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  1. HBE Germania 44 treble booster. Very similar to the Beano Boost, a little dirtier.
  2. Getting tired of using my dad's corded, SKIL motor and would like to upgrade to a cordless. I need something that I can use with guitar repairs, so lightweight is good. Would like a good quality motor, preferably not made in China, if possible Not sure where to start. Hope Depot has this Rigid 18v, $79 marked down from $99 Thanks in advance for any help given.
  3. Went to the Emeryville GC today for strings. It was a mess. There was stock on the shelves, but the store had a post-apocalyptic vibe. It was completely looted during the rio..., er, "protests", this summer and it seems they have yet to recover. (I have to admit a bit of schadenfreude watching bearded, rigatoni-legged hipsters on the local news, struggling down the sidewalks with newly "liberated" AC30s and Fender Twins.)
  4. Traded a spare copy of, "Women and Children First", for this. Funny, I'm not the biggest XTC fan, but I love the two LPs from this project.
  5. Great performances on this. Who records single song, 17min album sides anymore? Kenny Burrell kills on this one.
  6. Killer solo record with Bruford, Eno, Jobson, Wetton...a veritable, "who's who", of prog rock. This led to the classic, "801 Live", which is a must-have LP.
  7. One of my all time faves. Not a bum track in the bunch.
  8. Recent mono RI with bonus singles and PTownshend demos.
  9. My 360 and 660/12 are mid- and late-90s, respectively. The 360 had toaster replacement pickups, original hi-gains were in the case. Never tried the hi-gains, but I do like the sound of the toasters. The have all the signature Ric, “spank’n’clank”, but can tamed a bit with the tone pots. The blend pot comes in handy in that you can set up a nice lead boost setting. All said, I’m not an expert on any particular era of Rics, but the two I own are very nice examples. Good luck in your search.
  10. I couldn’t put it any better. I use .010 flats on my 360. Ric isn’t a myth. Far from it...
  11. Oh, piffle. He's a big boy, now. If he wants to be left alone he wouldn't agree to in-depth interviews. On a more positive note, heres audio from Pasadena High School, 1975. Mostly covers, ends with a cool, early arrangement of, "Fools." Spotty sound quality in places:
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