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  1. threads like this make me want to get more Hamers... this is dangerous. I've promised not to buy any more guitars....
  2. The first Hamer I "saw" was an aztec gold fat quilt maple top special from the mid 90's on ebay, I still regret I didn't buy it, the price was ridiculous as well..... I was looking for a Les Paul kind of high quality alternative. After I'd bought an LP Custom MIJ Burny, I wanted a USA made high quality instrument. The burny was well built, but it was chambered and the pickups were crap, the finish was a really fat poly finish as well.... I didn't know much about these details back then and today I probably would've swapped the pickups of this Burny, it was CHEAP and had a certain vintage vibe
  3. Guys, you are KILLING me! I thought I didn't like flat top sunbursts, now I want one badly! How could I have missed this awesome thread!?
  4. hmm, my 2001 has Schallers and the neck is anything but fat. As far as thickness is concerned it is about the same as my 2005 MONEL, and slimmer than my ex 2004 MONEL. It has no shoulders compared to the 2005 monel, but thickness is about the same and it is anything but a baseball bat. I personally prefer the Grovers instead of the Schallers (they just look cooler IMO) Having played quite a few Gibson Historics, the 2001 artist neck is really a NICE 59 shape. (some R9s are a LOT thicker... noteably the 2001 R9s for instance) The schallers on my 2001:
  5. this is a custom order one: 1) korina body 2) custom color 3) grovers instead of the regular schallers 4) pickups.... awesome guitar!!! I have a 2001 artist custom my self, all stock... the best neck shape from all my Hamers. It's a round 59 shape.
  6. can't go wrong with duncan ants! I have a set in my studio as well...
  7. man, that is a dangerous thread! I just bought an R8 LP... please have mercy on my wallet!
  8. 3 Options: 1. Switch the humbucker as a whole within the overall wiring, swap ground and signal that would be black and green in this case. 2. Switch the 2 coils of a humbucker oop to each other, swap black and white or red and green if this color combination belongs to one particular coils respectively. Both coils of the humbucker are wired in series. 3. Wire the 2 coils of the humbucker in parallel oop. Tie green to black and wire the red/white pair to ground.All options are worth checking. With option 2. and 3. the overall wiring scheme remains intact as the oop works within the pickup. Y
  9. Was playing my 92 sunburst custom the other day, when... OH heaven, a miracle! I rolled back the tone control almost compl. and playing on the bridge bucker, suddenly got woody, nasal Greeny kind of sounds! DOn't know if that's normal, as my pickups are NOT stock, I have SD Seth Lover in the neck and a SD Antiquity in the bridge. Does the tone cotrol play a role in this out of phase thing? I read that the bridge pickup was wired out of phase on these early sunbursts. Mine sounds pretty normal when the tone is all the way up.
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