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  1. Thank you, the pics only capture so much as you can imagine 🙂
  2. Did you get the one second from the right? That's a really great sounding and playing guitar. It rings like a bell and has such a great color. The only reason I moved it on was because it became redundant when I got the Dantzig.
  3. Very interesting. There was an Abe Rivera on Reverb not long ago. The woodworking on his guitars is insane.
  4. It's a basic setup - tone and volume for each pickup and a 3-way selector. The A6 pickups are made by Seymour Duncan for Benedetto and are very nice.
  5. Let me know if you're ever in Charlotte and you can swing by and strum some chords.
  6. Thanks! Where did you find a Sadowsky 335? I never knew he made any.
  7. Thanks Brook! I love all 3 of those guitars! What's the story with the strat with the f hole? That is badass 🤘
  8. Been a bit since I've posted and thought some might find this recent purchase interesting. Started looking at 335 styles a few years ago and narrowed it down to either a Collings I-35 or the elusive Benedetto GA-35, which is pretty difficult to find as there were only around 40 produced before getting the obligatory "cease and desist" from Gibson. Fortunately, I found a collector in CA who had decided it was time to thin his heard. He commissioned and received this build 10 years ago, plucked it a couple of times and tucked it away for a decade. It was basically mint upon arrival to me. This is a spectacular, otherworldly instrument. Light antique burst maple flame top, mahogany back and sides, ebony board with bird inlays. Phenomenal playing and sounding guitar.
  9. hey cool -- what's happening with the band? Curious to know.



    1. coolfeel


      Hi Rob - sorry for the late reply.  Hope all is well your way.  We've been pretty busy recording as of late.  

      Here is a quick medley of three songs that will be on the album.  Some really different stuff for sure.  Hope you dig it!


  10. Son of a bisquit eater - That shoal is some fine wood!
  11. Thanks for the update - these sound like incredible instruments! I cannot wait to check out David Bs.
  12. Anyone have any thoughts on the overall tone and playability?
  13. Congrats to all. it was easy to see early on these were going to be very special. I need to plan a trip up the skreet to see David Bs when he gets his
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