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  1. Read it again. Mojotone had nothing to do with defrauding anyone. The pre-wired rig sellers are the ones that put the phony labels on the caps, not Mojo.
  2. Not sure what was up with the last two pics. They tuned out very blue, so I pulled them. Typical excellent Bogner build quality and attention to detail. The amp features 3, footswitchable channels. Clean has a volume and single tone control. Crunch and solo share the Treb/Mid/Bass and gain control with separate volumes. Crunch channel has an additional gain knob on the back panel to adjust rhythm tone verses the solo mode. Two more nifty features are switchable attenuation of 18/5/1watts and a vintage/modern switch, which brings in a silicone diode rectifier for tighter metal tones.
  3. Hmmmmm…Lessee..: Eat glass or read about Jol’s recounting of his under-appreciated creation? Not an easy choice.
  4. Oy, such a DEAL! I thought I was getting over when I got mine on GC clearance for $139.00. If you’re on the fence on this, don’t be. It is killer, and all those Isley Bros and early 70s Scorpions sounds are inside.
  5. REO heavies it up before the release, "Hi Infidelity", with the last word on the, "rock band brick wall photo." WTF is Cronin wearing? Looks like Gary is about to be serviced while his black panther seems uninterested. SO much wrongness...
  6. So true. Honduras mahogany. Indian rosewood, real nitro finish. I’m very into my new Proto. Now I want a ProtoII with factory Kahler or sustainblock trem.
  7. I don’t know for sure. They are identical to Gibson pins, so I imagine they got them from the same vendor.
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