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  1. I didn’t buy this brand new, but I’ve had it since, at latest, 2002. It has been gigged and played a bunch, but well cared for. There are little superficial playwear scratches/swirls all over, but nothing through the finish or otherwise serious. It is currently equipped with graphite saddles, and the originals are in the case (OHSC included). There is fretwear, and depending on your level of pickiness it might be ready for a fret level. I think it still plays ok, but there is visual wear. I’ve priced accordingly. $1100 shipped. no trades
  2. mfreyer


  3. I thought they were pretty cool, but I agree with the sentiment that there wasn't a whole lot more they could probably do with that format.
  4. Nice! I am curious what you thought of the Trussarts. They are uber-cool looking, imo, but there are no nearby dealers to give one a test-drive.
  5. A nice selection! I'm curious about your OCD location in the chain. Why so you have it after all the modulation/delay?
  6. OOOOHH I like pedalboard porn! I built a new one when I got the Voodoo Lab switching setup. I really like the switchers, but I am eagerly awaiting their Control Switcher so I can integrate amp channel switching into my 'presets' on the Commander. Mine: ..and a gutshot (needs some work!)
  7. Coupon code 15OFF4U takes off another 15% Holy cow, I think this would sell for $1700 used. Someone buy it, please
  8. Ridiculous deal on this one: http://www.music123.com/Hamer-Newport-Elec...166400.Music123 I'd buy it in a second if it wasn't for my recent LP Custom purchase. Edit: see coupon code below
  9. That's beautiful. It might be easier to get the attention it deserves if you amend the thread title to specify it as a "BCR Jr."
  10. ""We are using new Powersoft digital amplifiers on the sub-bass.... They are a single-space amplifier that produces 7,700 watts at 2 ohms per channel with built-in DSP. It’s a very powerful amplifier." WOW
  11. I might give them a go in my Newport, although they would totally kill "The Look." As much as I love that guitar, I really struggle with getting it to sit right in the live mix. Rock music is probably the wrong application, but damn, it is fun to play.
  12. I was not really a fan of the first couple albums, but I think Continuum has some fantastic songwriting on it. I can see how he doesn't appeal to a certain audience, but he surely gets more bashing than his music deserves because he is a tabloid figure. ...And of course, my wife loves his music...
  13. +1 They had a Monaco III in that color for a while that was tempting me. Absolutely gorgeous.
  14. How does this handle a really hot FX loop signal? Any experience? Matt
  15. I've always done this on my Artist Mahogany. Although the difference in actual string tension/freedom of movement is probably pretty small, I also prefer the feel. I have never used an extra ball end, and have far fewer problems with string breakage than when I used to string the standard way.
  16. All these amazing pictures are inspiring some crazy ideas. So are there other guitar builders other out there are doing stuff similar to GMP (crazy custom finishes on Gibsonesque insturments)?
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