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  1. If you like the tone, a clean boost is a good idea. I've got an Xotic Super Clean that works great for that.
  2. Making way for some needed PA gear so this is on the block. USA Silhouette with P-Rails and the triple shot rings. In very good condition with minor nicks and scratches (worst shown in pic). Has a ton of tone options with the 5-way and triple shot rings switches (can adjust pickup variations on both pickups in each 5-way position, too much math for me). I had the neck pickup installed so the single coil rail was closest to the fretboard (a little warmer sounding). I wanted the option to have the bridge and neck together so I gave up the typical 2nd position (bridge and middle). If you know how to wire a 5-way you can change that. The middle pickup is the stock DiMarzio. Has locking tuners (I believe are stock). Plays great. Comes with OHSC. $1,299 shipped to CONUS
  3. In excellent condition. Works great but I just got a Suhr Badger 18 that has power scaling so don't need it. $299 / incl shipping to CONUS
  4. Cleaning out the pedal drawer. All are lightly used and in good working condition with velcro on the backs (wampler has a plastic plate and fastener also). Friedman Smallbox OD $119 plus shipping Wampler Gearbox Andy Wood OD (dual OD with modified Tumnus and Pinnacle along with a noise gate). **SOLD** GoudieFX G-Drive OD (similar to TS). **SOLD** Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Germanium Gold Compressor w/OD **SOLD**
  5. For solo acoustic gigs, I use sparing amounts of compression and delay carefully tweaked by my 7 band EQ depending on the atrocity of the venues acoustics. I use those because the sound is like angels having sex.
  6. Just added these two to our set list
  7. I found a great deal on a Suhr Badger 18 head with matching 1x12 cabinet. Haven't had a whole lot of time to dial it in but have figured it will absolutely do what I need it to. Has great base tones to work with and the scaling keeps those tones at lower volumes.......done. Was around half the price of a Carr so there's that too. Thanks guys for the leads.
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