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  1. *SIGH* Oh, Rob. Will you ever get tired of winning?
  2. Dang. Some putz put a Kahler on that beautiful ‘burst top. Mon DIEU!
  3. Yeah, pretty scummy move by that family. I doubt any reward money will be forthcoming from MPL.
  4. Very cool. Hamer’s best original design by far.
  5. Alright, now you’re just flexing.
  6. Kind of, but not really. I’ve never seen a KKV with that hardware. Should be in, “The Book!”
  7. Wow! Is that black Vector a restoration?
  8. Not interested in a pedal with a 4mo waiting list that I have to actually assemble myself. I like my Ceriatone Centura just fine, thank you. Sounds killer through my Vickyverb combo.
  9. Give the Dimarzio Humbucker From Hell a try. THE most magical neck pickup I’ve used in any guitar. Two rows of hex screws, so you may/may not like the look.
  10. What does the slider switch do?
  11. Tyrion Lannister, where have you BEEN?
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