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  1. Sad end of an era (several, actually). I had always hoped that I would get to pay a visit to the Hamer workshop. Closest I got was a visit to Ovation, in the late eighties. Beautiful setting for building guitars. Does anyone know if they kept many replacement parts on hand? I've long been deliberating about adding a tortoiseshell 'guard to my '93 Special. They seem to elevate the appearance of those somewhat nondescript models, I think. Maybe it just makes them look a little more familiar, as they then look slightly closer to Gibson's '59-'61 Specials, when a pickguard is added. How 'bout a he
  2. I made an error when registering for the forum (just as Jim Browne, Sr. did when he saddled me with such a generic name, I guess)! I have a username, that I use when I sign in, and I thought that it was going to be my screen name. So much for anonymity (but I've got nothing to hide, anyway).
  3. He does have a bit of a pharmacy goin' on that counter! I do like that color, though.
  4. I should've quoted the above in my post. That's what I was responding to- by the standards of The Gear Page, that's not an unusually large stash of gear. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Yeah, I didn't remember the flametop being around at the same time. According to the article, the guy from Mastodon has an '82 E2, which seems to be more like a poor man's Standard, with none of the walnut/maple's groovy bevels, and more traditional Gibsonesque woods (although some of Orville's early, hand-carved acoustics were walnut, so maybe that is the most traditional!).
  6. On the cover of the August 2009 Guitar Player. Well, actually, that one's a Flame Maple-topped version. Doesn't have the era-appropriate sandwichy-look like yours. Love the triple hums!
  7. I also inquired about shipping earlier today. No response so far, but how hard could it be to get $300 for that locally- in any economy?
  8. JohnnyB, I'm pretty sure that Robert Blake played one. He's not just about the archtops, y'know.
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