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  1. Is BSM still in business? I’m interested in the MTC and some of his boosters.
  2. Is there a mounting plate in the cavities? How are they held in place?
  3. Although it hasn’t come from straight from the Knopf’s mouth, that’s one hell of an endorsement, given his status as one of guitar’s most instantly recognizable players and tonesmiths. Yeahhhh, the rub. What's the point of using gear you don't know how to use? 6mos to, "duplicate Knopfler's iconic tones", all done by his tech? Fukk that noise.
  4. That’s right! Terry Melcher, A/R and producer from Capitol records. He rejected Charlie’s demo tape, which sorta triggered a horrible series of events. Melcher owned the house on Cielo Drive, but was renting to other tenants when the killers showed up.
  5. Oi! T'anx fer the free gui-tahs, Mistah Fin-dah! We're gonna go beck to our real ones now, if ya don't mind? Cliff seems ta loik his, tho..?
  6. True, but I don’t recall that badger-coif in that video! “The 80’s” Big, ugly and proud of it, sucka!
  7. Did a double-take on this one. 70s-era hair and bracelet with a Jetboy tshirt? Why would someone go to the trouble of photoshopping a tshirt/LP on this photo?
  8. I have not had a chance to mess with one (yet...). I don't have much use for tremelo, though I see it has, "Univibe"/"Rotary" patches, so now I'm interested. I have used the PinkFloyd-y pedal which has a similar approach, and had some great sounds inside. What I found about the DarkSide pedal is it's easier to pick your basic three sounds, their order placement and go. You can futz with it and change things on the fly, but that's a bit cumbersome, IMO. I like how the WS is laid out. I think once you decide on what sounds you want, it is a pretty convenient pedal: My advice to you, bubs, is to purchase one right away, post a positive review so then I can get one, too.
  9. Seems like Gibson is saving single-pc, mahogany bodies for the high-end or CS guitars. Still, that Classic has very pretty lumber. Lotsa tonal options with the p/p pots...yikes!
  10. Finish: Naptha on a clean rag. Lighly coat those awful, WackyPacks stickers. Let it sit for a bit. Remove with another naptha-doused rag. Unless you really want a different color, I'd just rehab the existing finish. Wiring harness: Plenty of wiring schematics at: guitarelectronics.com. You can find all the parts there, as well. Take a flap from a cardboard box and lay the body on it, face down. Use a mechanics pencil/pen to trace the control holes to the cardboard. Make the appropriate cuts in the cardboard and you have a template to mount your new electronic parts to for the wiring portion. Pickups and tremolo: I would go with GFS. Cheap and good, not great. Make sure to measure the spacing on trem mounting holes! GFS would also be a good place for the electronics, but make sure you determine whether you need metric or standard shafts. The one thing I would splurge on is good locking tuners. Hipshot Griploks are awesome. They come in vintage and modern (10mm) sizes, have a staggered post option and use a universal mounting plate (UPM), which allows you to install them without drilling. Looks like a fun project. Good luck!
  11. Capital idea, Dave. I've been toying with posting, "Knurls From the Wrench", semi-instructional photo-blogs. I enjoy Jeffro's and diablo175's posts on repair/mods and quite miss Platzer's always informative contributions. Murkat, where's are ye?
  12. My fave Hamer 'bursts are tobacco over figured maple, and '59burst over mid-90's, dot-necked Standards. That lovely Jazzburst on the Newport90s gets an honorable mention.
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