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  1. HI All, I am thinking about buying a Fender Jazz bass where any truss rod adjustment requires me to loosen the screws that hold the neck to the body. It seems to me that after some adjustments, this could strip the wood at that spot. Am I on track with that logic? Thanks, Marc
  2. I missed the last 2 tours because I was out of town for work. Those were the only tours I missed since 1984. Sadly, I will miss one, too. Even as a huge fan, the ticket prices (even non-VIP) are getting a bit high when all is considered (I know, I know, their shows are great).
  3. That's a great point. My first acoustic was a Taylor, and it was suggested to me. I was in the 'big' music store in Indy, prior to GC/MARS, looking at Gibsons and Martins. Sales guy asks if I'd considered Taylor; I'd never heard of them, he explains what they're about. I checked them out and wind up taking home a 710 (7s were simply less-ornate 8s back then). Prior, I'd been looking at a Gibson (model I don't recall); it sounded glorious but played terrible. The Taylor sounded as good and played like an electric with really heavy strings. And it was about 65% of the Gibson price. If not
  4. As far as prices of Hamers go, it will be very interesting to see what happens. Supply is now fixed, and may decline if/when some are no longer playable. My big wonder is what will happen to demand? Will we all become even more ardent supporters of Hamer or will we stay about where we are. Many members here also like other brands, so I guess only time will tell. The market is a very dynamic environment. Marc
  5. It is, indeed, sad. But if we are to look for a silver lining, let me ask this of Greg. One thing that I always appreciated about Greg's presence here was his incredible knowledge about building/repairing and his ability to promote the 'underdog' for lack of a better word. So, Greg, who are the other smaller shops that impress you? Marc
  6. If you decide to pursue purchasing one, I have a minty Newport Pro with OHSC that I am open to selling. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to discuss it. Cheers, Marc
  7. OUt of curiosity, did you consider recording any of your Petrucci's for their piezo sounds? Cool tune and nice playing. Marc
  8. Let me get some pictures for you. I have a nice one. I'll send more info tomorrow. Marc
  9. Way. Too. Cool. Vai comes off as a pretty down to earth guy. I hope your son had a great time. Marc
  10. Wow. The different worlds we line in. I have a great friend who is selling his house in Milwaukee, WI. He and his wife are selling so that they can tour the world for 15 months. It's priced at $129,900. $35K is a hell of a down payment...on a house! I'll never live in the world buyers of that guitar do. Kind of OK with that, now that I think about it.
  11. There was one big upside to VH3 being what it was: demand fell so much that I was able to score 2nd row tickets easily and *finally* got to watch Eddie play classic songs up close. From that perspective, the lead singer was a secondary concern.
  12. The difference is that MP actually cares about communicating with his fans.
  13. +1 on the Reflex. I own it and it is a *very* responsive guitar. Try it out. Marc
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