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  1. Every time I hear tape echo or a talk box I think of Joe Walsh. Thankfully I was got to see him live when he was at a really good point in his life and I wasn't disapointed. I remember buying a Marshall Studio 20 out of a pawn shop when I was in my teens and I thought that was amazing, everything sounded like Joe Walsh through that amp. Even the sloppy playing! That guy has some amazing songs.
  2. I'd rather sound like Malcom than Angus anyway of the week.
  3. This one has always been one of the nicest tops with the best color. Good luck, not that you need it.
  4. I have been waiting to buy that one. That or a standard Kalamazoo to pair with my OD11.
  5. This is Master Paf Set from Dimarzio with the "Full Vintage Treatment". So you get vintage shiny bobbins, long legs, braided leads, they are wax potted for squeal free operation. Bridge Pickup: Bright, Clear while retaining the weight of the note and separation of the strings very well. Neck Pickups: Clear, but not bright, more on the typical PAF Sound than lets say a brighter unbalanced coil Strat'ish Tone. Condition as new as it can get, I didn't even removed ANY of the lead, they had the ends clipped from the factory, all I did was solder them in and tried them out for a couple of days. They were the only set of pickups I wanted to try in my LP before I decided the 57 Classic were what I wanted to leave in that guitar. $150 Shipping and Paypal Included.
  6. The ones that i have handles, have been pretty light weight. Fit and finish were damn good with no playing issues. The extra scale length on a Jr type guitar was actually pretty pleasing. Like everyone should know, every guitar is different, but the SE's are pretty consistent. I take it he OP was asking generally about the Model, not that exact guitar. If you want to double your pleasure find a Soapbar SE, also the older Semi Hollows with the flat tops are pretty great as well.
  7. Reverb has LANDED! I just it out of the mail box, so i'll try it out tomorrow.
  8. @django49 I played a Supro Guitar with Gold Foil style pickups and I really liked that guitar. I still have nothing here with Gold Foils or Filtertrons.
  9. Damn fine guitar, they play great, sound great, worth every penny.
  10. Good things are worth the wait, it makes you appreciate it more.
  11. Shipping and Paypal included. I'm just not playing it, the guitar plays like a dream, but with the flatter radius I just don't gravitate to it. MIJ, Dreamsicle Finish, Hardtail. it has some small marks here and there, but no "damage" The Guitar was purchased direction from the Charvel Rep at his last stop at Flores Music in Peoria IL. Flame Maple Neck, great weight, super comfy neck size (not super thin, just right). Original Single in the neck was replaced by a 59JR by the original owner. Frets are clean, and plays second to none.
  12. I just really like that pedal, and when I was gigging it really depended on the song and guitar if I was using the Standard, or the HC, or both stacked. Like the original East Amps, I used the channels the same way. Both Channels were set pretty equal as far as the gain was concerned but depending on the song or room, one cut more than the other. That was the magic between that amp and the Saucy Boxes, if I ever had to fight for sonic space, I had it covered. I never used VOLUME as my weapon of choice. My job was the add to the sound that band already had. I used the East, 2 Saucy Boxes, P90 and a Humbucker Guitar and carried a 2 Slides and 2 Capos. Gig Board: Standard Saucy and Saucy HC Rehearsal Board: Standard Saucy and Saucy HC Shelf: One of each Limited Edition Saucy's unboxed Extra Standard Saucy for lending out or grab and go.
  13. @django49 , bigger pickups = bigger tone? My next two Shishkov's will have pickups of different flavors that I am used to using. Its super hard for me to ask Josh to wind me pickups to match a guitar, we did talk one about meeting up and doing a pickup on site. If I change pickups out of any of my Shishkov's they will be Gravelin's and we may just have to sit down and do it together. Personally I love to tweak, to my detriment, and sometimes I eventually come all the way back around to where I started. Pickups and Speakers are a weakness they are easy to swap, I can do it myself, and it makes a huge difference in tone, and feel of a guitar or amp. Pickups are getting easier because I stick to certain perimeters or close to them. Speakers, I have worked through enough of them to know where my baseline is and now I try to work around the variations of that speaker. Pots, don't even get me started. I have one set of pots in one guitar that are just the most amazing set and they are no longer made. I have been slacking on contacting the manufacturer about ordering some direct. I'll get around to it someday.
  14. My 60's Reverb has shipped! I can't wait to drive the front of my Princeton with it.
  15. Then what the hell would I do with all my time, the stuff i'm actually supposed to do? WTF?
  16. Awesome, my Partscasters are my go to guitars. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
  17. I told myself. LOL I bought my R8 and the pickups were horrible. They were burst bucker 2 in the neck and a 3 in the bridge and I didn't care for them at all. So I swapped them out for a pair of 1987 Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro's and was disappointed, they were great, but not for me. Not enough point on the attack and the low strings didn't have enough punch. Then I bought the Hamer Phantom and it had an early 90's 57 Classic in the bridge. I pulled it out and put it in the bridge of the R8. Now we were getting some where. @murkat hooked me up with a wiring harness so I could take out the crap OEM harness and we were really really close. I searched for an old 57 classic for the neck, finding one on Ebay. I bought it and put it in and WOW, that neck pickup was warm and clear with detail. It sounded so good it made the bridge pickup sound like shit. So I thought about it, and the bridge pup had a cover and the neck pickup didn't. I didn't want to remove the cover, so after a while I decided to buy a completely different humbucker set. I dropped as set of Dimarzio Master Paf's (Full Vintage Treatment) and the bridge was clear and had bite, but even though the neck was ok, it wasn't that 57 Classic. So after a couple of weeks, I said I'm putting the 57's back in and i'm going to remove that cover from the bridge pickup. So tonight I did just that, and when I pulled that cover off I found that the cover wasn't sealed to the top of the pickup and I had a full 1/32 to a 1/16 of wax between the top of the pickup and the cover. I removed all that wax, left the cover off and popped the pickups back in the guitar. BAM! there was that tone I was looking for, all the bite in the high strings, the punch in the low strings. The middle position is tele'ish and the neck is beautifully clear from the bass notes to the treble notes. So for at least another two or three days, I'll be satisfied. LOL
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