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  1. 3 piece neck (5 with headstock wings)and incorrect headstock pitch compared to Les Paul. Both corrected on Triple Threat. but WTF do I know. My favorite Les Paul sound comes from one particular maple neck, pancake body, Norlin! LP 3 piece neck includes the headstock wings. A stressed neck is 5 pieces if you count those.
  2. It’s real. I made the body. It belonged to Frank Rindone for a long time. IIRC it does not sound like a Les Paul. It sounds like a Hamer. I speculated it was the neck construction as everything else was dead nuts. Fast forward a little and the Triple Threat came out. The Monaco was not shown to GC as part of the deal. They sent us a 10k LP to copy. I remember nicking the edge of the island in the control cavity as I was routing it- it was due to the length of the cutter and the angle of the fixture. I was freaking out as it was one of the last steps, the body had a kill
  3. Judging by the birthmarks on the back of the body...the Daytona on Craigslist and on Reverb are the same guitar. nice flame on that neck. I remember thinking I paid crazy money for mine at $750. That was 18 years ago when they were trading for 500-600.
  4. I wonder if they placed the tailpiece like that for the same reason Jol did it on the TOM/STOP Newport? That is very interesting thank you for sharing.
  5. With all the brain cells I’ve killed I can’t believe I remember that guitar but I think I might. If it’s the one I’m thinking of the “pro artist” was a body sander at Hamer. I think that guitar body is alder or basswood which would make it pretty rare for a Standard. I’’m not 100% though.
  6. That looks right...there were a few iterations after Gibson nixed the bell shape cover.
  7. The standard fret wire remained the same for the time I was there 92-2000. I worked in the neck department for a few years and fretted many of the 92-95 necks. It came in pre radiused. I can’t remember the brand but I want to say “Rock o man” or something like that. we had a wide selection of other wire that you could select on a custom basis.
  8. I believe that’s the same configuration and pick guard as the 2 pickup Korina Special in the Korina Special/Junior sets that were sold with that huge flight case.
  9. When I did my brief stint at Guild we conducted an experiment to determine the best “alternate” mahogany. We built 1/2 dozen dreadnaughts (D40s?) out of alternate woods. I can’t remember the species we used. I do remember we had to ID the wood on the serial number label and then cover it up so no one could see it. Those guitars were the subject of various tone tests, etc. The guitar built from Sapele sounded better than the others. The mahogany used at Hamer definitely changed between Arlington Heights and New Hartford. I preferred the old stuff and was very vocal about it. I rem
  10. Early 1997 by logo and serial number. Would be built like a 1995 (thin veneer like the originals) vs the .100-.125” cap milled from a billet. I think that change occurred in 98 or 99.
  11. I am NOT saying this is related to the eBay auction (I know nothing about that particular guitar) but I seem to recall one of those Aerosmith Korina standards went missing on tour. Chris?
  12. As far as things being destroyed.......I can tell you with absolute certainty that I am in possession of the original CAD CAM files from Arlington Heights and the stuff I did in New Hartford. It’s not everything but it’s the bulk of the catalog since the 90s. Last year I offered the files up free of charge to someone that was hinting at a comeback. I was told the files weren’t necessary and that everyone and their brother had them.
  13. The Arlington Heights shop was constantly trading staff with Washburn. Mike worked for us and Yuri was at Washburn. I wonder if any of the old Hamer staff is still there?
  14. I think we chatted about Ax in Hand having Standard 0050 with Bartolini pickups for the price of $1200 (which was crazy high) back in the 90s. L o l. I can’t say for certain but I thought it was a 12 string bass.
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