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    Hamers: ‘93 Special, ‘99 Newport Pro, Others: ‘80 Earlewine Chiquita Travel Guitar, ‘60 Epiphone Wilshire, ‘69 Fender Stratocaster, ‘92 Guild F4CE-NT, ‘05 Robin Ranger Slabtop Supreme, ‘07 Robin Texas Rawhide Slabtop Supreme Hollow, ‘99 Bill Schwab Custom Glaser B-Bender Telecaster, ‘07 Kevin Schwab Custom Telecaster, Traveler Speedster
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    Mostly old, mostly analog, all great (when used in moderation)

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  1. Bloozguy

    Eric Otten

    R.I.P. Eric and condolences to all of your family. We did meet face to face briefly at a rest stop on my way back from Illinois in the middle of the night to do...what else...a guitar deal! Hell of a nice guy and he sure will be missed!
  2. Beautiful! Call me crazy, but those are my all-time favorite Les Pauls. Wish I could swing it right now.
  3. hey, did you ever finish the Special/Eclipse/Gretsch project that you had a thread on about 8 years ago? I was searching for filterton gretsch pickups in a Hamer Special as I was thinking of doing this, saw your thread and wondered how it finished. cheers


    1. Bloozguy


      Eight years? Wow! I never did finish it up. Life - both mine and that of my guitar repair guy - have gotten in the way. He still has it and we just talked recently about finally finishing it up.

      Thanks for the reminder - now I'll get moving on it.

    2. oneeyedog


      hahaha.... brilliant, I look forward to the results

  4. Hi Bloozguy, what's happening with the Sustain Block Bridges? Any develoments or should I start looking elsewhere....?

  5. Hey Bloozguy,

    Have you gone any further on the sustain blocks?

    I'm keen on getting one!


    Rodi (0054)

  6. Aww, shucks. It wern't nuthin' Probably my all time favorite Pretenders tune and you nailed it! Great job!
  7. Do you think we have enough US and Canadian folks interested to do a couple hour drive for a face-to-face transfer? That would be way cooler than shipping...
  8. I never had the opportunity to meet, or even converse with, Wyldbil, but from what I have heard about him I'm pretty sure he would wholeheartedly approve and probably say "play the hell out of it boys and girls!"
  9. If you send it up here I'll be happy to pass it around at one of the 4-3-2-1 Club gatherings...and you could show up and bring it home personally afterwards!
  10. I forgot all about this thread...this beauty showed up at my house last month: 2004 Robin Avalon Classic
  11. Thanks. I stand corrected. I may have misunderstood Curtis when he was explaining all of that.
  12. Talk about perfection. Great color for a Jazzmaster. Did you install the Lollars? I'm curious about the original pups vs the Lollars. Thanks! No, the Lollars(I've got the Vintage set) were in it when I got this one. Everything you read about them is true - especially the part about them being bright. Bright, but not harsh and thin like AVRI, IMO. More hifi. I like the tone of the neck pickup to be up full, but I like the bridge pickup best when the tone control is rolled back to around 7-8, so I'm thinking of modding the controls on my JM so I can set it up like that. I think the bridge
  13. Ooh...can't sell the Rawhide...my fiance likes that one...and so do I
  14. My Fakimba Fleetwood is going up for sale today or tomorrow...
  15. Only five for me in 2013: Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee HH Gretsch G6120JR2 Nashville JR Gretsch G6199 Billy-Bo Jupiter Thunderbird Robin Artisan Prototype Robin Texas Rawhide Slabtop Supreme Hollow And those don't really count because I sold at least one for every one that I bought
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