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  1. Jeez, man wish I could. And here's to getting out of hospital soon!
  2. Feb. 1974, Oakland Colosseum. Dylan/Band. Amazing show!
  3. This'll be fun to watch. Great so far!
  4. Wow! I could live with that gold on that guitar.
  5. I likes it! Can you give us the first digit of the serial number? Big neck difference (usually) between a '93 and a '95.
  6. Love it! (bonus points for no feet in the photos) 😁
  7. If the guitar comes without a branded hard case, subtract $100-$200, depending on model.
  8. Damn, ceeb. So sorry to hear this. Be good to yourself and keep the negative waves out of the equation. Thoughts and best wishes from both of us.
  9. 19 foot long piano with the longest bass strings in the world:
  10. Okay, I came back. With my speakers up enough to get it. One question: Lyric sheet? 😁
  11. Or maybe he's just good friends with Dr. Cosby.
  12. Sure. Look at all the fools out there with earbuds listening to 128k music.
  13. Here's a Graphic Special. In fair shape but priced high. Open to offers: https://reverb.com/item/33229055-hamer-special-1981-rare-custom-graphic-finish
  14. Yet our own ZMB can't find sponsors? Messed up…
  15. I played a bit of it with my speakers off. Too much in that dosage… 😁
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