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  1. Drastion


  2. That special sure didn't last long. She looked so nice too.
  3. What terrible news. Really puts into prespective what seems like a crappy day. Closing of hamer was bad enough now to shut down everything. Best of luck to everyone involved. I hope all your talents will find you a new brighter future.
  4. Matcnorth That's the site I have been emailing to. He may have just gotten busy and forgot or lost track of the email. Guitarseh Intesting site strage how the posts have so many low ratings.
  5. Yeah, that is the guy who I was trying to get it sent off to. Offered to send him money for a month or two of lessons for the kid to keep him motivated. Don't know how much weekly lessons cost so I didn't know how much to send. So he said he would check into it. Haven't heard from him in three weeks and have not gotten any replies to my email. If someone can get ahold of him I would apreciate it.
  6. Just remembered I also have a cheap folding guitar stand and a fender gigbag I can put in as well.
  7. I posted about this a little over a month ago. I got one guitar sent out but have not heard from the other person in a few weeks. So I thought I would try posting it up again. Bought some stuff for it in the mean time to hopefully make it more usefull. But if the poster who I was originally going to send it to sees this get in contact with me and I will get it sent out to you. So what I have is Slammer series Daytona - great condition seem to have misplaced the treoli bar will keep looking for it this weekend Planetwaves Starter set - picks, string, audio cable, cleaning cloth, headstock tundr Rocksmith for Xbox 360 - not the greatest program but fun and the cable can be used with a pc for garage band and such and turns the tv into a amp 6 set of 10s strings Bunch of random picks to give a little variety to try out Barely used dunlop strap So all you need besides a amp. Although with the game or a pc you can still get some sound. If I can think of anything else I will post it here. I will also pay the shipping because I want sone who could really use it to have it.
  8. Another vote for the Virtuoso headstock.
  9. I tend to agree the full on hockey stick just looks to much like a foot on the end of a guitar. Just like it better when the form flows better than suddenly jutting off at the end. Wouldn't have a problem putting a deposit down if it was a prototype style body tripple coil and maybe a p90 in the neck especially if I could get it in white like the phanton gt on the info page. Heck I would put a grand on the table sans guitar if it helped get the ball rolling.
  10. gmaslin I think you best off going with nathan's advice. Hamer has their roots with Gibson. So most of their line is inspired by them with humbucker mainly and some p90s and mini humbuckers in the mix. Not to say hamers wont work for you. The just only have a few models with single coils in them. So going with Yamaha you will have a lot more options to choose from to get the one that suits you best. I agree with gettin a cheap guitar and putting an extra $100 or so in quality electronics. That will get you a lot better sounding guitar than buying a cheap guitar that costs that much more than the first one. With imports they are really just trying to get the good enough mark. Where the top name brands put out products to get that exact target. The internet is way too powerfull of a tool. If they released something of low quality you wouldn't have to Google very much to find out about it. Reputation is a hard thing to build and a very easy thing to loose. So I say find the guitar that feels right to you regardless of where its made. Then do some looking online for the right pickups for the sound you are looking for.
  11. Not the greatest expert. The daytona is Hamers take on a stratocaster. Here is a link to some info in them http://www.buddlejagarden.co.uk/hamer/vint.htm If you are looking for a shredder http://www.buddlejagarden.co.uk/hamer/chaps.htm Also the mirage has a three single coil version
  12. Thought I would post this up. Seems perfect for this thread and was written by Jol himself. Esoterica Electrica: Building to a Price Jol Dantzig February 18, 2014 http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/20366-esoterica-electrica-building-to-a-price
  13. That guys story makes no sense. He is going to loose his home because he can't pay the mortgage. So he quits his job to become his own lawyer? That or he is soon to he apparently homeless and he will wait for a better offer. What kind of person would put their guitars value over keeping a roof over their families head. Sorry if I sound like a jerk. When my x had her kid on the way I took whatever job I could get. Family goes long before and pride I have. People look at things differently. Like the tax debt commercials where the irs is desperate to get your money and will do anything to get it. I pay my taxes and it really urks me that other people think they shouldn't have to pay and think they are victims of goverment tyranny. Sure I don't like how the goverment uses my money. I would still rather live here than anywhere else in the world. Sorry about the rant that kind of stuff gets under my skin.
  14. Where can you order a copy if the book? Is it a history lesson or is there much specific info on the different guitar models more than just scale lengths and freg counts?
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