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  1. RIP Bob , a killer player.
  2. Its a cool looking guitar, even with the mods. The Headstock decal even says "Special". My red one has a uncommon layout, but the controls are where they should be. I would think someone added a knob where the second switch was, then moved the switched. I can take a shot of my controls but your tone/wah control is uncommon.
  3. Considering you have an extra knob, i'd say your wiring isn't going to be stock. Hum, all cream pickups in an 83 seems a little rare, but then again so are black sustainblocks. LOVE the blue! Your main three way should be wired Bridge, Bridge/Neck, Neck. The little toggle should choose between the bridge Hum and Bridge Single. Is that an added tone knob? So do yo have VVT?
  4. One of two I bought from Moose. I sold this one and kept the second. I kept it until he asked for it back. That was the best Studio I have owned.
  5. He did just fine, I put it back on a big brown truck yesterday and he supplied me with my refund. It was easy, I hope he can recoup some money. He bought a Red brand new, paid to have it broken in and then never used it. I was lucky to have found a Red, 10," 16ohms, but now I may end up buying another 40/40 new.
  6. Wait, can I change my vote? https://reverb.com/item/33771758-hamer-usa-studio-custom-triple-threat-2005-59-burst-ice-tea-quilt-top-w-case-coa-only-30-made
  7. I wouldn't kick any of them out of bed. Surprisingly have not owned any of them.
  8. Red Alnico showed up today. DOA!! Everything worked out with the seller, it appears to have taken a shot in shipping and has a ton of cone rub. I didn't even bother plugging it in.
  9. Fuck yes, that thing is cool as all get out. But if its not your thing, its not your thing.
  10. I have own 80's Specials, 90's Specials, 90's LP Special, Early 2000's Junior and now the 2019 LP Special Limited from GC. You can not compare any hamer that is loaded with a Sustainblock to another brand. The Sustainblock gives it a very unique tone, they don't sound the same and its not apples to apples IMHO. Great guitars, but the best one as far as neck shape, weight and tone has been the 2019 Limited Les Paul Special(Singecut). I don't know if it was built on the right day or what, but it sounds amazing. The 82/83 Specials with he extra MM out of the lower cutaway and little thicker necsks would be my choice if I was chasing an 80's Hamer Special. The 90's Post 93 Hamer Specials are consistent and excellent guitars, I would search for a non maple top, unless that is what you want. You can't go wrong with the Rock N Roll Machine a Special is, its just ends up being person preference. NOTE: I have not been impressed with Gibson the Opaque finishes, i'm guessing they are not using grain filler anymore, but the paint sinks and doesn't look very good IMHO. The burst colors are warm, even burst that look very appealing. Those Red SG Specials are exceptionally cool, the Blue, I was not impressed with the fit and finish of the two that I handled. Same with the Blue Limited Specials with Humbuckers. This is what I have. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Gibson/2019-Les-Paul-Special-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar-116212624.gc
  11. I"m listening to Phil on Dean Delray's Podcast now. He covered all of what you said. I'm not sure when this was recorded.
  12. Fine Choice but nope.
  13. @soli'd, got some time on your hands? Ok what type of tuners am I using? GO
  14. @Steve Haynie, i'm listening to a podcast with him now. I have found nothing post Jan 2020 so I have no idea what he is up too at the moment. I figure it was time to go solo again.
  15. The Rex is a smoother pickup than the Tubby. The Canis Major was really smooth and smokey.
  16. Bass Cabs, I do believe. A 15", horn and a tweeter.
  17. This band randomly came up online and I caught myself listening to them. Only to find out that the singer just left the band in Jan 2020. I'm digging them.
  18. LOL, that is some firepower!
  19. Everyone lusts for the Mirage 1's, but for the record, the Mirage II's rock!
  20. Those do sound cool, but i'm trying to button up the insanity. I have two amps (EL84 and 6V6), two cabs (2x10 and 1x12) with convertible backs, and a handful of guitars. I have three non guitar related guitar projects that need money and time. I also have to keep coming up with ways to talk my wife out of moving. I think she has finally had it with IL.
  21. @django49 nope, not going to happen. LOL I wanted too do that for a long time, but now I don't want to carry anything that heavy. I just ordered a 10" 40/40 and one Red to mix in my 2x10. So we will see, I will move the "Extra" 10" Red Fangs to offset the purchase. Those are amazing speakers as well, but I never use them as singles always mixed. They are rocking Alnico Speakers for sure.
  22. Vintage wood with modern appointments. I wanted some of the things the Sustainblock brings to a guitar, without some of the things I don't like about it. That required going outside the box and trying something new.
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