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  1. I purchased all three of these new. Only one left is the 12" 8 ohm with the "Arm" Label. It has already been broken in for an extra $25 from the supplier. I loaded them all one in a cabinet and tried them out, but didn't get the result that I wanted using the same speaker instead of mixing them up. So back in the box they went, they are perfect and ready to ship. These are $149 Each plus the $25 and Tax ended up being $178.50 Each. OUCH LOL, but they are excellent speakers than you just can't kill and I knew that. I just love the one that I have and sometimes its too much of a good thing. $130 including Paypal and Shipping in the US 1) 12" at 8ohms
  2. Plug it into the Budda Cab and see how that sounds.
  3. So many of my post need fixing, but that was not one of them. LOL
  4. I'd use it as is @Travis I've lived some amps out into a "Better Cab and Speaker" thinking it would make a differences and some amps just sound the same. I would't go down the rabbit hole with that amp.
  5. @Travis beware of the rabbit hole. If the amp works for you like it is, use it. Now if you want to try something without loosing your lunch, then try the Lil Texas, CV65, something with the a nice smooth high end, but with good punch. The Lil Texas or Texas Heat is full sounding, with big low end and a smooth top end. I run the Texas Heat in my Crate and IMHO makes that amp sound bigger and badder then it should be. Both of these speaker choices also work great in small cabinets. The Texas Heat did work from Dimebag... Disclaimer: I have no idea what one of those amps sounds like, but if you setting it pretty flat and getting all your tone from the pedal you should be ok.
  6. No less than 3 of them are owned by board members. I used to have one, back in 2010, great guitar, nice medium neck, belly carve. Are they tremendous guitars, no but they are very nice and if you like Koa they are a must have.
  7. Yes/No, That was the consensus by the serial #, but I hear that has since been debunked.
  8. I bought another Naked OD11 and after trying a bunch of pedals stacked with the OD11, the only one that did the job was another OD11. LOL I used a Twin Sixty to up the levels of gain in front of the OD11 and the second OD11 behind the first for boost of volume and gain for leads. I don't know why it works but it does. I did pull the Saucy Boxes back out yesterday and they work great in front of my Z28, but not as good in front of the Carmen Ghia.
  9. I voted no: I was a huge Zakk fan when I was younger and then someone handed me Speak of the Devil. I though it was Zakk at first, then learned it was Gillis. First thing I thought was Zakk stole all of Brads playing. Gillis was killing all those pinch harmonics before Zakk came along.
  10. That is a cool find with all the candy with it. Micro Amps are cool, the Micro Amp + is an awesome boost as well.
  11. I have seven electrics and two acoustics. I have had very good intentions of buying a good six string acoustic but I never have gotten around to it.
  12. I bought a few of them, if you need one PM. All I have is black.
  13. I had a Chambered 2001, it was light, but the tone was unique. It wasn’t a Studio or an Artist.
  14. No, they are all chambered on the upper side and slightly around the back of the bridge. I could not find the thread, but we had pictures of the routes of the Artist and the 30th Anniversary guitars in it.
  15. We have discussed it, and yes they were routed the same. As the for the Duotone, I have no clue.
  16. BTW, I have a Ceriatone Badge sitting here, still in the envelope. If you want it, you can have it, or f the new buyer wants it, just hit me up.
  17. @ptm1diver, nice East. I always wanted to try that cab, but never ponied up for it.
  18. And asking Mike is the only way you will find out.
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