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  1. Yes. American Original 60s Telecaster. I was worried the slighter flatter neck would feel “un-Fendery” but it feels like an old friend. The finish is pretty fragile. It sounds like it is supposed to.
  2. Bought a USA Centaura all original with original case for $230. Probably around 2001 or so. Axe in Hand had Standard 0050 (with Bartolini pickups) for $1200 around 1992. I was too broke to swing it so I bought the $500 dot neck Sunburst hanging next to it.
  3. We made one. Still had the Hamer headstock and stressed neck. Frank Rindone was the last owner from what I know. It didn’t sound like a Les Paul. I blamed the neck.
  4. All mahogany Archtop GT p90 Goldtop. Jol himself had an all mahogany 50s Les Paul that he claims was a monster. They wouldn’t do it without the hard rock maple top because the paint would sink.
  5. It finally arrived yesterday. Everytime I try to post a picture I get an error. Will try again tonight. I’ve looked at a lot of wood over the years and it looks like a one piece body.
  6. Ended up making a reasonable offer on an Alesis 88 key controller that does the trick nicely. Alesis -midi out toYamaha Reface midi in, a cable from mono out on Reface to Roland Drum amp. Play full size keys, adjust Hammond sliders from Reface sitting next to keyboard and that amp sounds pretty good with just about anything.
  7. Still waiting. I was supposed to have it in my hands by the end of April. Hopefully it will be soon. Very disappointed in the salesman. He told me twice he was going to “check the status” and “let me know” and I’ve heard nothing but crickets.. waiting on a factory fresh American Original Telecaster in Sunburst. Bought one brand new off Reverb, store went to ship it and found a hack mark on the back and only offered $50 off. I opted to wait and get a new one.
  8. Thank you Hamerman. That makes sense.
  9. Thanks guys. My Arius doesn’t have the old school MIDI pin jacks, only the damn USB B (that is what is complicating things). The Reface comes with the adapter that goes from its mini Midi into a standard MIDI IN and MIDI OUT . Can I cobble a usable cable to go from the Reface adapter to the Arius using these? TNP Midi to USB Cable Interface Converter - IN OUT Midi Cable Host Adapter Plug Controller Wire Cord For Keyboard Synthesizer Piano Instrument to Mac Computer PC Windows Laptop Music Studio (6 FT) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077VHNZ2R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_lX3ZCbRXD64TY 2 Pack USB 2.0 Cables A Female to USB B Male Cable for Printer Cables Length is 20 inches A/F to B/M Type-A F to B M Cable Extender Connection Cable(USB_A/F-USB_B/M Cables, Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074J746N3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_pY3ZCbA9KGKGC
  10. Guys I have absolutely no MIDI experience and am looking for someone to tell me if what I want to do is possible (seems like it should be) and advise on how to make the connections between two MIDI devices. I grew up in a house with a full size Hammond organ and always loved that sound. Just for kicks I recently picked up a Yamaha Reface YC mini keyboard that has a pretty convincing Hammond sound. My fat fingers can’t get along with the mini keys. I’m 100% sure I can buy a full size keyboard to work as a MIDI controller. I already own a Yamaha Arius digital piano that has a USB port (old square USB B style.) that says “usb to host”. It seems reasonable to think I could connect a cable from the usb to host port on the digital piano to the midi port on the Yamaha reface, use the piano as the controller and adjust the sound via the Yamaha reface Drawbars. I believe I would have to go from the Reface out to an amp because the Arius piano does not have a port to reroute the sound back to use the Arius internal amp/speakers. I’m ok with that. I can’t seem to find the proper cable . Every MIDI cable I find that has the USB B port (square one) on one side has the standard USB A on the other end (probably assuming it goes into a PC). I need a cable that has the USB B on both ends (if that will work). Or a USB B on one end and a MIDI pin connection on the other. I think this is what I need anyway? Can anyone tell me if I’m remotely close to being on the right path? i tried to post pics of the ports on each device but keep getting errors trying to upload the photo.
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