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  1. 199 is retail, can be had for 175 or maybe less. Do you know where new EVM12Ls are that price? I'll just get one of those. I agree, WTH is "more musical and less sterile"? Could be great, could be total unicorniness.
  2. Anyone have any experience with this speaker? Supposed to be similar to an EVM 12L only "more musical and less sterile" (?). Big fan of EVM 12L's except for the price. This looks like maybe a decent cast EV speaker copy for considerably less. And.....it's more musical (?)
  3. Thanks for the input VR, I really appreciate it. I'll do some more homework. I might want to just split the humbuckers with push/pulls to start. I need one guitar that covers a wide range for the 3 piece band I'm in (lots of pressure on the guitar player).
  4. Thank you Sir for the reply. I was hoping that was the case (even the no tinkerer part).
  5. Hey guys, been thinking about putting a pair of SD P-Rails in my HSH Silhouette. My understanding is the best control for the P-Rail is their PUP ring switch. My question is, if I install the pickups with the PUP ring switches can I also still use the 5way and get the original PUP combinations (wired like a Strat) with the center pickup? And, is this task way beyond us tinkerers?
  6. Is it anything like a Robinther Flapjack?..........that would be a no for me.
  7. Definitely gonna hang on to my pre-gibson Mark V 25 now.
  8. Any song with great riffs and really thin lousy guitar tone (Whiskey Train / Procol Harum, Light up or leave me alone / Traffic, You really got me / Kinks, etc.)
  9. According to Elduave, it is apparently sold. Email on the way
  10. Hope everyone had a great Holidays. Thought I'd drop the price one last time on the Mirage. Could also be interested in a trade for something with SD P-Rails. Overall good condition. Original pickups were changed to SD Mini JB's with all wiring done professionally. Controls operate as original. Has some hameritis on fret board edge and neck joint. Also has a few dings (worst one on body edge, see pic) most are very minor. Comes with OHSC, trem bar and wrenches. Price $999 + shipping
  11. So the Duotone sold. Still have the Mirage and I'll include free shipping on that one.
  12. That was a different Woodpile.....that guy was young, naive and didn't understand the feces to fan splatter radius coefficient. However, he was a handsome fella who didn't have to take pain relievers just to stand upright like this Woodpile does.
  13. Thought I'd never do this but here we are. Both guitars are in good condition with several dents and scratches (tried to catch the worst ones in the pics). No major issues and both play and sound good. The Duotone is all stock as best I can tell. The Mirage has had the original pickups replaced with (3) JB minis all wired professionally using the original control functions. It also has some finish lift along the fret board edge. Both include the original HSC in fair condition with all latches in working order. Duotone (SOLD) Mirage 1 REDUCED $1249.00 including shipping UPS gro
  14. Does anybody want my P90 3holer Duo? I met Billy Fels back in the '70's when he first started I believe with Mike Tobias if my really bad memory fails me correctly. They repaired a broken neck on a Les Paul for me. Will never forget watching him eat a taco over my guitar while he worked. He's a fellow knife nut and owns the first knife I ever made. Everything I ever had done to a guitar, he did. Billy and Doug are great guys that made great guitars. The Guitar Factory is one of the very few things I really miss after leaving Florida.
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