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  1. Thanks for the kind words sir! Glad you dig it!
  2. the band name: The Hawthornes, here's a small sample of what might be played on this guitfiddle
  3. Someone just asked that last night. Not sure, any suggestions?
  4. I'll need a bit more time with it to be certain but, so far so good. I'm not dive bombing so I don't anticipate issues. We shall see though 😉
  5. Hamer radius: 14 🙂 25.5 scale...
  6. What an interesting observation - never even considered that but it certainly makes sense. It plays and sounds really well. I have some small tweaks to make to the action, and I have to learn how to use a tremolo responsibly lol.
  7. Thanks guys, here are the specs: Koa top Black Limba body Wenge neck Macassar Ebony fretboard Antique Copper / Bronze hardware NFT Floyd Rose Schaller compensated locking tuners Bartolini pickups Black TUSQ nut Jumbo 6000 fretwire
  8. Everything is custom on this one. I'll post some specs shortly 🙂
  9. Needed to have another guitar to gig with and avoid me having to tote the custom Chap around. Our very own Stike finished this one. Thank you kind sir! Whatcha think?
  10. This is a buddy of mine's band here in NC. They are actually really talented. Certainly an interesting take on a classic 🙂
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