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  1. I think we chatted about Ax in Hand having Standard 0050 with Bartolini pickups for the price of $1200 (which was crazy high) back in the 90s. L o l. I can’t say for certain but I thought it was a 12 string bass.
  2. Chris, thanks for the info. The split headstock Standard on eBay is about 2000 numbers before my Korina Standard which is close to the end of the run. I can say with absolute certainty that Hamer USA built one split headstock Korina Standard in 1995. I believe I mentioned the existence of it on the board in the past. I can’t say the guitar on EBay is the same guitar. However the only thing on that guitar that is even questionable to me is the logo on the front. Everything else is correct. it doesn’t bother me that others can’t remember it. There was more than one person
  3. I think the guitar in the eBay auction is the one I remember from back in the day. I’m puzzled by that logo though. Even if they did that logo entirely by hand with Letraset.....why didn’t they use the italicized font? I wonder if it was meant to be covered by a raised logo from another brand if you know what I mean. Peter, did the Futuras for Bill use bookman bold italic font?
  4. Sorry guys didnt realize the black one was 2007. That’s after my time at Hamer and I’m sure it’s legit. I’m 1000% sure we built exactly one natural split headstock Standard/explorer in 1995. The one in the auction fits the description but that logo sure does look f’d up.
  5. I remember exactly one real Hamer split headstock Explorer/Standard and the serial number should have predated the Korina Standard run or been damn close to the start of it. 1995 would be correct. If I remember correctly it was built for Make n music or Flynn but not 100%. It was natural finish. I sure as as hell do not remember it having that logo. Not sure that’s the guitar I’m thinking of. Does anyone have an early Korina Standard from 1995. How close is your serial number to this one? Also, there were 5 Futuras that predate the RNKs that Bill K had built for he and a few buddie
  6. I used to love Amazon....early adopter and big promoter. They used to be the least expensive, most convenient and had great customer service. Sadly they are no longer any of the above. i wish I could blame corona virus but they screwed up so many orders at Xmas and January they refunded my entire prime membership fee no questions asked in early February. So at this point it’s a completely free service to me and I still think they blow. endless hold times to fix an order they screwed up or just disappeared, shipping that takes two weeks when they have the item in stock, limited op
  7. That’s the one Hamer I wish I could get. It was a project Jol let me run with. I did all the CAD/CAM work and tooling. Damn. edited to add that Chris’s template doesn’t show the real beauty of that guitar “under the hood”. Obviously it’s the second one from the right. That is NOT Rick’s Tbolt next to it. You can see the point of that one is much different.
  8. I’m not sure which model numbers they were. I’m going off the cuff here but I would say this was around 1995. Frank cut a deal to finish/assemble those because Hamer’s finishing/assembly area had a greater output capacity than the wood shop. He was looking for ways to bring in additional income. Perhaps a sign of things to come. i worked on the neck line and did the fretwork at Hamer at the time. I remember being very impressed with the fretwork on those. I believe the logos were thin abalone.
  9. Some of those were finished and assembled by Hamer in Arlington Heights.
  10. My .02..... I worked for Jol during the early New Hartford years. I can share the following: 1) Arlington Heights was run like a factory (a good one but still a factory). New Hartford was run like a shop. That was because of Jol’s presence in New Hartford. 2) I left Hamer in July 2000. Most, if not all, of the customer order rejections I was aware of had a pretty good reason. What people don’t understand is many fixtures, patterns, etc necessary to do the old models and custom orders were trashed in Illinois. A lot had to be recreated. It is very likely the first “no” wa
  11. It looks like he was playing air drums on Global Citizen “You Can’t always get what you want” but it sounded like he was playing?
  12. I can’t believe the Fender Custom Shop hasn’t tapped into this market. Send them your specs, photos or actual neck and they make a fully functional replica to play while the original sits in the case.
  13. Dave, You are killing me here.....I don’t even have a guitar for it but I feel like I need to secure one of these hens teeth. If anyone needs a:reference for Dave I’ve known him for 30 years (he trained me how to fret and carve necks at Hamer), he is a straight up guy to deal with and he builds a pretty nice guitar. Deal with confidence. Bob
  14. Yes. Chris is correct. Those 100% came from the factory. If they aren’t 2 FIG could they be from Parallel?
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