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  1. I just put the OD11 into the front of the Budda tonight for the first time. Damn, it works great in front of that amp too! IMHO, it is pretty fair to say that the OD11 may be the Telecaster of Guitar Overdrives. If you going to take one overdrive, it might as well be the OD11 or Amp11.
  2. Shishkov #0070, take a Newport, Artist Custom, and a Duotone and put them in a blender.
  3. If you do not have a OD11 or Amp11 you must get one. I run mine into the Princeton and its heaven. I took it to the 4321 Club and stuck it in front of Bruce's Carmen Ghia with equally amazing results. I heard no complaints from other players and they didn't even touch a knob that night. But then again, those guys can make anything sound good.
  4. Nice cab here, and under $200 bucks Shipped to your door. Put a G12H30 in this thing and go to town. The size of the cab is really closed to a Budda or DrZ Combo Cab. It won't disappoint!
  5. I"m waiting on my Reverb Pedal from the last sale, and i'm itching for the next sale already!
  6. I don't believe i've ever sold a Saucy Box. I think I have 6 or 7 of them. LOL
  7. @RobB I'll stand by 3Monkeys, I love their cables and personal touch to every order. Their amps rock as well!
  8. Appears to have a good deal of binding shrinkage in the cutaways.
  9. The baffle is threaded and using bolts instead of screws to anchor the speaker for those who care. The cab is also very light, and that is a bonus!
  10. Top notch build, looks great, sounds great. The handle has a little patina, and the cabinet has a couple of small rub marks but it is a pretty clean cabinet. Selling it empty, for for another $25 I add an Eminence Tone Spotter. $175 Empty $200 with the Tone Spotter.
  11. I am currently running a Red Fang and a CV-65 together. I asked Eminence if they would make me a CV65 10" and they said the RF10 is really close to it. The RF and the CV65 sound really great together. If your looking for less breakup I would take the 65 over the RF. @shankyboy I have some speakers that are collecting dust, I'll see what I have laying about.
  12. If yo Victoria's Website Shows a WGS Vintage Lead 80 in it. Discontinued, but WGS sells leftover and discontinued products on Reverb. https://reverb.com/item/30277475-wgs-british-lead-8-80w Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with the ET65, ET90, Reaper or HP Reaper.
  13. I love watching them, but Sheryl Crow with Band in tow is killing it! Stroud and Freed.
  14. Man that just looks killer. I have been playing nothing but my R8 for the last 6 weeks, to talk myself into keeping it. Then I pickup a Tele or a Special and simple guitars are where its at. Give me a slab guitar and a tube and i'm in heaven.
  15. No, that would be killer i'm sure. I usually spell things wrong on my own, but auto correct helped me on that one.
  16. Too bad the last video had the plug pulled on it. But what about this one!
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