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  1. The G12H30 and the G1265 don't sound a like. The ET65 has highs but they are less edgy, the lows are tighter and the mid are pulled back a bit. I love a warm speaker, but I went all the way to the warm side with the Emi C Rex, the East Speakers, EV's and I got bored after a while with the lack of high end. The ET65 was more open, with more sparkle but never raspy or edgy.
  2. Out in front is the way I use it and in front of the OD. I do however favor the Echophonic Jr, since it has the volume knob to boost the signal. @Jakeboy Chorus Setting? Cough it up!
  3. You have to order more than one. @Jeff R I doubled my order and free shipping was an option. I don't need two! LOL
  4. If you want an alnico sound but not the alnico price the ET90 is pretty freaking close. I a/b'ed the ET90 and Blackhawk 100 in the same size cabinet, they were so close it was no worth the extra money. ET65, dead on the 1265 ET90 very killer speaker Reaper, KILLER G12H30 Reaper HP LOVE IT! Lets not forget the Reaper 55hz, I love this speaker and the ET65 for big sounds outta small amps.
  5. My final did not show free shipping, so I back out. I'd would have nabbed an ET10 for 25% and free shipping.
  6. I was very tempted in buying the White Amp11 Big Box, but I have to say, the Black one is killer and I love that pedal. I bought two of them a couple of sales ago and gave one to a friend last weekend. He just sent me a text saying he used it on the gig last weekend. That is the first time in all the years we have been hanging that anything that I gave him has made it to the gig. In the studio, on a shelf, but never to the gig. So for me that is the best testimonial I could have received.
  7. If you dislike it for any reason, I'll buy it from you.
  8. Heck ya, I bought that Princeton for $700 and it loves pedals. I will most likely end up with one of his Champ Pedals at some point as well.
  9. Reverb OTW, I'm going to hold out for a COT, Lil china ,or COTernity down the line.
  10. I don't need tons of gain, but I want to run it in front of the Princeton. The COT side of the Amp 11 into any of my amps sound amazing. I think i'll just get the reverb for now and hold out for a stand along COT and mate it with my OD11.
  11. I'm going to grab the Reverb, but what about the Chula? I want a Chula but that one?
  12. EPH3 for 50. Bones, you guys are not going to find a better tape echo for 4 times that. Shit 5 times that.
  13. Had my head up my ass this weekend. Looks like I missed some great deals. I just got my EP3 back from Lovepedal for a repair and they had a super quick turnaround and explanation of repair. I have had nothing but good things to say about their service thus far. I want the Chula and the Reverb Trails. Hummm
  14. I could listening to him play and talk all day.
  15. That will be a great run.
  16. I believe #0090 will be my main go to when it arrives.
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