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  1. That's not true. They build Friedman, Soldano and other brands. They are a distributor and manufacturer.
  2. Hey, I’m doing my bit, bubs! You just need to start letting go of the good stuff. Don’t be holdin’ out & hatin’.
  3. Chicago’s not a very big college town, innit?
  4. I loved my old HR50 head. That thing breathed fire, what a sound! Too bad the SLO30 doesn’t have the footswitch function. That still won’t dissuade me from at least trying one out. I doubt they’ll have any Bay Area dealers, though. Maybe Bananas At Large in Marin Co?
  5. They have nicer bits (Lollar, Faber, etc.) than their Gibson counterparts. Seems like a good value.
  6. Oh, dang, that is super sweet! That's the goods, right there.
  7. They've been consistently excellent quality, including their earliest, carved archtops. The company actually has an interesting story as to how they came to building jazz boxes. Those Jrs. look pretty sweet. I can't speak to how much better they are than Gibsons or Hamers, but the price is sure right.
  8. I like what I'm hearing, from both Mike and the amps. Seems like our demo-guy, "Steve", has been up for three days with the Devil's Dandruff and cheap bourbon. Ahhh, the NAAM show.
  9. Hmmmm...Lake County, completely bunged-up wiring. Somebody really meth-ed this one up. What could go wrong?
  10. You’re on base. The Music Zoo is totally out of the ballpark, though.
  11. Looks like a solid trem. Spendy, though. YouTube might have some reviews...
  12. Yep, I gotta admit this shape looks much better. I hate the upper button locations on the Explorer and 58V RIs, though. Makes for an awkward hang.
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