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  1. One of the best LP covers of all time, hands down. It made me buy the record when I was 13, not even knowing who the hell this guy was.
  2. Been looking for a clean copy of this for a while. Hugely influential on The Byrds, Waylon Jennings, Flying Burrito Bros., etc. Classic, clean and NM. Great party record. And now, from my good friends at Rhino/Warner: The GODS! The Gods themselves!! On your knees, dogs!!! Got tired of not buying chewed-up copies of Sabbath on shitty, 70s vinyl. Got this box at a discount ($199.99+shipping). It's now selling on discogs.com for $300/up. Check out all the extras they included with this box:
  3. Ritchie: "Bang on, then, Ronnie. You and Elf got the gig." Ronnie: "What about my guitarist?" Ritchie: "I'm sorry. Who?" Love. This. Record. Check out Pattie, she's no fattie! Another winner. Her original band was so killer, and Geraldo's playing and tone are stellar. I've got the CD version from the Blue Horizon Fleetwood Mac box set, but, well, you know...
  4. Bay Area legends. Looking forward to rooting out GCS's other releases. Take THAT, Les Claypool! Had this in high school. Was wondering if it still kicks ass. It does. Beer ad guys. Yeah, but one of the better Power Pop bands. Check out Wally's new band with Clem Burke/Andy Babiuk, The Empty Hearts! All I own by Small Faces is a pretty spotty, Immediate Records CD comp. This 2LP one's a goodie, on thick, 1981 German vinyl. Forgot about this one. Early 80's Columbia collection of rarities, Bsides and Europe-only tracks. Really great LP.
  5. Wowsers! Tom was such a beautiful lady in the 70s! He looks like Valerie Harper. 💔
  6. Because its value has been ruined and it looks like shit. On a side note: I find it hilarious that the Cheap Trick logo has the, "registered trademark, 'R.'" That HAD to be Nielsen's idea.
  7. I’ll await your review before I load in. New vinyl is expensive.
  8. Do these saddles retrofit in Mustang/Jaguar/Jazz Master trem bridges? That would be a serious upgrade.
  9. Sweet Jeebus..! The Babicz bridge: The King Crimson of guitar hardware. How is it possible to install one when both of your arms are gnawed off? Huh? How?
  10. Nice build, Punky. It's a stoked feeling when all the disparate components come together without any extra drilling/sanding/shimming, etc. I agree; more guitarists should take on an intermediate build like yours. One learns more about setups, maintenance, and the mechanics of Leo's simple industrial genius from a build like yours. Additionally, it takes away the, "mystery" of setups, and can save ya a lot of bread in the long run, too. I'm about to embark on a black pickguard rig for my Blackmore Strat, with a coupla of HS-3s and a beefy-assed Virtual Solo in the bridge. Now, to only find the time to start wrenching...
  11. Ain’t nuthin wrong with bright guitars. Tone pots come standard on most guitars.
  12. I’m not so sure about that, zen. He has a lot of retail accounts, too. I got my Echophonic Jr new from a dealer. I think the SNS promotion is his way of keeping some sort of buzz going since he has so few catalog models on his website I purchased a JTM pedal from a member here for the SNS price.
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