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  1. Ozzy's statement on Kerslake's death was a rude insult.
  2. Maybe you just play better without the pickguard.
  3. Paul Williams turns 80 on September 19th. It is hard to think of him being that old.
  4. If any of you get the chance to see Bill Kirchen live go to the show. He makes you want a Telecaster!
  5. I feel fortunate that my attraction to guns is not like my addiction to guitars. There are so many special edition guns that the Franklin Mint should have created a firearms division. Ted Nugent has autographed Glocks for fans which would make one expect the guns to not be used because the paint pen signatures will likely not stand up to too many cleanings. Seeing a wall with gun displays like those in Doc's house is cool-- as long as someone else has to be the caretaker. A room full of guitars on the walls is entirely different. Does Doc have one of those he is not telling everyone
  6. The Tone Press is the one pedal from Barber that I could name.
  7. I knew about the drug running. One has to wonder what other activities are still unknown.
  8. There is a process at the federal level for restoring 2nd Amendment rights. It takes lawyers and money. Antiquities (black powder muzzleloaders do not count, I think.) Was Doc McGhee Motley Crüe's manager when Vince Neil should have been popped in jail for a decade or so after killing one person and paralzying another? Someone knew how to manipulate the legal system.
  9. I saw the original, or classic lineup, Riot twice. Mark Reale kept something going over the years with band lineups and new albums. The original band should have been a bigger success. Think of Riot V as the equivalent of modern day Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, The Platters, etc. The groups evolved into totally unrelated versions of the originals. I like Riot V. They are a new band that I do not consider the same as Riot. It is cool that a new band is playing old Riot songs.
  10. Yup. You played in a few bars, didn't you? Been there. Hated that.
  11. A lot of us have enough Hamers to celebrate an entire classroom or at least the football team.
  12. They were both on Alive!, and those are the versions that really count.
  13. Bruce Kulick said the same thing about Rock N Roll All Nite. When my band played it we always had people singing along. It made the bar crowd happy.
  14. Something good happened in 2020. It is about time!
  15. Hoagy Carmichael wrote a nice song called Georgia on My Mind. The lyrics seem to be more about a girl than the state. There have been way too many times that song was played at concerts in the state of Georgia. The performers likely did not play that song at other stops on tour, just the concert halls in Georgia. Some would. Imagine going to see Yo Yo Ma, Cannibal Corpse, Matisyahu, or Dream Theater and during the show they pander with... Georgia, Geooooorgia This old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind... The song is like a curse on concerts in Atlanta, Athens, and anywhere else
  16. In this age of everything being pushed to social media, aren't we just supposed to be doing this through Instagram now? Post a photo of your guitar. Everyone comments. It is amazing that there are still updates to message board software.
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