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  1. The Joe Jackson Band. Not to be confused with JJ's other work. The albums are Look Sharp, I'm The Man, Beat Crazy, and 4.
  2. He's dead, Jim. https://apnews.com/e19138ee60f29a319e45bcfba3e39331
  3. I had an upright bass for a number of years. That's a contact sport - not for sissies!
  4. That had to go into the case like that. Send it back asap.
  5. My favorite has always been F demolished.
  6. Why do harpsuckers always have 'that look'? ...and try to find a harmonica for 50 cents! Fifty bucks maybe. You can score a kazoo for a couple bucks.
  7. ...with a side of Cosmik Debris. Nice!
  8. Hoo boy, another cutey! Wish I was back in the SD neighborhood... https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/msg/d/carlsbad-hamer-usa-newport-korina-mint/7079022000.html
  9. P90 neck and a hot bridge pup. Yowl and howl.
  10. Woof. Chicks with antlers! Would have been better without the dead animal fur on her head.
  11. How much parking is there? Got room for a couple semis?
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