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  1. Died from complications of COVID-19. 52. This shit just got real for me. RIP.
  2. Love this! Larrivee parlors are amazing. Yours is beautifully appointed.
  3. Sweet mother of mercy! That's an assload o' lumber.
  4. Boys, please! One at a time. I didn't share my Ted CDs, but l have S/T, CSF, DLG, etc. I think I have a coupla Amboy Dukes LPs buried, somewhere.
  5. Yeep! So much wrong going on here it’s hard to know where to start. I think $750 is about right for this mongrel.
  6. True, that. I played upright Jr/Sr years in high school. It was like wrestling with a giant, spruce grizzly.
  7. I dunno...I just got the impression that Theodore is stepping all over the song. Y'know, grandstanding?
  8. Dear lord, that live clip is just excretive. Why anybody would play guitar in a band with Ted is beyond me. Points for Tommy's grunge, wood-elf costume, though. The Docs are a nice touch...
  9. Dang. Friar Tuck, Lemmy and Hartley Peavy had a test-tube baby.
  10. That's more than I know. I went with what the turntable guy said was a good, mid-line cart. I'm not really an audiophile, as I already have guitars as an expensive avocation. My system sounds great, but all that super-pricey stuff is way out of my wheelhouse. I think the most luxurious components I own are a pair of Cerwin-Vega 217R speakers. They are huge and beastly (not my pair, pics from web search):
  11. Bass. Pffft..! Two less strings. How hard can it be?
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