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  1. The news of fires looks bad. I even see where the Australian politicians are using the fires to get themselves in the news. Grab a few of them by the ankles and use them like wet blankets to beat down the fires.
  2. I have yet to try out an Armada. It was interesting from the start since it was the first set neck electric instrument from Music Man. The looks never bothered me a bit.
  3. There are different varieties of ash with some better for guitars. At one of the HFC events, or possibly in a video, Jol Dantzig explained that there is a lot of figured maple available, but certain species of flamed maple are better for making guitars. Here is an interesting video on buying wood for guitars.
  4. I got up and picked up a guitar just to find I cannot play any better this year than last year. 2020 sucks already.
  5. The people taking them down might have known. Did they cut the trees into long logs or short ones?
  6. May everyone find their dream Hamer for $350 this year!
  7. We are all thinking it, but afraid to say it. 😶
  8. At the music store we would occasionally get a phone call from someone saying, "Can you get me a set of bagpipes?" Replying with "Irish pipes or Scottish pipes?" usually ended that phone call.
  9. So always be the one providing the music while others "dance" and you will be safe.
  10. Guitar players are not the only one who have an affinity for ash. Manufacturers of kayak paddles are worried about having sources of ash in the future.
  11. It is better to be the one playing the banjo than the guy who gets nervous when he hears it.
  12. Why? Well... I really need to practice any musical instrument right now. Yesterday I went to the local Guitarget to see what kind of used gear might be there, and there was a kid trying out a Les Paul with his family watching him. You know how you can tell when someone has learned only from tablature? Everything is played as notes in order, but there is no spacing between notes nor is there any emphasis on notes. The kid was trying to play Purple Haze, but if not for certain passages no one would have known it. One could have run a thumbnail slowly across a comb and gotten the same result. Dah dah dah dah dah dah... It was horrible. The kid was likely hitting all the correct notes, but had no clue why he was playing them. He surely never tried playing along with the CD or video. The kid may be a nice kid with a nice family, but someone with some patience and the ability to teach needs to let the kid know that he has failed at playing Purple Haze. However... if he were to be one of those kids with an attitude then it would be fun to out-Hendrix everyone in the store with a banjo. Banjos can be LOUD. Some people cringe when they hear banjos. Hendrix. On a banjo. In. Your. Face.
  13. Name names. We have not had a good blow up on the message board in a while. No one has been banned in a long time. There has not been anything to tell the people who come back after a months or year long absence.
  14. He has probably seen this site already many times if he is looking for rare Hamers.
  15. Mesa-Boogie might have a few amps with more knobs than the London Power amp. Now all you need to go with that amp is a B.C. Rich guitar with as many switches as the amp has knobs.
  16. Ozzy Osbourne once described Gary Moore in an unflattering way. Apparently it was not a musical barrier that kept them from working together.
  17. I owned a Scepter. It was really nice. I have never kept a guitar with a Floyd for very long, and the Scepter had a Floyd.
  18. The pointy end of the body is not in any of the photos. Those have been known to get broken off. It would be wise to ask for more photos of the entire body.
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