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  1. His Twitter feed lists as Peachland, BC, not Toronto, my guess is the amp business is closed. BTW I've been to Peachland. Beautiful locale in the Okanagan Valley.
  2. Good to hear you caught it in time. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  3. Sounds like a Derek and Clive skit...
  4. Forgive me for this reply, as I think the world of Caddie. But he might have enjoyed this... “You’re gonna need a seance for that”
  5. Naysayers aside, your repair work is stellar. Regarding the Heritage content, you may be one of the few people on earth who can polish a turd.
  6. That tiny Euro-crap? For a Moog wanna-be try https://www.synthesizers.com/ It's a rabbit hole that terrifies me.
  7. Honestly, too many to list. But high up on the list is "To Comfort You" by Ian Thomas. Bette Midler covered this and didn't change a thing - no need to. Crap, I tear up writing about it.
  8. I have a lot of hardcover sci-fi from decades past when I read a lot (pre-matrimony - coincidence?). Select authors, mostly hard sci-fi, 1940s to 1990s. Once my favorite authors passed on (or worse, started to write fantasy) I lost the urge to keep up. Now I look at the bookshelf and wonder if I want to keep this stuff. In my thirties I told myself I'd re-read them all one day, but these days I fell too busy doin' nuthin' to invest time in an old book. Plus I'll know how it ends... As a bass player, my 'other' collection is guitars, keyboards, and guitar amps. Realistically I can't play any of this stuff - why do i need 5 keyboards and 3 rack synths? Or 6 guitars?
  9. In for a Pickle Vibe as well. Curious to see who gets the 'one off'...
  10. Much more satisfying to DIY the solution.
  11. If it is the same, then GC shipped it from the Anaheim area up to the Sacramento area.
  12. Not even a proper lake, it's a lagoon in a city. If you want 'metal', then your only option is Lake Erie. Whole lake will catch fire...
  13. Hey gtone,
    Any chance you've heard of Ross Folkerson, keyboard player?
    I understand he's from Moose Lips. I used to work with him (band and day job) many many years ago, in Saskatoon.

    I played a gig in Moose Jaw once or twice, back in the early '90s. Wish I'd had more time to hang out...

    Larry Posavad aka killerteddybear

    1. gtone


      Ross Folkerson doesn't ring any bells for me Larry, but I have heard of the Folkerson name in this area. The one guy I can say that we both know is Doug Scarrow from Saskatoon. He remembers you pretty well, sounds like you guys crossed paths more than once.


      Steve Gould

  14. So, when you listen to a mono album, do you use both speakers or pan to one side? Just wondering if mono sounds better from a point source vs dual source.
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