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  1. There’s a great mystery surrounding the finish on these instruments. Luck or judgement? Some say the finishes were sourced from local suppliers of the day, never repeated, and others that they were a special chemical potion guarded in secrecy by the maker himself. That and the wood used, much of it suspected of being submerged in mineral solutions for long periods prior to being used in construction. Fascinating!
  2. It’s a cool one for sure Mike. I too love an O’Connor finish on a Hamer. Now time to brush up on “Wish you were here” or that other popular 12 string number.
  3. Looks great. Such a fantastic shade of purple.
  4. Congrats on the Quad Bass acquisition. I thought I'd bought this bass myself from an Ebay seller jamesdgaynor but the night before I was due to pick it up - 2 days after paying for it - he calls me to tell me it wasn't available anymore as he had turned it down from an auction house because "it had a dodgy truss rod, bad electronics and a flakey body as if it was submerged in water." Clearly he was a complete liar. I did my own research and the bass once belonged to Paul Raven of The Hellfire Club, Ministry and other bands. He died years ago but the bass can be seen in action here:
  5. ...and kept me on standby with a spare ticket in case you were going. ?
  6. It’s never easy when you play with an established band. Certainly not for a while. Ive been gigging, on and off, since I was 14 and every band is different. I got a rude awakening jamming with some modern jazz players a month ago and felt all out of sorts. Always half a step behind. Don't give up. It’s easy to say but it WILL get better. Maybe they just weren’t the band for you?
  7. A lot of cruel mocking here. ? For what it’s worth I think Joe B is absolutely fantastic. Incredibly fast and accurate and for a watching guitarist that’s a great thing to witness.
  8. Always quite liked this Hamer he played. Notice the third pickup on the 6.
  9. Wonderful. As all Shishkov’s are, Congratulations on what will likely be among your favourite guitars for forever and a day.
  10. Great score and also a fantastic description of what is a fine guitar. Welcome to the club! The quality of the T-62 is breathtaking. The neck itself is like a piece of natures art. I agree with your description that they feel "broken in" as soon as you play them. Very comfortable necks indeed. It took me a few days to get used to mine. I now find that they are at their best with the volume very slightly rolled off. Flick in the preamp and you have more than enough gain to get by on for any "Strat" number. Mine's a '91 Sunburst so its an early one.
  11. I remember watching you sit down with the Double Cali on your knee thinking “Mmm.. The 12 string looks a LOT higher than normal” but you still strung out some very cool 12 string chords. Nice! The Virt is definitely marmite. Some can’t adjust to the scale length. Especially if they have small fingers. It also takes a light touch (which you mentioned) and rewards commitment. I love them. You didn’t mention the T62? I thought you got some great sounds out of that. Rolled off the volume just-so. What is the collective noun for O’Connor Hamer’s? ?
  12. Welcome back Nathan. Great that you’re playing and that life has taken a positive direction. I hope 2020 is a good one for you all round.
  13. A very interesting video. Thank you for sharing. For what it’s worth I’ve been using 9’s on Gibson scale and 8.5’s on Fender scale for years. I like the idea of 7’s but I worry I’d break the thin E string with big bends.
  14. The other day Bennyboy-UK popped over for a catch-up and brought along some toys. He brought his awe inspiring SS1 Marble O'Connor, his Chaparral Snakeskin O'Connor, his magnificent Vintage-S Custom order and a few others. In turn he had a play on the majority of my Hamer's in addition to the Shishkov's. I love playing guitars, and especially Hamer's and Shishkov's, but sharing them over an afternoon will a like minded soul is fantastic. Ben's SS1 O'Connor really is a special guitar. It was an uber clean example and oozes class as the best O'Connor finishes always do on a Hamer
  15. I can’t wait to see pictures. I have a Sunburst T62 and love mine!
  16. Well fuck me. Just when you think you’ve seen them all out pop MELTING BOOMERS! Thanks for sharing.
  17. That is absolutely fantastic. I’m over the moon for you. A great news story for the beginning of 2020. Is it going to be hung on a wall? Put in a cabinet for people to view? I hope it doesn’t remain cased under a bed!
  18. I think really good examples of rare AND desirable Hamer's will always command a good price. The standard issue, repeatable stuff, may face some downward pressure.
  19. Interesting. I’m not in buying mode right now but it hasn’t escaped me that there are some exquisite guitars for sale right now and a lot of these aren’t moving quickly.
  20. I’ve just spent the last hour and a half trying to dial that tone in on my Axe FX 3. Really raw and bouncy and lovely when rolling off the volume.
  21. I think the SLO sounds great! You’ve just got to love the charismatic Mike Soldano.
  22. Biggest win can only be my Shishkov Super C 2. What really makes it special are the memories attached to me picking it up. A stop-off at house Shishkov and a road trip with Mike to Philadelphia to meet-up with Jim again for a shred-off and a great meal out discussing life and guitars. A fantastic long weekend. That aside the Axe FX 3 has been a lot of fun combined with the powered Friedman cab. Fails. Work’s been tough with the general election and Brexit but these things happen. Moving on in 2020 positively.
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