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  1. That’s what I meant. Having to change your EQ curve to blend with others.
  2. Very true. In days of yon, I used the “sucked-mids” tone for 3-pc thrash. Worked great until another guitarist joined.Said tone sounds great playing at home but is pretty useless in a live setting. I’m all about pushing the mids, now. That’s where the guitar lives. Might as well make it feel at home, no?
  3. RobB

    Les Paul Action ...

    Try lowering the tailpiece so that the strings *just* clear the back of the bridge housing. Adjust your truss rod accordingly. And, don't expect your LP to have the same feel as similar instruments. Different feel is GOOD. It's why we have multiple guitars, right?
  4. I had a .50cal Plus head in the 80s/90’s. It crushed with Brit tone, just like the JCM800 I had, too. I remember the print ads for the .50cal had something to do with, “there’s a new amp in town, taking out old marshalls at twenty paces”, or some such clever copy.
  5. I had a series I head. Very bright, got close to a Marshall. Finally just dialed in what I thought was an acceptable heavy tone. If you need all of the tonal/switching options, go with the Ace. I’d suggest Budda SD30 or 45 combo. They’re far simpler amps, but they weigh appx 35 lbs, far easier to lug around.
  6. I feel GC manages to override this fuckstickery with the numbers game. The sheer number of pissed customers WAY outnumber those that will actually complain and demand action on said fuckstickery. What’s amazing to me is that all I hear from GC customers is how awful their, “customer service”, experience is, time after time. How is it, then, that they keep opening new stores? I consider GC a, “picks’n’sticks”-store. There is nothing there of interest.
  7. I balked at the E2s when they were new. Now, I kinda like them. Still not sold on the V2s, though. Those pickups, ugh.
  8. That’s cool. Pretty beefy case for what was considered a, “budget guitar.”
  9. Outrageous. I am outraged.
  10. I like it. Needs an ebony fingerboard.
  11. I was at that show! Ruled! I think Midnight Flyer opened?
  12. RobB

    Ace Frehley Anomaly

    Ya what now?
  13. Van Halen/Quiet Riot (Randy Rhoads) Pasadena Civic Nov(?) 1977. I didn’t know what I was witnessing at the time. Wish I could say it was amazing but I don’t remember much about it.