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  1. I didn't even have to start the BS clip above and that cursed melody began in my head.
  2. Or maybe clothes dryers! Yeah that's the ticket… 😄
  3. T-51 Special FM Newport P90 Junior
  4. I stumbled across this web site today. Sounds interesting: https://www.luthiersshowcase.com/product-category/electric-guitar/
  5. Probably just once? With age comes wisdom (so they say). Maybe towards the end of each career we each gravitate to like-minded folks. Or not. Sure glad it worked for you!
  6. So glad for you and yet… so jealous of you! Lookin great, man!
  7. This Limited-Edition Ringo Starr Turntable Is Back in Stock in Honor of His Birthday: Around $500 USD.
  8. Jeez, not sure my ears could hear that fast… 😁
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