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  1. Hey, 4-3-2-1 event is rumored to be in planning stages. Get that thing to the birthplace of the HFC!!! Unless it was here in my absence and I missed it........
  2. Hey Carfish, I might take you up on that. I'm pretty sure this one originally came with 3 Golds.

    So if the existing pickups don't cut it when I get the guitar back, I'll probably be getting back with you.


  3. Rocking Prince's "Lotus Flower" heavily. Not a hit in sight, but he plays the shit out of his guitar. "I got a guit-ar that can part the Sea............" Awesome release. Highly recommended.
  4. Hey all - first log-in here in months due to no longer having time to breathe much less look at guitar porn or chat with you mooks, but I had to get a peek at some new guitar Ted got in the mail recently. I think he done good. REAL good! As have all of you who managed to jump on what has to be a somewhat historic and completely awesome offering that clearly has a significant amount of genuine magic surrounding it. Look at those works of art! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a touch green right now. I can't wait to play that damn thing LOUD this weekend............. Looking forward to seeing m
  5. Heh. I just opened the audio track and played it with my wife sitting at the table - she had no idea what it was because she could not see what I was playing but asked "what orchestra is that doing Zep?". Case closed.
  6. If we are gonna call "chord progressions" proprietary and start suing, look out!
  7. It will be the SuperPro I buy as soon as I find "The One". For now, I would guess it is my SSI Custom or maybe V-62S, but they are likely well below $1500 - maybe even $1k, since one is modified and one has had some minor neck issues (since resolved for the most part). Besides, anything over $1k gets you bling and bragging rights if we are talking electrics. Agreed that acoustic instruments are a different story in that regard.
  8. That was fun!. What was that hideous , Kmart-looking POS that Pat Smear was playing?!? Looked like a "Rock Band" controller or something...........
  9. I dig vinyl, scratches, pops, and all. That anticipation as the needle hits and you hear the noise floor change, then "BAM!" - rocking begins? Cherished memory of youth right there. Great story. One I certainly identify with. Thanks for the sharing, Kiz.
  10. Makes this list worthless, especially if they are calling Gene Simmons a "singer".............
  11. just have a generic catalog without neck dimension. There are no set standard neck dimensions to spec as far as I know, so each one will vary somewhat, and from year to year there may be "tendencies" but no fast "rules" here. I don't think anyone can say "Calis have thin shredder necks and Diablos are fat" or anything similar. You gotta try out the individual builds to find the one that suits you.
  12. There is a blue Diablo on Evilbay that has a HUGE neck! Rings like a bell, too, and the color is that sweet Cruisebass metallic blue. $700 seems maybe a hair rich, but who knows anymore where used guitars are concerned. Posted to point out there is a wide variety of neck sizes on these. I don't think anyone can say "Cali's have x necks and Diablos Y". They are all likely different.
  13. I dig the Chappy's the most of the ones listed. The Cali is a sleek machine, but despite having owned several I have never kept one for more that a couple months. It was always a tone thing and when faced with the prospect of swapping pickups I always just punted A Diablo is cool, but the lack of any single-coil options (stock anyway) made it a bit limited for me. Away they went. A Chappy does it all for me, and I wish I had my old Sustainiac porch-plinker back sometimes, but in the end I think I have an issue with the sound of a Floyd-equipped mahogany=bodied axe? I think Alder is the way to
  14. Gimme a maple-boarded Strat (Daytona), my Schecter PT, and some sort of Les Paul thingie (Special FM, Ibanez Artist) plus a semi-hollow (Yammy SA800, ES-335) and I'll plug into that Mesa MKIIC+ into a Mesa vertical 2x12 please ( the halfback one with the EV's and metal grille). I'll need a compressor, a delay, and something to make it "go to 11" as well (I favor my Gaspedals Carb for this, but a Tubescreamer will do in a pinch). A tub of Shiner Bock on ice, a couple grams of the really sticky bud, and a few loose women awaiting my arrival back on the tour bus as well if you'd be so kind.......
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