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  1. Hoping all is well your way and congrats on a great deal!
  2. Haven't bought it either, but I've been a fan since forever! I was just re-listening to "Living With War". No matter how you think of his politics, his TONE is friggin' incredible on that entire album! Here's a taste:
  3. Sennheiser if ya can! Highly recommended.
  4. Great review! Congrats on the amp and the cool price!
  5. I agree! Too bad I don't even have Epi-money,
  6. Dude, I wasn't the one who stiffed Devnor on the Eclipse! Mods, please delete Feynman.
  7. Well, now that you've got your hands full with this guitar, you probably won't be using that awful black Standard any more. I could maybe offer you a couple hundred for it as a favor to you,
  8. Any idea what year it was made? Sorry I know nothing about this run, jus hoping the neck profile isn't too chunky. My fav's are early-mid 90's, which are pretty thin. Thanks for any info!
  9. GREAT movie! And sorry, this post has nothing to do with the jerk at the Hamer guitar blog.
  10. I saw that post with your name, but didn't think you had posted it. I hope it's no one else here who would do something like that. Maybe you DO have a doppelganger...
  11. True, but I was trying to throw him off the trail of the other one here, ON EDIT: burningyen, Here is the link to the P-90 Special I was referencing. Pics of it are about halfway down the thread. http://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35079 Go for it if you want. I like the looks of it but will probably hold out for a Special FM.
  12. See here: http://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35001
  13. Damn! I have a T-Bird the exact same color as that Eclipse. Ford calls it "Alpine Green" but it can be green or blue, depending on the light. Damn!
  14. Be careful. The one you linked to here is the PROJECT bundle. The original link was to the ULTIMATE bundle. The following link has a button to compare the different bundles: http://www.mackie.com/products/tracktion3/index.html The Ultimate has it all! The Project bundle is the middle one and the Basic bundle is the least equipped one.
  15. I d/led Tracktion 2 yesterday from Mackie for my Apple. I'm sorta used to GarageBand, but just looking through this Tracktion, I think I'm gonna become a fan. It runs well on my Apple, so I expect the Win version runs good on those. Fairly intuitive. That's good cuz I hate manuals. Every time I cursor over a part of the screen a help box pops up telling me what it is and how to use it in a project, etc. Really kinda nice. +1. ON EDIT: Congrats on getting it at the $49.99 price, Seeker. Funny how that link to MF now shows it at $99.99
  16. I've never used it, but it came with the Crate amp I got recently. Unfortunately, the CD only had the PC version, not the Apple version. Anyway, it's on sale real cheap at MF: http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/produ...mp;src=3LMKWXX1
  17. I love the color on that Eclipse! Good luck with the sales!
  18. Thanks for the link, Sam! Jeez, what a bloody monster that guitar is. And winning it in a drawing, too cool.....
  19. Pardon my ignorance - but where? Um, on the main Newport page? Gorgeous '59 Burst quilt with the single V inlay on the neck. Bound f-holes. Classic! You don't think so?
  20. Here: http://www.premierguitar.com/Survey/46/survey.aspx But hurry, I think the contest for the TP ends tomorrow.
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