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  1. You take that back or a Heritage bumper sticker is somehow going to end up on your car, your wife's car, and your kids' cars. It won't be me doing it, but you better be careful what you say from now on.
  2. Shamel ash, Bob Taylor's new discovery, is something found on city streets. Here is an article to read about it.
  3. Do you have the correct parts you need?
  4. I need to get the new album. For a band that has a "long goodbye" tour they sure have been active. It would be nice if Steve Morse could get out another Steve Morse Band album and quick tour.
  5. Ace Frehley's Trouble Walkin' is reissued on vinyl today. I saw the Judas Priest listing. The only thing that really stood out was that Pretenders live album.
  6. Go up, not down. You have to remember there is inflation. Half a fifty.
  7. Think of this like early computer graphics that were very squared and boxy without detail. Now there are lifelike characters moving in realistic ways on movie screens that were created by computers. One day your 3-D printer is going to spit out a perfect Strat body. The guitar above is just the 1985 version of what is to come.
  8. This one has me interested: In Hell I'll Be In Good Company (feat. Albert Lee) Albert Lee is not someone I associate with blues, but he can do it. That song is a weird one sung with a cadence more than melody. It might be perfect for Shatner.
  9. I was lucky enough to see Stevie Ray Vaughan in February of 1987. I remember the plexiglas shields in front of his amps. While he was sitting on the edge of the stage playing during one song there was some guy that snuck on stage and ran across throwing peace signs with both hands. Somehow it fit the music. Lonnie Mack was the opening act that night.
  10. eBay certainly showed the world how people can find creative ways to cheat one another. There have been far more good transactions, however.
  11. I remember a friend in a morning algebra class talking about asking his mom to drive him to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in the evening. Things did not work out and he missed the show. It was their last show.
  12. There is $350 waiting for you any time you want to let go of that Special. Just let me know.
  13. We have a separate forum where you can find replacement Hamers to rebuild that wall.
  14. Richard Williams of Kansas played a PRS Dragon regularly in concert for several years. He is the only person in the world to actually play one of those high priced collectibles. So, is it worth more for being owned by a somewhat famous musician, or worth less because it is no longer in unplayed condition?
  15. The seller's feedback is OK. If someone wants to make an offer, go for it.
  16. The headless neck on a Steinberger, Status, and even Kiesel has never looked right to me. The Status bass I tried was really nice, though. It was nice enough to live with that missing headstock without complaining anymore.
  17. There was probably some careful consideration before Hamer made a copy of a Dean. Dean Zelinsky's thoughts on a Hamer copy of an ML might be interesting.
  18. Someone did a good job if they were doing this for the first time.
  19. Put me in the camp that says Dean headstocks are OK.
  20. Banali always had a project going. He was one of those guys who never quit rocking. If he had not been sidetracked by cancer he would still be doing an album with someone or playing shows.
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