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    Eric Otten

    Eric/Caddie entertained us, too.
  2. Yes. He also worked with the New York Dolls, Ted Nugent, Ian Hunter, and Steely Dan.
  3. Clear water is something we do not see around here in South Carolina. Our lakes are man made, and the water looks sort of green.
  4. That setting looks so beautiful that you ought to want to play there as often as possible. Book a luau gig there with that pedal steel. Then do a square dance. Start a Robert Randolph tribute band.
  5. That box set is sold out, and there is one on eBay right now that has been bid up to $1776 so far. For all the goodies that are included, they could have put it some kind of replica of green or blue acid, but no brown, of course.
  6. Janie Hendrix strikes again! Two Hendrix songs are not going to be on that box set.
  7. Aaaahhh… Bireli did not have a beret on his head, so none of that playing counts.
  8. If anyone is going to see Ace Frehley in Atlanta on Friday send me a PM. We might be able to say hello. Also, the last time Ace played Atlanta he had Nitebob with him. He was at the mixing console. Maybe he will be with Ace again.
  9. Lots of fun can be had, but keep in mind that Bill Ruppert has made all those ehx pedals sound great. If Bill comes along with the pedal it will be wonderful. If you have to try getting those sounds yourself, good luck. I have basses and still want that pedal.
  10. We like the Korean Hamer instruments. We just like the USA Hamers more. A lot of people here have Hamer Echotone models that they like, and those have no USA counterpart.
  11. Gibson owns or leases buildings. Gibson pays for utilities. Gibson buys insurance. Gibson pays employees wages, social security, workmans comp, etc. So does Echo Park Instruments. Echo Park has to include all the overhead in what it charges Gibson. One has to wonder what the Gibson shop managers and employees think about someone else getting subcontracted to do what they should be doing.
  12. Robin never had any problem with girls. He married a Playboy Playmate. I know a couple of girls who have been drooling over him for 40 years. A friend met Robin back in the 80s and said something about him hitting on somebody's girlfriend. People change over time, though. Robin has been experimenting with Rob Halford's wardrobe in recent years.
  13. I asked Jol if Hamer would make an Improv with a Floyd, and he said no.
  14. A Phantom will be noticed by Glenn Tipton fans, but few others will get it. A super-Strat always works. Anything pointy is metal. Scarabs are meant for metal. A Blitz with an 80s striped finish would be best.
  15. Someone could cover the big black plate with a sticker from a radio station.
  16. Surprise yourself. The trick is to do baby steps for both you and your little student.
  17. I saw this tour on Saturday night in Knoxville. What stuck out was how different each band was. Each had a distinct style of music. Each had a unique looking stage. Instead of seeing three bands with Cookie Monster vocals or three bands trying to be Judas Priest, the show was like three concerts in one.
  18. GMP guitars were in a store around here for a brief time. I never asked to try one out because I could not afford to drop one at the time.
  19. Mark Chatfield was the guitar player in The Godz. After they broke up he became Bob Seger's guitar player through the 80s. He had a music store for a while.
  20. Iron Maiden fans could always beat up Crosby, Stills, and Nash fans.
  21. The Asian factory made what was requested. That headstock shape would have been approved by someone within Hamer/Kaman. If they wanted an exact copy, it could have been programmed into a CNC machine.
  22. I just remembered someone who died taking down a tree. I was acquainted with him in the early 80's when he supplied a PA system to some friends' band. The guy's family owned a lumber mill, and he had taken down many trees over the years. One came down, knocked him over, and rolled on top of him. Everyone who knew him said he knew what he was doing when he took down a tree.
  23. Once the limbs are cut off it becomes clear which way the tree is most likely to fall. What seemed straight may actually be leaning. One time I helped someone who had a crew take down a large tree. When pulling on the rope it was made absolutely clear not to yank the rope, just consistently pull. Trees can snap backward if you yank the rope.
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