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  1. Bumped and now $700 including shipping in the US. 8 lbs 5 oz of creamy goodness here folks.......
  2. This is a great feeling axe that sounds really, really good with the “mystery” pickup set that is installed. Middle pickup is a p-90 type, bridge unit has oversized poles. I thought maybe Revell pickups? I dunno. They sound great. The neck finish is nicely aged and broken in, the body has the perfect amount of light wear, and the overall vibe is very much “vintage” without being a fake relic job. Missing the back plate, trem arm is not the right pitch (does not “thread” properly) and there is a goofy route inder the pickguard for a humbucker in the middle slot. Made in Japan. Another sale borne of necessity and I will be VERY sad to see it go, but it is just “stuff” after all.....$500 shipped in a very nice gig bag. More pics to come.
  3. Hey, 4-3-2-1 event is rumored to be in planning stages. Get that thing to the birthplace of the HFC!!! Unless it was here in my absence and I missed it........
  4. carfish7


  5. Hey Carfish, I might take you up on that. I'm pretty sure this one originally came with 3 Golds.

    So if the existing pickups don't cut it when I get the guitar back, I'll probably be getting back with you.


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