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  1. Rio's for sure, that guitar should sound huge. Possibly too huge, keep us posted.
  2. I purchased a Tone Tubby 4x12 years ago. I sold it to my buddy Doug and he removed the partial back after I told him Duane's Marshall cab was partial open on the back. I really dug the sound, you get great bass response, but it allows the speakers to move and not get choked out. Keep us posted, I have never had Fanes, but tend to like speakers in that vein. I'm not a fan of the metal dust covers.
  3. But not a long scale "Paula", just bit notes and piano like chords.
  4. In my last band, the other guitar player had a Reeves 50watt HG 1x12 Combo. Then he ended up with a Vintage Hiwatt 100 Watt head with detuned to 50 watts. His Reeves was loaded with a Eminence of some sort and I ended up selling him a Creamback. His Hiwatt Head had a matching 2x12 cab with Fanes and he never changed those out. FWIW his license plate simple say HIWATT. LOL His tone was always good and he was serious player, that loved his gear. One of the things I miss about that band, we always had guys coming up to us to see what we brought out to the gig. We had our own "Traveling Circus".
  5. I love WGS, great people, and great speakers.
  6. Going through the shelf one more time to raise some funds for a stalled project. Ernie Ball Volume Pedal JHS Modded. (I will include feet) works great, looks great still, but having not ever fully put it to use. TRADED! TC Electronics Vibra/clone, Just go it and I wanted to try it out. It does the Rotory speaker thing great, but it is definitely an effect that affects the tone. If you want the Rotory sound it does that, but it doesn't really have any kind of blend its on. so it turns your rig into a rotary speaker. If you have it on a fast speed and you turn the speed down slower it ramps down just FYI. Also the switch if you step on it and hold it the pedal turns on when you lift your foot. To me, it is easier to start the pedal, if you are trying to time the start of the pedal at a specific time. These are build like a tank, they a bent steel enclosures and the boards are solid. I'm loving the battery hold. GUT SHOTS INCLUDED! $50 Shipping and Paypal Included.
  7. Be sure to check out image #6 for the full shot. https://reverb.com/item/34936537-tacoma-drzoeu-1998-rosewood-spruce
  8. GTFO, you know that can be remedied. Now you have no excuses.
  9. I stand behind these amps as being some of the best. Really great and if you love 10's @Jakeboy this one would be a great addition. Rob has been posting schematics on Facebook and I believe the last upgrade schematic is available. He will not do it, but it can be done. I will say that the one that I played in Nashville was the newest version and sounded better than my 1x12 combo that I had. But the 2x10 combo I had sounded just as good as the Nashville Amp and was not the newest upgrade. I think it was the 10's .
  10. bubs_42


    With this guitar I didn't have the usual "Getting to know you" time. Out of the case it felt like home, and it didn't paint me into any corners. It has a wide palette of tones with the just the volume knob. Splitting the bridge is great, it is not icepicky and sounds more like an under wound P90 than a weak single coil. I had to makeshift my second pedalboard together so I could hear what it would sound like through my Sexdrive/OD11/Gen5 Echo. Having the slight compression from the Sexdrive really makes that already great coil tap come to life. The Sexdrive is one pedal that once you have played with one at your feet, you won't know how you ever got along without it. At least into a Fender,Vox that are already naturally compressing a little. This beast also shines with my "Rock" Rig. Echophonic/JMP11/Tremolo Pedal into a Carmen Ghia Shishkov's are worth the wait, so be patient, be open, enjoy the process and you will be rewarded. BTW @Northfield did you add those ebony bottons on the keys or is that how they came? LOVE THEM!
  11. bubs_42


    Looks amazing, well done!
  12. I'll let you guys know how it is. I had a $70 credit at GC so I ordered it. Cost me $5 at checkout.
  13. This damn thing sounds great!
  14. bubs_42


    I know, but this weekends trip was of those non guitar related trips. I guess I could have gotten #0090 its own room and hung out there. LOL
  15. bubs_42


    Dying to get back home to play it more! Its fantastic, love it!
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