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  1. I've got one and had it for sale recently. Then I used for a gig as half of an A/B set up and that was that. I'm keeping it for good. Absolute awesome little amp.
  2. Is it gas? I'm thinking thats my problem. We usually get free cheap beer
  3. Anybody else suffer from bad gig face? Saddest thing is this is one of the better ones. I have others that are down right frightening.
  4. So the Robin is gone. Local buyer talked me out of it. Now, Free shipping on the Studios if anyone is on the fence.
  5. Thanks Kiz, I really appreciate the kind words. Likewise for you. Your mahogany standard was one of the best deals/guitars I ever made/had (and yes I'm a dumbass for letting it go). Turns out this Robin may be the little known Avalon Pro http://www.robinguitars.com/2002catalog/avalon.htm (scroll down a ways)
  6. Sorry to ask, but which guitar? One of mine or Kizmos Standard? All of mine are solid and have, imo, medium C carves with slight variations.
  7. I understand...I like torturing and wheelbarrows full of money too. Not sure about the hat size but it fits on a monkey shoulder
  8. Damn....that's a real stiffy maker. How bout any 2 of mine plus a Dirty Honey hat for that?
  9. Are the ninja turtle's eyes blinking in the first one? I had a wobbly man for lunch so can't be sure
  10. Trouble maker. Hey, do you have another mahogany standard you can trade me? Like an idjit I let the last one go.
  11. Looking to find a Standard or Explorer (rather have a standard) and, as usual, I have some stuff to sell first. Also willing to trade. Here's what I got: GIT#1 / '96 Custom Archtop B&C in good condition with OHSC. Has various and numerous scratches and nicks that aren't real visible until you get the right reflections. Neck is a nice medium carve (not thin). Plays and sounds great. The top is way flamier in person than I could catch in the pics. GIT#2 / '95 Hamer Studio with wraparound TP in good condition with various/numerous scratches and nicks. This guitar is dark blue FM in the right light but appears close to black at a glance most of the time. Also has a nice medium carve neck. Not exactly sure what the pickups are being they're both zebra. Plays and sounds great. Comes with OHSC GIT#3 / Robin USA made Archtop Avalon (not sure the exact model) with WCR Darkburst pickups in very good condition with some scratches and nicks. It has a clear (tinted?) mat finish. Comes with OHSC. Plays and sound great. Prices for sale are: **WEEKEND REDUCTIONS (one and only): GIT#1 1799.00 plus shipping / SOLD Git#2 1299.00 plus shipping / now $1199 GIT#3. 1699.00 plus shipping / SOLD ***These are on Reverb at higher prices. Will be dropping prices there on Monday Still open to trade offers for a USA Standard (any model) or an explorer (either Gibson or Japanese copy) in at least good condition.
  12. Sorry I missed the confirmation. I'm still in for one black and one white medium if its not too late.
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