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  1. Nice collection! What's the one on the lower left used for?
  2. The easy estimate calculation is to take the total amp rating of your circuit breaker panel and divide that figure by 8 for Kilowatts. So, a 60 amp service would require a 7.5kW supply, and a 100 amp service would require 12.5kW. Those figures assume you are consuming a full 60 or 100 amps! The reality is that you're likely using much less than this and could probably get away with a smaller generator. What you could try is pull out your SaskPower bills and look at your monthly consumption in kilowatt-hours; if you're lucky they'll have the usage broke down by day, otherwise divide the monthly number by the hours per month (720 hours for 30 days). You may want to consider solar assist. God knows there's plenty of sunshine in Saskatchewan, and no hills to block the rays...😆😆 Last minute update - the internet says 5kW to 7.5kW should be plenty for your situation. Finally, Canadian Tire in Moose Jaw has a Champion generator 6.5kW on sale for Canuck $700. You're all set!
  3. This is seriously cool! Yamaha went all in with synth technology, creating some engines that you rarely encounter. They had one box that modeled the mathematics of an open tube, for woodwinds and brass sounds.
  4. The Polysix was badass, always wanted one. Take a look at the Alesis ION analog modeling synth. Three oscillators, the usual filters and envelopes and knobs everywhere (I think I counted 30). Voice layering, keyboard splits blah blah blah. Five octave keyboard. I have the ION and it's mini-version (Micron). Both sound fabulous, but the Micron suffers from 'one-knob-and-infinite-menus' disease. As a stage tool it's full of usable presets which you can tweak to death (as I did). Isao Tomita put out Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" and Stravinsky's "Firebird Suite" in the '70s, in the days when everything was done manually. It must have been an enormous task.
  5. I love synthesizers. They scare the shit out of me. Subtractive is reasonable easy, and analog modeling has brought prices down and capabilities up. I took a stab a FM synthesis, never got anywhere. They scare me because I see them as a big rabbit hole to fall down, timewise. I have a three analog modeling synths, two FM and something from Yamaha that is probably AWM, and a couple drum machines. None of them are set up right now. Edited to add: At one time I owned a Roland G77 bass synth. Fun, but when you're screwing around in synth mode, who's playing the bass part? Also ,didn't track too well - I probably should have put flatwound strings on it. 😆
  6. $15k... https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/msg/d/chicago-usa-hamer-6-12-dbl-neck-semi/7113707631.html
  7. Only rounds on bass, preferably nickel. Tried flats; they suck hard. Put flats on my Tele and jazz box. Good for a change, but I'm using rounds on the rest of my guitars.
  8. Better yet, a Peavey Predator! And I unreservedly do not recommend any Carvin basses. I had a few, trying hard to love them (they were local when I lived in SoCal) but you'd be so much better off with a MIM Fender or an Ibanez or maybe even a shovel with a pickup bolted to it...
  9. I also had a Hartke KickBack 12" for a number of years. Pretty good sound in a small package.
  10. Good to hear from you! The Squier Classic Vibe series is very well regarded. New will cost you about $400; used about $300, they hold their value well. In a perfect world you'd find her a 1995 MIM PBass for cheap. I had one and sadly let it go. As far as amps, A Fender BXR 300C is enough combo amp to satisfy her for years.
  11. +1 MacAllan 12 yr old is pretty good too.
  12. What's your budget?
  13. Chrome hardware looks great with the tuxedo theme you (obviously) went with. Overall looks kickass so far!
  14. This is just pawnshop psychosis. A similar model (new Kiesel DC600), stock is $1250...
  15. Upstate New York (Buffalo) CL: https://buffalo.craigslist.org/msg/d/orchard-park-1972-mij-guild-madeira-12/7100205484.html
  16. Meanwhile some craigslist asshat is asking $600 for a Carvin Bolt:
  17. I had one of these many years ago. Also a pawnshop score, but I paid $150 (about 20 years back) and thought it was a steal. The DC127 is one of Carvin's nicer guitars. I agree about the tone; different pickups could make it a keeper. I'm tempted to call dibs on it.
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