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  1. I'm sensitive to high end, and the texture of distortion. I also use a second set of ears that I trust to listen and give me opinions on the stand alone tone and how its going to work in a live band mix. When I was playing out, I burned through a ton of amps in that 1.5 years, I had to be happy with my sound and fit into the band. The 3 Monkeys Oragutan Jr was a great amp, but at 15 Watts and a small cabinet, stage volume was too loud for me to hear my amp. That little amp ran so hot, that when I put it on a kickback stand to help me out, I could fry eggs on it. If 3 Monkeys and I could have worked out my idea version of that amp it would have been very interesting. We talked, but with their schedule and work load the timing was not right. The East Amps were killer and I love 10" Speakers, but to cover all the ground 10's didn't work for everything. So I started putting the 12" ext cab under the 2x10 Combo. More me that was like adding a sub to a soundbar, you got the best of both worlds. In the end the 4 foot high stack was wearing on a couple of the "important" members of the group and I was playing my volume just off of zero and having to rely on the pedals to do the work. It was like chopping my balls off which was their goal. Stage left was the 100 watt Hiwatt with 2x12's that when solo time came you went sterile. The very last gig we did, was a couple days after the Superdrive 30 came in. I rolled in with yet another amp, but I left the cover on it so nobody knew until we sound checked. The end of the first song, I get a look from the Singer/Guitarist, Second Song another look, before we start the third song he looks at the amp, looks at me, looks at the amp and says "I can't believe how good that sounds". He loved the 3 Monkeys amp as well. One thing that didn't change that hole time was the Two Saucy Boxes on my board. The Original and the HC Versions pulled all the gain duties. The Boost Pedals on the other hand, were like the amps, I never did achieve an expectable amount of boost volume. It just wasn't possible the way I had my rig structured and the way the other guitar player used his rig. It is all in fun and that Budda still here, along with "Mystery Amp" that I have had for a while, the Princeton that will eventually move on and the little Crate that was a surprise nugget that sounds better than it should. More to come i'm sure, so many amps to try but one thing is for sure the fun is winding down. 2020 will be the end of the run, i'd like to get a collection of about 5 amps to cover a few sound that I can enjoy.
  2. @Dutchman I was working on a Reinhardt's MI6 for a while that didn't pan out with shipping. It was so expensive with the 2x12 and the drive wasn't going to go to work at the time. I am seriously investigating 3rd Power Amps at the moment.
  3. Closed back yes, open back, but no greenbacks. I do not care for greenbacks, unless its a 10". That being said I did try it into a Z 2x10 and it sounded the best out of all the cabs. My issue is with my personal preference. I only use pedals to flavor the tone between the guitar and the amp. If that connection does not do it for me, no pedal will correct it, nor do I want to rely on that pedal. I just went to the Dungeon to check on the sick amp, and give the Therapy another listen. What I don't like is the single notes, they have no weight to them even with an LP. I'm running the Bass at 9 0'clock, Mid at 11 0'clock and the highs at like 930 10 0'clock, Volume at just over 1 0'clock and the Master at just over 9 0'clock. I think they are just not my thing and that is ok, everyones ears are different.
  4. And in walks Karma! LOL Amp #1 just doesn't do it for me. On paper it should have been exactly what I was looking for. Amp #2 arrived in less than idea operating conditions. Amp #2 is a tough one, its a pretty special amp that I would love to keep even if its not getting used. More than likely it will go back, and the Z will move on. As for the Z, I think that he makes amazing amps but they are not my cup of tea. I like the Ghia, Z28 and the Maz 18, but everything else I have tried just isn't for me. I get slagged if I say they are bright and harsh, but to my ears when you push them, that is exactly what happens. They get bright and harsh almost like a Single Ended amp gets when you push it. I"ve had the SRZ65, the RX JR and now the Therapy. The Therapy I have had the chance to play before and I though it sounded damn good into a Best Cab. Oh well, i'm sure something else will come my way, I'm just checking off my list of amps that I want to put in front of me. I only have 5 left to try out.
  5. Here, I strolled in and figured I give it a listen, and shake my head that it wasn't that bad. Well, i've got nothing.
  6. Master Volume, more gain, and a 12" Speaker. Totally different flavor.
  7. Yes, I had that new Studio 20 in my head. It was indeed a Studio 15.
  8. Look amazing with that headstock!
  9. Come on down, I'm sure I can fill your Amp needs. My wife would appreciate something actually leaving the house. My resolution is to stay married. I think I pushed it a bit in 2019, so i'm hoping for an upswing in 2020.
  10. Well @hamerhead aka "i'll skirt the rules that do not apply to me", I'll see your $350 and give you $125 to ship it to me.
  11. Can't argue with a sick mind, just landed today.
  12. I own one of his post Crate Amps. He modded it for me with a bigger out put transformer and took it from 6v6 to 6l6. I would have thought it was gutted and redone.
  13. I'm jumping but i'm taking everyone's parachutes with me!
  14. So, you guys should be making monthly installments to my Paypal Account then right? Like an insurance plan?
  15. I should, just so I can do a before and after video of the quick and cheap mods. Hey "Old Guy's", its light and can be your sleeper grab and go. With the 12at7 it will take your pedals no problems.
  16. My understanding is they are boxing it like normal with all the foam all the way around, then its going in another box and the foam around the first box. I'll need to ship it out after it arrives, its going back to the builder for a checkup and some documentation, then back to me.
  17. Thanks for the support! I think the brown truck will be full and headed my way next week. Tough time to ship amps, one store called me to request extra time to secure "UPS PROOF" packaging.
  18. I went on a bender and bought more amps. I suck, I know, weak as hell I am. Not just one, but two freaking amps. I just like to try amps DAMNIT!!! Honestly the Budda isn't going anywhere, i'm glad no body bought the damn thing the last time I tried to sell it. I love it, but you just need some other flavors. I'm going to try a Dr. Z Therapy this time, 6l6's, 35watts, a very flexible midrange control, cathode biased so you can plug and play different tubes. If it passes the first impression test, i'll track down a Z Cab for it. At least I didn't just buy my FOURTH DAYTONA like @hamerhead Ok, I thought about it and have actually owned 4 Daytona's. DAMNIT! Purple, Green, Blonde, Red.
  19. Its just not worth selling it for $20, so If you want a good project to cut your teeth on then buy a mod kit and go to town. The FROMEL or MONTE Mods are a good choice, that being said, after I moved a blues driver and a Danelectro Daddy'o Overdrive, I didn't find that I liked the pedal any better or worse. They sounded different, but it didn't revolutionize the sound.
  20. Its not an acoustic so playing it unplugged isn't really feasible. Just think of it as a Semi Hollow guitar with a Piezo Pickup in it. The three "jimmy Jammies are controls for the onboard preamp.
  21. If I wasn't up to my ears in amps, I'd buy it. I have a black one with a 12" and i've wanted one with a 10. Does this one have Reverb?
  22. If anyone cares, 12AT7 in V1 and a RF10 and thank me later. Super Sleepers, they are just loaded with way to much gain. The 12at7 pull that down, you can run the gain on 10 and your in classic rock territory.
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