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  1. Man, this is a bassist's rabbit hole... Most people acknowledge that a 4x10 cabinet will go lower than a 1x15 - the speaker cone surface area is larger in a 4x10. Also, the 4x10 / 1x15 combination is not well balanced. A better balanced pairing is 2x10 / 1x15. My preference is 12" drivers. Brighter than 15" and meatier than a 10". I used a pair of 1x12 cabs (with tweeter) for nearly every gig I did in the last 7 years. And you can carry one in each hand! Do you have a tone goal that requires a 15 or are you building a stack to look good? In which case get another 4x10... By the way, which 4x10 do you have? Now that I've peed on your parade, there's an Avatar 2x10 in your neighborhood that would make your rig a 6x10; a rig I wish I'd had a chance to try. And there's a Schroeder cab in Kenosha- expensive, but the last cab you'd ever need. If you are set on a 1x15, then Hartke, GK, Traynor are all good. Used Avatar would be okay too. Eden is very good, I still covet their 4x10 cab. Early SWR is probably OK but will likely be old and ugly. Same with Bag End. The only Carvin I ever liked was a powered 1x12. The rest of their stuff was just underwhelming (I lived near their World Domination HQ in Escondido and tried a few rigs out). There are some fabulous brands (Bergantino!) but you'll pay hard. Finally, a word of advice from a guy who has lugged around bass amps for 45 years: big rigs are a young man's game. Yours is adequate to hear yourself at stage volumes. Use FOH support to fill the club (sound guys prefer that anyways). Put your cabinet on a stand if need be, if you are having trouble hearing. And tell the guitar player he's too fucking loud!
  2. Had to look for Duluth, Georgia on the map. Thought you’d slipped a gear there.
  3. Guitar acquired. Next step is mangling CITES...
  4. I'd rather have a meal at this actual restaurant, just south of Tijuana - ...or stay at this home in TJ (the nude, not the hovel in the foreground):
  5. Shirt. A really big one to cover my plus size gut...
  6. Tahoe is hit with late season snows. Not much moving up there for a while. Reverb sale or craigslist? This one?
  7. In the mid-seventies I remember a guitar player announcing from the stage that the safest bet is an amp that has only the controls Volume and Tone...
  8. None of this IBS crap. All the breath has leaked out of her. Look it up. Rest in peace.
  9. USB cables are not MIDI, although devices are now designed to send MIDI data back and forth via USB. If both your devices still support the 5-pin DIN MIDI standard (from 1983!) then you just need a 5 pin cable and connect the two. Connect the cable to MIDI OUT on the Arius and MIDI IN on the Reface. Then, you set the piano as Channel 1 and the Reface YC to accept all MIDI channels. That's pretty much it. UPDATE: I looked online at both devices. It looks like the Arius has/may have a 5-pin DIN plug and the Reface YC has a 'mini-DIN' in/out plug. You should be able to get the correct patch cable to hook them together. If you're obsessed with using the USB ports then you need a computer in between them. And probably some software to manage the signals in and out.
  10. Fleetwood Mac. Back in the beginning (Peter Green?) era.
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