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  1. I played a few in L.A. early this year. They were nice guitars, but the sticker shock! There are other options that are equally good for much less money (i.e., Chubtone Guitars). It seems that GJ2 Guitars is no more. These are great guitars and are a good used buy.
  2. Perfect! If that doesn't beg a permanent install I don't know what does. Break out the drill!
  3. I posted a while back about the upcoming, "Live in Youngstown", LP awaiting release. In the true spirit of overkill, Chrysalis done did again: UFO Box Set on IMWAN.COM Description Regarded by many as one of the finest live albums of all time, Strangers in The Night captured UFO at the peak of their powers as a band. The original double album was compiled from recordings made at six shows during in October 1978 on an American tour, which can only be described as a live greatest hits of the band's repertoire.This new 8CD box set includes all 6 complete original concerts for the first time
  4. Great guitars if you're Richard Kiel or Ted Cassidy. They should be called, "Millstone."
  5. Go to the bottom of the page and click, "Theme". Choose between light and dark modes.
  6. Sharon Osborne is a scumbag. I hope she dies a slow, excruciating death. Daisley/Kerslake wrote the majority of, "Blizzard...", too. Why they didn't sue for that is a mystery. Maybe no physical audio proof or actual copyright documents? RIP, Lee.
  7. There are reasons to have the spring cover installed. I've done shielding jobs where the spring cavity and top routes are coated with shielding paint, the pickguard and backplate have copper/aluminum tape. It creates a sort of, "faraday cage", and does seem to quiet down the guitar. I usually find doing the top routes/pickguard sufficient.
  8. TGPers are idiots. Made it thru three posts.
  9. No. EJ, like other Strat owners, doesn't like the hassle of taking off the cover every time to adjust the spring tension. None of my trem guitars have the backplate installed.
  10. Glen Frey was working on a screenplay for, "Witchy Woman", before he died. True story.
  11. Anything by the Cranberries. I mean, seriously.
  12. Whoah. The finish on that slop sink is flawless! Get that annoying guitar out the way and let’s see some detail shots!
  13. Besides being hideously ugly and overpriced? Nothing I can think of.
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