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  1. dewey finn

    dewey finn

  2. First he sells me an awesome guitar. Describes it perfectly. Ships it super fast. Doesn't charge for shipping or ask me to use PayPal gift our split the fees. Jeez. I mean, it was such a great transaction, I have nothing to complain about. So I guess it's true:Brentrocks rocks! Thanks, man.
  3. Just piling on 'cuz I can. Indian Scout, you are a sick man. I don't know you but your actions have told me a lot. You trade guitars you don't own, back out on deals that cost people double the shipping and you show no remorse. You need to stop screwing people over and act correctly. Get help from a professional. If in fact you do have a wife and children, they need you. Please take care of your family and stop the nonsense. Your excuses for why you can't ship things are a little outlandish. I think you may have Munchhausen Syndrome. Your behavior is erratic and seems pathological to me. Have you ever sought Psychological help? I think you need to. You have contradicted yourself in your explanations on other threads that date back as far as 2009. How is your wife? You stated that she had under gone several surgeries in a fairly short time frame. I hope she is in remission. May I ask what kind of cancer she was diagnosed with? Did they treat her with Radiation or Chemotherapy? What kind of Cancer were you diagnosed with? Your avatar shows you standing and playing a guitar. Was that taken before you were confined to a wheelchair? I am sure there are competent mental health providers in your area. I wish you luck in getting well. Please return reimburse savethematches the $50 bucks it is going to cost him to repair the guitar. It's the right thing to do and I know you want to do the right thing here. All the best to you and your family.
  4. I know one of the managers who sued. Not a great guy to be honest but ... I had alot of friends that worked at Daddy's and bought alot of stuff there. Too bad all around.
  5. I bought all the gear I currently own from Daddy's. Very sad day for me.
  6. Used to be mine. Great player. Traded it towards a 71 LP deluxe otherwise it would be mine still!
  7. I have the RS kit in my special and really love it. I have their kits in all of my guitars. Tone is subjective but clarity and sustain are pretty obvious and the RS kits really make a difference. The only con to RS Guitarworks is they don't answer Emails. At all. So if you have a question that isn't covered on the website you are stuck. Love the products and will continue to use them.
  8. Dewey Finn was Jack Black's character in School of Rock. I used to play in a band with a guy who would solo endlessly in every song and do crazy shit on stage. We started calling him Dewey Finn and as a joke I used it every time I joined a forum.
  9. Playing with my old band on the third of July. Filling in for my replacement. Looking forward to it. We allways had a great time.
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