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  1. A perfect medium. Thin, but not too thin. My favorite feeling neck (so far ) Congrats on the amp! Looks killer.
  2. Have I mentioned that this Special FM is Stunning?!
  3. No, you only need six! So buy the Phantom and you know what to do with that certain Special you have, Or, seven is a cool number, bro!
  4. Great suggestions, all! Made me "rediscover" a lot of tunes I know and opened my ears to a lot of tunes I didn't know! Thanks much to ALL!
  5. The best "Tele" I ever owned, my 96 T-51:
  6. That one is cool! I'm guessing it's USA made, and free shipping to boot. Snag it!
  7. Let this be a lesson: Don't piss off musicians!
  8. Almost forgot this one by Dan Fogelberg. Leader Of The Band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy3GHCy49Dw
  9. Ge Russ, thanks for sharing, Yep, that one tears me up too, and it's already in the Sad group.
  10. Ding, Ding! I was just waiting for that one to hit! PS... No prize, just a "Ding, Ding!"
  11. Wow.... Thanks to all of you for these great suggestions! Some are in iTunes already, some I know and forgot about, and more than a few I'd never heard of but will be checking out! Steve, thanks for the links. My wife is a big Ricky Van fan! My personal choice for saddest song ever? He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones. Besides the country, a few in there that haven't been mentioned are: Sad And Deep As You by Dave Mason He Went To Paris by Jimmy Buffett The Rose by Bette Midler Seven Spanish Angels by Willie Nelson & Ray Charles Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper Family Line by Laurie
  12. Welcome, Ron. And great pics in your first post. Bonus Points!
  13. Hey all, I was just wandering through my iTunes and noticed I don't have much in the way of sad songs. Any suggestions? Almost any genre is okay (did they ever make any sad disco songs?) Most of what I have in sad is country, no surprise there. But I put Please Call Home in sad because of the minor vibe, even though the lyrics are about hope. So, either b/c of the lyrics or the sound, sad song suggestions, please!
  14. Happy Canada Day to all my friends in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan!
  15. No kidding, Mitch! Who'd ever thunk white would pull 30%?
  16. Welcome, gorch! Why not start a fresh thread and introduce yourself? We'll be gentle, honest! BTW, pics are always a plus!
  17. She's a beauty either way, but I've always been a sucker for tort. Plus, going with the tort makes your life easier. If you go with white, you'd have to change the hardware and knobs to black, which would be a cool idea too. As for the hole, leave it. When you wind up selling the guitar you can claim the headstock is "ported and weight-relieved".
  18. So when exactly did you become a patient of Michael Jackson's doctor?
  19. So has anyone ever received a set of these mythical vaporware strings yet? I was thumbing through the newest PG and noticed the chief designer for SOS, Dean Farley, had the time to write a column about speakers. But no time to send a damn email to customers?
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