock show was about. Well, it was probably about what you'd expect, but what impressed me was that the crowd, the whole rest of the arena, was REALLY into him. Later I did some reading and one reviewer made the analogy that to his fans, and there is a financially significant number of them, he is like the new Elvis.
  9. I want them all, but since I can't have them all, I'm glad you have this one. Score! Congrats and enjoy.
  10. I'm probably out of my depth, but are the economics there to do a good job at faking a guitar, matching documents, and the correct case for a reissue? I can see how they would be for a vintage instrument where the thousand$ get piled onto the price, but the R's seem to be only 1 to 3 thousand more than the main line instruments, and not many at the 3 end. If murkat's inspection points were what they should be, and it otherwise is found to be a quality build, then that should build confidence, no? While it's always nice to deal with nice guys, I don't think that enters into the real question. A good con man can be very nice, or a real honest nice guy could have been taken in the previous transaction.
  11. I keep waiting for that effect to influence the buyers. So far it only seems to work on the sellers...
  12. Before the plague, all-original ones were a hundy or two away from that, if I recall correctly. But this one has non-original pickups, and non-original case. Sweet graphic, though.
  13. People complain (as they tend to do) about pickup placement differences between a 21, 22 and 24 fret neck. Are there not effects from using the baritone neck with Fender-scale pickup placement? Is this an instance where you'd want a swimming pool route and a custom pickguard?
  14. Finally the weather cooperated when I had time and thought of it to take some pictures for a future for sale thread. I haven't been playing much lately, and I could use some money for other things, and after trying some different styles/models/makers I have started figuring out what works for me and what I haven't been able to make work - you know how it is. And I saw the Shishkov Ultimate case. That one would bring more than any of these others, maybe I should take some pictures while I have the camera out. Open the case, pull it out, .... Nope. Damn, this thing sounds, feels and looks like no other. The day may come, but not today!
  15. Winter stuff is always on sale in the spring. Smart time to buy.
  16. Bienvenido! As others have said, nice guitars! Join in the manicomio and watch your wallet.
  17. Is it the eye shadow and ladies' clothes that make Sweet a glam rock band rather than power pop?
  18. I'm going to have to get my hands on a Robin at some point. Congrats and enjoy!
  19. Yes, but mine is not for musical gear so much. I've had a desire for a car project that is ramping up with the removal of other distractions, and in response I am starting to order some of the tools that I would need and do not have. It's easy to say to myself, "this order is under $100", and so is that one, and another one, and... I had better keep a close count on these. I will gladly enable musical GAS, though, for the HFC brotherhood. Marshall, you say?
  20. Congratulations! Does that make you first gentleman of your hometown?
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