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  1. Wow, thanks for the info! A mighty, 8-paragraph screed worthy of django. Except, I continued reading yours after the first three words. Well done.
  2. Dang. For an, “endangered species” tropical hardwood, it seems that more than a few manufacturers offer BR as an option. Maybe they have huge stash piles squirreled away?
  3. Yeesh, just show the amp. You'll get plenty of dopamine hits when we all pile on with the, "atta-boy", posts.
  4. It’s in very good shape and only $600! This is a great Boogie Head, very tight and aggressive. Didn’t ask about the pedals, but they ship. 415/431-2150 realguitars@earthlink.net
  5. I remember some of that era. I actually prefer the, "Good NOW Days", not being surrounded by filthy hippies.
  6. “Wood wavering?” WTF is that?
  7. Me, three. Same, "error 6."
  8. Dang, curry! You’re the Fung of MIJ guitars.
  9. What does the Alembic do? Is it a mids volume boost and is it variable? Hughie Thomasson used to favor these in his Strat and he always got a great sound.
  10. Never a problem on eBay. However, with only 114 transactions since 1998, it’s not like I’m a heavy user or anything. A Metallica songbook I sold disappeared in the mail. I offered the buyer a refund but he said not to worry about it Had only a coupla bumps in the Reverb road. Dude wanted a Marshall sound from Suhr Badger head that he purchased from my shop. He returned it. It re-sold within days. Bought a beauty, 2000 LP Std Premium Plus from a well-known, Twin Cities dealer on Reverb. Took a bad hit in transit and arrived with a large divot in the back of the neck. The shop was great and paid for the return shipping and a full refund.
  11. That's a lot of quality guitar for $944.57. Electronics? Japanese electrics have upped the quality of hardware/electronics, so I wouldn't worry about that. Certainly solid in the last 30yrs or so. Chinese, Indonesia, Vietnam are the up-and-comers. They'll catch up soon enough.
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