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  1. Front row center for AC/DC in 1979 left me with ringing ears for three days.
  2. You would end up selling it off because it has a blade switch.
  3. Molly Hatchet and Blackfoot are playing a show near me in July. I just cannot buy a ticket. I saw the original band every time they came through locally except the first time, but they toured through here a LOT. Those memories are still in my head just like they played a show yesterday. The lineup changes were something we just went with until it just felt like it was over, and then it was. Bobby Ingram and John Galvin were among those replacement members toward the end of the original run. Now they are the legacy members. Bobby is the only guitar player in the band at the moment. There better be at least two when they do a show. That original band had the magic that you only get with the right combination of members. The Bobby Ingram version is not the same although the band has kept going under his leadership. New albums, although not frequent, have kept Molly Hatchet from being a tribute act. It is still too close to a tribute act for me. Blackfoot is just a name Rick Medlocke is letting a bunch of new guys use.
  4. Brad. Seeing Aerosmith the first time made it clear who was the player with the iconic solos. Brad begat a member of Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, too.
  5. Eh. I passed on seeing the Dio thing in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. GG Allin's hologram would at least be interactive.
  6. Some boomerangs? So does that mean it has a combination of boomers and dots, or is it all boomers, or is just a couple of boomers, or was it used in a Nike promotion?
  7. Hang on to your Special. If you do not want to use the neck pickup it does not mean you have to get rid of it. You can still use the toggle switch for a kill switch effect. Buy a single pickup Special and play it for a year before deciding to sell off the one you have now.
  8. Just about anything Hamer is a rare model except for Specials.
  9. Reasonable price? It depends on if you are buying or selling. Yes, they ARE expensive.
  10. You mean that highlighting how the finish on the company's products faded is bad for the company that produced the instruments with finishes that fade?
  11. Eleven years ago the extent of the loss was downplayed.
  12. That is enough to make purchasing the guitar all that more tempting for someone.
  13. This article is over 12,000 words. It will take a while to finish, but the first part is very interesting. The Day The Music Burned
  14. Yes, that does help. One has to wonder if bands are having harder times making live pro videos when the clubs they play have LED lights.
  15. Did the paint cost $200 plus labor, or was it $200 worth of paint? The hardware is complete. If that Vector has a decent looking finish on it now, the price is not bad. The problem was those terrible photos.
  16. For decades stage lights were high wattage bulbs with colored gels in front of them. In the last 20 years there have been colored LED lights used on concert stages. A friend has noticed the same thing that I have. When a club has LED lights it makes it harder to get good photos. At the last show I attended someone else was bringing up the same thing in conversation. Someone I know who does paintings and illustrations has said that LED lighting does not emit light the same way as an incandescent bulb. One explanation was that LEDs are constantly flashing while a filament is consistent. If that is true, then photos under LED lights would occasionally appear dark. Can anyone explain what is going on with LED stage lighting that makes it harder to get good photos?
  17. What kind of "paint" was used? Lacquer was used for car finishes decades ago. Auto finishes are quite thin now, too. The big question is how thick is the primer coat underneath?
  18. I like the korina Hamers with the amber finish like this one rather than the natural finish.
  19. You will always here these songs at a Cheap Trick show. I Want You To Want Me Surrender Dream Police The Flame At some shows those four songs are the last to be played. Anything else you hear will be whatever the band wants to play. They sometimes pull out a song you thought you would never hear them play, and you think "cool."
  20. Sometimes you have to get used to an instrument. The first time I tried a PRS it was so different from my Dean that it just felt weird. As wonderful as a USA Spector bass normally feels, there has been an occasion where it just did not feel right because I was so used to playing my basses. Every time I pull out my korina Vector it feels like a perfect instrument. It just hangs differently from the Specials I usually play. If I try another Rickenbacker bass it might not feel right. Maybe the seller only feels right playing a Jazz Bass. He knows the Impact is a great instrument, but never plays it. I got to try an Impact at the HFC jam in Chicago and it felt different than what I am used to. Had I spent more time with it I may have been converted to wanting one more than any other bass.
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