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  1. If you’re willing to drive to L.A. to pick up, check the website when listed. I tried to power up the EP1, no love there.
  2. 9-6, Sundays off. We have until the end of March, so the big stuff that will move quick will go first. The tubes will be logged at months-end by myself, will prolly take 2-3days just to inventory those. The decedent (from what I can gather) was studio engineer. His sister sez he repaired vintage tube gear/electronics and some overseas customers paid with boxes of Japanese naughty mags. Maybe he had plans to turn them over later? They’re mostly unopened, glossy but unused if you get my meaning.
  3. I thought so at first until I realized how much work we’ve got: 2500 LPs, boxes of unused MIB 1/4” tape reels, 1/4” 2-track master tapes (Deep Purple, JGarcia, tons more), NIB pre-recorded reel to reels, 45s, 78s, NIB pre-recorded cassettes (LedZep, etc) Reel to real decks (Tandberg, Teac), Laserdisc players, assorted antiquated high-end electronics Vintage 8mm projectors/cameras 3 vintage Orange heads (2x120w and 80w) 2 vintage Orange 4x12, 1 early 80s Hiwatt 4x12 Multiple storage cabinets (metal with clear plastic drawers) with 1000s of electronic parts (
  4. It’s gonna take days to properly inventory all this stuff. I’ll refer you guys to the estate sale website when they’re ready for sale. Thanks for the help.
  5. Working with my friend’s estate sale biz. We’ve emptied a 50x20ft storage unit. Here is a small portion: I can’t possibly list all of the amazing stuff, but there are these: 1000s of NOS tubes and I think there are hundreds more in the pile somewhere. I know there are a lot of expensive tubes in here, but we just don’t have the time to inventory every one. How do I proceed to sell these things? Boxes and boxes of tubes..!!!!
  6. I had no idea that Rivera's mods were so desirable. Who knew?
  7. You do realize madhousemagazine.com is a parody site (like The Onion), right?
  8. 2xLP. Some great performances here.
  9. New, Half-speed master RI. Sounds amazing even on my mid-fi system. Not a dog in the bunch.
  10. I wish Snowy White would've hung in for another coupla albums. Such a tasteful player. After Robbo, he was the best combining with Scott.
  11. The King of Articulation and Dynamics. How does he make certain notes sound like they are played with wah?
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