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  1. Rabbit Hole, trust me. It all sounds like fun until your A$$ Deep into it and it doesn't turn out the way you want it. With no way out and your money gone, just buy a Jr and thank me later. The PRS ONE's really do sound great, I have like all three that I played, but nothing compares to a real Jr.
  2. All you had to do is ask and they would build you one. Well except for @kizanski , but almost anybody else. Elduave was working with me on a KOA Studio back in 09, but the cost of the KOA up charge was off the chart. Since they didn't have Koa in stock, I has going to have to say yes or no to a poor picture of a unspilt slab of wood. That was the deal breaker.
  3. ITS FLIPPING $500, just buy the damn thing. Repair looks solid and ready to go, even without a name on the headstock its worth it.
  4. I hope you have plenty Lysol and Bleach.
  5. bubs_42


    Let's see those tuners!
  6. bubs_42


    I love the color, it lets the top bleed through in a cool way. Congrats, its been a long time coming!
  7. I hear it was spontaneous combustion while playing his new Shishkov. RIP my friend, you didn't even get to post pictures.
  8. You guys really need to buy your UPS driver a gift. My regular stops at my house first in the run. If someone else covers the route, i'm last on the way back to the depot.
  9. bubs_42


    Congrats, it should be going through at the same time as #0105 (also a SC).
  10. Wait an F'ing Minute! You've been working from home you SOAB. I"m out, I need to go buy some drywall. Get your stuff together man, these lies are catching up with you.
  11. Hikes, daily trips to the dog park, the zoo opened up so we can actually use our membership now. My oldest pretty much reads as much as we will let her and the youngest starts piano lessons in a couple of weeks. We befriended a nice lady at the dog park that teaches piano. It has been good, and they are happy. No worries, I just can't be buying all the guitars I want. LOL
  12. I just gave them an autographed copy of my grammar course. They will be fine. 😬
  13. @hamerhead be careful he is a close talker. LOL
  14. I have proof he is holding out on us. 😡 COME ONE GIVE IT UP!!!!
  15. I was 2 months shy of 13 years in one place. This kind of shit happens when your competition and your own company starts building machines in China. I got to see the comparison numbers myself. Nobody can compete with the numbers like that. Looking for new home "work", gotta line finally but now I wait. Good news is, I have had some real quality time with my kids. No hope for them, i've been helping with "Homeschooling".
  16. I just play the pedals because I like them, good luck to Sean and everybody involved with Lovepedal. Lovepedals drive pedals IMHO sound like they are part of the amp, they have great feel and I miss them when they are not there. I only have one more that i'm thinking of picking up when I have some cash.
  17. I don't like to air my laundry, but i'm outta work at the moment. You gotta do what you gotta do, and I'll just have to keep waiting on Shishkov's to arrive. Damn I love the guitar.
  18. At least your were sitting. PRON WE NEEED IT!!!
  19. Wow, this thread took a turn. LOL
  20. I can only imagine how amazing this one sounds. I couldn't have dreamed up a better combination myself.
  21. I hear the Black Crowes have an opening and i'm not busy at the moment. 😉
  22. @kizanski I have another Shishkov coming home very soon. I LOVE THAT ONE!
  23. That is the perfect top, congrats!
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