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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! Now to show my ignorance, are either of the Gibson's USA made? Thanks again....
  2. Nice stuff, Roy! The Explorer looks great, as do the others. Can you tell me the neck differences between the V and the Explorer? I like the Hamer modern (shallow and wide) feel. Do either of these come close? Thanks! sk
  3. +1. Love the pup config on it! Must be awesome. As lincsman asked, What are they like to play? Almost looks like a bastard child of a Tele/Strat romance.... sk
  4. I think the last few minutes of this auction might be worth watching.....
  5. Serial's "Jaws" Standard! It's mine, it's mine I tell you! sk
  6. That statement says a lot right there. I may have to seriously check into one. Thanks for the heads-up on the price at MF too. I might call them today and see what price they quote me,
  7. Loaded for bear, bro! Your bases are covered.....
  8. I'm not in the running for the Standard, so maybe one of youse guys should go for it! sk
  9. Great pics, Greg! Wow on the way Hamer paid attention to the details on the paint job. Those squares line up perfectly! And I love the neck inlays. Were they ever offered to the general public?
  10. Thanks, Gus! My eye for details must be getting better, cuz that was the only difference I saw in them. Oh yeah, and some Sunbursts have an archtop. I'm guessing no Special or Special FM did. ON EDIT: Never mind about the archtop question. It appears that Specials were made with them. As for the binding, I guess the Sunbursts have body binding and Sunburst Customs have body and neck binding. See here: http://www.hamerfanclub.com/sunburst.html Under "Description From The 1990 Catalogue". Unfortunately the sentence is not completed: "The Sunburst is also available in either Standard or Custom c
  11. The Specials and the Sunbursts look pretty much identical to me. Anyone know of any differences between the models? ON EDIT: To the OP, go to this page: http://www.hamerfanclub.com/andrewlarge/specials.htm and scroll about 2/3 of the way down. They show the difference in tops in a picture. sk
  12. Congrats! It was a heck of a buy! Make sure pics are posted when ya get it!
  13. I think I'd be afraid to play it, let alone take it out of the house. I like clean guitars, but not quite as ostentatious as that, I guess. sk
  14. Their first album, Crime Of The Century, was their only good album, but dude it is an incredible album. Not a bad tune on it!
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