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  1. Might be just a novelty but certainly cheap enough... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/892962027757229/
  2. Bloozguy

    Eric Otten

    R.I.P. Eric and condolences to all of your family. We did meet face to face briefly at a rest stop on my way back from Illinois in the middle of the night to do...what else...a guitar deal! Hell of a nice guy and he sure will be missed!
  3. Well worth it for that amp...even with the possibility of needing repairs
  4. I don't know of anyone out there, but you could contact TC Tubes in Saint Paul, MN at 612-968-4009 or www.tctubes.com. Tyler and his wife are top notch folks and I'm sure they could help you out or at least point you in the right direction for someone local to you.
  5. A casual “weekend warrior” band I was in through the mid-1980’s got a last minute (Wednesday) call to open for some “national act” that Friday and Saturday at a popular local club. Pretty certain that the booking agent had exhausted his list of bands to call - LOL. We had never heard of the band but of course we took the gig – most likely for the free food and drinks that were always part of the package! Turns out it was The Bluesbusters, a short-lived blues-rock quintet consisting of Paul Barrere (guitarist/singer from Little Feat), T Lavitz (keyboardist from The Dixie Dregs), Freebo (longtime bass player with Bonnie Raitt), guitarist/singer Catfish Hodge and a drummer named Larry Zack who would go on to play with Warren Zevon, Jackson Browne, Robby Krieger and Bobby Womack. I was first of our gang to arrive (a couple hours early) and I walked in, set most of my gear on the stage and then headed downstairs to the green room with my guitar case in hand. I opened the door to see Paul sitting on a couch with a beer in one hand and guitar in the other. My jaw must have dropped a foot and I think I said something like “holy shit, I can’t be on the same stage as you.” Paul then said “c’mon now, grab a beer and a sandwich and show me what’s in that case.” We hung out for an hour or so before anyone else arrived. He turned out to be one of the nicest, most humble people I have ever met. We talked a lot about guitars and things like riffs that we had each screwed up over the years, Little Feat stuff that I had never quite been able to master, etc. In the end he said “stick around when you guys finish your set and we’ll all get on stage and make some hideous noises for the encore!” We did just that and even though it was intimidating as hell, it is something that I’ll remember forever.
  6. The first two I had were the "Dargie Delight" models with three MM90 pickups. Great sounding, but still less versatile (IMHO) than the HH configuration with the special switching. It was interesting to find out that Albert had never seen one of them when he autographed mine! In
  7. Thank you so much Mark. I still have a few guitars around to play, but I have had to move quite a few to pay medical expenses and otherwise make ends meet. Certain ones just sting a little when I think about not having them around anymore😭
  8. And of course, blue guitars always sound better. Robin Texas Rawhide Hollow...
  9. I had one for a couple years. Sort of a "Swiss Army Knife" guitar with the switching system. Real comfortable with the compact body and solid rosewood neck. When I beat this cancer I will definitely try to buy it back.
  10. Welcome back! Just bought the album off Bandcamp and I really like it. Watching for volume 2...
  11. The $280 price tag might seem intimidating at first, but for anyone who pays attention there is many times more value to be gleaned from these two guys. Bill played a couple free outdoor shows a few years ago at the Minnesota State Fair. Something like 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM shows. In the time between the two shows the place completely emptied out except for me. Bill walked up to the edge of the stage and said “you’re either tired or another crazy guitar player. Which is it?” I said “right on both counts but mostly the second.” He invited me up on stage and we messed with a couple of his guitars and amps. Very nice, humble guy. He did another couple shows at the fair a few years later accompanied by Cindy Cashdollar and Johnny Nicholas. When I stopped to say hi during their break, he remembered me right away. I’ve seen Redd a few times in Austin, always at the Continental Club. When my daughter was a toddler, she couldn’t get to sleep at night without hearing a certain set of songs, one of which was “She Loves Anything That Swings” off his “Telewacker” album. He laughed his tail off when I told him about that. If I wasn’t 1,200 miles away from Austin, I would have been there in a heartbeat!
  12. Finally got the picture posting to work...2008 RS Guitarworks Bakersfield in lightly aged burgundy mist metallic.
  13. The electrical supply in Slovenia is 230 VAC at 50 Hz. They use either IEC Type "C" plugs like this: or IEC Type "F" plugs like this: Depending upon what you are bringing over there, you can probably find the proper wall wart power supply at Digi-Key or Mouser. Since they are neither cheap nor easy to find over here you may want to consider just using batteries if you are bringing pedals that will take them.
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