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  1. Still waiting on my Jubilee. Anybody else get their pedals from the last sale?
  2. Dang! That was kinda epic. Wish they would've finished the song, though. Seems like they were really locking in, and then it stopped.
  3. The greatest of them all. Bow, mortals. Mid-80's compilation. Steve Hoffman did the remastering. All the hits, not much in the way of deep tracks, but couldn't resist for $7/2xlps.
  4. Can the guitarist. Plenty more where he came from. The universe shits out lead guitarists like stardust.
  5. Alright, that’s it. I need to get a Ric history book. Any recommendations?
  6. No, dude! Nothing wrong with that guitar at all. Just didn't do it for me, like how the Newport you got from me did the same for you.
  7. Yeep! That looks like a total PIT anoos. The longer I own my Rics the more I realize how little I know about the brand.
  8. Tried go-arounds with two SGs: '62RI and a 2x P90 models. They sounded okay, but I must've not had solid examples. They felt flimsy, the neck joints seemed feeble. Looking back, I prolly should have spent more time with each guitar, and adjusted my playing approach accordingly. I guess I expected them to be something they were not.
  9. The apartment was indeed a pigsty, but did you notice how the room with his military relics was as clean as an operating room? Man's gotta have his priorities, I reckon.
  10. WTF is Echopark Guitars? Is it a TGP thing? Never heard of 'em.
  11. Same as an old, 4-input Marshall/Fender: Guitar cable to input 1 (high). Run a short cable from input 1(low) to input 2 (high). The resulting sound comes from diming volume one into volume two, so it can get stupidly loud, My Reinhardt combo has power scaling, a handy feature as it can get very loud As far as the a/b/y method, search YouTube for, “plexi with aby box”, you’ll find the video. This is how I input my Reinhardt and it sounds tits.
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