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  1. Just a little longer, but the wait is worth it. 😍
  2. Did you ship my pedal yet? I'll take a CD TOO! Cadillac Beer 8 Track Slide Tweedy Amp Shishkovs! = SLAM DUNK!
  3. Parts builds are worth it, if you can do it yourself. As long as you know what kind of neck shape you like and wood choices its hard to go wrong. People get into trouble when they can have "What ever they want". Thats when they end up disappointed. Goes for Shishkov Builds too. @DaveL that body is gorgeous!
  4. Tally's are very nice and the necks are great. I never did get to try on a Tally Pro, but i'm pretty sure I would dig it. Jol has been making some guitars with ash bodies and maple necks in the Tally'ish shape. I wouldn't mind handling one of those either.
  5. At least that could be unfucked. Fantastic looking guitar!
  6. They lost me with that tuner change. WTF
  7. The OD11 is more open, so if you find that one a little compressed check out the OD11. Oh and you should really run it at 18 Volts, you can thank me later.
  8. I would like to pick up a Plexi Pedal of some sort.
  9. Heck the Prototype that I just sold took me a few months of trying. I sold it on Reverb for my asking price, seller had it up two days later and sold it. He was asking $1500, i'm not sure what he got, but I know it was more than I was asking. Anybody remember how reverb used to buy stuff themselves with extended sellers? I was told they had a warehouse full of stuff that they purchased early on to "Kickstart the Site".
  10. And don't forget more "Transparent". OD11 is the shit.
  11. The 10" would be a great upgrade for a Princeton or Super Champ. Thanks for the bump @santellavision 12's are based off a G12H20 Speaker. But can take way more abuse, it would be a challenge to kill one of these. Not because they are super stiff, but because the fibers are just that strong.
  12. I always go to the shelf first to see what I have before I purchase.
  13. It has been just sitting on the shelf so its time to move it. IMHO It nails that 70's Rock N Roll Tape Echo. Joe Walsh to Blackberry Smoke, it does those great sounds and easily. No velcro, no wear. SOLD!!!
  14. I figure its probably over, he quit answering any emails I was sending him about repairs and no sales. If he is DOA someone needs to jump on making a OD11 Clones.
  15. I use exclusively Planet Waves. Any issues that i have had was rectified with no issues. Keep the receipt, they make it easy to get an RA from them on their website and turn around was quicker than promised. I will never buy any of the GC "Just bring back the cable" BS. Every time I have tried to bring a cable back they don't carry the cable anymore and I had to take it up with the manufacturer. Monster was well a Monster to deal with. I just gave those POS away.
  16. Look I hate sales like this, that are just lingering. Let us check the boxes shall we? Great Seller Great Pictures Great hard to find neck shape, with the extra material out of the lower horn Great Color UNDER 8LBS! I''d buy it, its gorgeous 😍 If you add all the numbers in the serial # the total is Lucky #13.
  17. I am not looking for trades, but thanks for asking.
  18. In my top 3 amps of all time. If I was working it would be mine. Fendery tone to hot rodded Fender Tones. Takes pedals very well.
  19. I really loved mine, I sold it, because I was in my "Vintage" Hamer Phase. The one thing I didn't like and didn't change was the Bridge. The G and B never sounded right and I think that is because they are on that adjustable slide. Great Necks, good weight, Koa Top.
  20. I will give a nod to the TM10, I dug it and putting it into the East Speaker made a even bigger positive change. I would try a Emi RC if one every passed through here again. Its tubes for me, I am the type of guy that likes to just boost the amp and play with my volume, tone and pick attack. I have heard some really really great demo's of most of the amps mentioned above, but hearing it and feeling it are two different things. I think fender will or should expand the new line of amps and put out a Champ version.
  21. That is the only way to get that sound, just crank it and roll. Sounds amazing.
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