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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated, Mitch! Best of luck with this however it turns out....
  2. Hoping the next thing to arrive will be the TP! A killer Newport in the catalog!
  3. Yeah right. Somehow I think you'll be singing a different tune in about 20 years,
  4. Thanks for that! Over-Nite Sensation was a historically overlooked album, IMHO!
  5. I'm surprised the Prototype is still here! It's in my price range, but early-mid 90s necks are my absolute favorite Hamer's. I need to pass, but it's a great buy for anyone interested in 80s shredders! Good luck with the sale!
  6. I was hoping he had two of them for sale, Maybe qualify for the bulk discount.....
  7. I'm still keeping an eye on that Scarab but doubt I'll bid. I keep wondering if there's anything wrong with it after seeing his other two Hamers for sale.....
  8. Yep, that Chap has sure been beat up as well, but his Scarab for sale looks pretty good. Here: http://cgi.ebay.com/USA-1985-HAMER-SCARAB-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. Understatement of the day! In the description he says: "This guitar has had some modification".
  10. OUCH! That sounds like a mistake I would've made. But ya know, I bet it's one of the sweetest playing Tele's out there. For the record, does anyone have a ballpark figure of what an all original 53 Tele would go for on the open market?
  11. Rolling Stones... Sticky Fingers ETA: You Gotta Move at the end of side one. Nice touch!
  12. This has found a new home, but here is Special K #10:
  13. Damn, sounds like my kind of place! Seriously, after spending 7 years in Alaska, if I ever wanted to go back, it would be to B.C. Gorgeous! Take a camera and lots of film or memory cards!
  14. +1 for bubs! A good guy with great taste!
  15. Jeez, Feynman, P.T. would've loved to have had you around, Let us know when (if) they show up for ya!
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