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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vSvsVDbzSA Some vintage footage of one of my favorite guitarists. Robben owns.
  2. I disagree. It's full of contradictions, the most glaring of which is the desire for cheap American-made products. Which do you want? Cheap or American made? The two don't typically go together. Part of the issue here: the American dollar has been crushed. Different subject, I know. But, the dollar simply doesn't go as far as it did when we were kids. I really love my Hamers. When I show up at a gig or jam I'm the only guy there playing one. Everybody else is playing Gibsons or Fenders. Man...it's hard to find a decent Les Paul. So many I've plucked off of racks have poor fit and finish
  3. Aren't ESPs crapolla? I haven't played one, and am just going on what one local luthier mentioned to me a few years ago. They look cool.
  4. That's great! My boy's not quite big enough to hold the guitar yet so he holds it across his lap like Jeff Healey.
  5. Sorry for your loss. That must be very tough.
  6. Yeah, Merry Christmas to the nices group of guitar brand enthusiasts on the web.
  7. Here I am having fun with a beautiful guitar. This was taken by Bill Frates - a GREAT photographer and hell of a nice guy. Taken By Rock Image Oh, and here's one that Bill took when the one and only Joey Alves came to a rehearsal and jammed with us. Joey is a fan! Joey Lookin Good
  8. That's terrible. Man, that guys voice has brought me such joy over the years.
  9. Joe Bonamassa ...nuf said. I'm out.
  10. Congrats and welcome. Hamer guitars are really cool!!! And, the group of this forum are the best you'll find. It's a great club.
  11. I'm late reading this thread. Those photos are very nice. Best wishes to you and yours. Man, that's just great!
  12. I play a whole bunch of Y&T material on the Studio Custom - but much of Y&T's earlier stuff was recorded with the Les Paul. I like the Evolution in the bridge of the Studio. It really makes for a rockin guitar. The 59 is sweet in the neck too. I set the action pretty low and have the necks pretty straight. They almost play themselves. The tone is wonderful. I know a couple shredder players and they all play the Ibanezes. I like how those play but often don't like the tone of your typical Ibanez shredder. Most of these guys are running them through racks and all kinds of junk an
  13. Prince tried to fit in with Nugent's band but it just didn't work out....
  14. Dave Meniketti Volker Striffler Robben Ford Slash John Sykes I don't know if this is really "of all time", but they certainly come to mind...
  15. Sorry for your loss. Keep your chin up my man.
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