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  1. In this age of everything being pushed to social media, aren't we just supposed to be doing this through Instagram now? Post a photo of your guitar. Everyone comments. It is amazing that there are still updates to message board software.
  2. Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar got whacked, but that was because of a piece of stage rigging falling on it. As for being dropped... can't think of seeing that snap a Fender headstock. Broken in shipping... nope... do not recall that either for a Fender style guitar.
  3. A special kind of UPS driver needs to deliver that neck.
  4. Wow! That Chaparral has more holes in it back than Jacob Blake. Yeah, I said it. If you do not want to fill the holes you could put really bright LEDs in each hole then hold it up during a show to shine lights on your audience. That would fit in with the whole Krokus metal era kind of show.
  5. Well, I would buy it, but it is absolute heresy to play southern rock with anything called a Lincoln.
  6. The Soltero is a cool model in the newer Dean line. It is good that you got yours back.
  7. Wow! She can play. Look at all her gear that could have been mine.
  8. There was a guy who came into the music store in the 90's. He played. His wife did not. Then he taught her how to play. Then she wanted really cool guitars, and the guy's budget just got cut in half so the wife could get her own gear. Be glad your wife is not a guitar player.
  9. For comparison here is an 8 string Hamer bridge. The look the same to me. The tailpieces are the only difference.
  10. Marcus King could have lived up to that T-shirt when he was 14. I saw it. I knew him back then.
  11. 70s glam was guys putting on makeup but still looking like guys... in makeup. Girls liked it, and as Bowie taught Mick Ronson-- the more makeup, the more girls you get. For the time it was wrong, so that is why the rock and roll guys did it. They pushed society's buttons. In the 80s guys were putting on makeup, but looking like girls. They forgot about shaking things up to get a reaction, and just focused on being "beautiful." That first Poison album looked like it had four transvestites on the cover. Stryper had some good looking blonde chick playing drums that sadly turned out to
  12. When that Come Out And Play album came out it was a disappointment. Twisted Sister had at best one album's worth of good songs from all of their output. As much as I love Alice Cooper there was a problem with trying to retrofit his image into heavy metal.
  13. Just channel your inner Malcolm and take your neck pickup out while leaving the empty hole for everyone to see.
  14. If guitars are going to be made of trees that lined streets for years... and some people have made guitars using oak... Someone ought to go get that oak tree that Gary Rossington ran into that is mentioned in That Smell and make a limited run of guitars out of it. It is still standing, and there is a video of the tree on youtube.
  15. If you are restoring an 8 string there might be a problem using a 12 string bridge. Someone who has both an 8 and a 12 needs to measure where the adjustment screws are. (I only have an 8 string.) My thought is that the center of the 3 strings will not be the same center of a pair of strings. If you uses a 12 string bridge then at the last fret the space between the edge of the fretboard and the E strings might be more than the space between the edge of the fretboard and the G strings. Everything should work, but always look off center.
  16. You take that back or a Heritage bumper sticker is somehow going to end up on your car, your wife's car, and your kids' cars. It won't be me doing it, but you better be careful what you say from now on.
  17. Shamel ash, Bob Taylor's new discovery, is something found on city streets. Here is an article to read about it.
  18. Do you have the correct parts you need?
  19. I need to get the new album. For a band that has a "long goodbye" tour they sure have been active. It would be nice if Steve Morse could get out another Steve Morse Band album and quick tour.
  20. Ace Frehley's Trouble Walkin' is reissued on vinyl today. I saw the Judas Priest listing. The only thing that really stood out was that Pretenders live album.
  21. Go up, not down. You have to remember there is inflation. Half a fifty.
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