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  1. That Sir is stunning craftsmanship. Very impressive indeed.
  2. Sounds like you have a sale there potentially Mr. Dave!
  3. It’s a great guitar Dave. When I sold it to you I kind of hoped it would stay as it was. Hopefully, since your refret problems, it still plays nicely. I saw online that Fret Fiend had issues with his tools that resulted in problems. I hope you kept the original Floyd Rose. That’s got to be an easy £100 on eBay towards your next Hamer. The binding does indeed make it stand out, especially so, with that colour. The amazing thing about the colour is that in bright light it really pops. Perhaps inside, in these rather dull Brit winter months, there isn’t enough light to reflect its
  4. Even with what looks like a headstock break that’s good value.
  5. I’m with you there on all of those. Sometimes Zimmer really moves you like nothing else musically.
  6. Sending best wishes from the UK for a safe and speedy recovery.
  7. This guitar is the real deal and I’m amazed it’s still for sale. The mods are in keeping with the guitars character and there really can’t be many single humbucker Cali’s out there. Add to that a Stike finish which is as good as it gets...
  8. I absolutely love the graphic on that guitar. Admittedly better in blue but another O’Connor masterpiece never the less. It’s always puzzled me why, when going to the trouble of ordering an amazing O’Connor finish, why you’d omit the option of boomerangs or LED’s?
  9. No surprise really. Great guitar by the looks of it and increasingly rare. Congrats to the new owner.
  10. They don't sound better but they feel a LOT faster than a comparable Chap due to their smaller body and scalloped access for the higher register. Aesthetically they are a lot more desirable and above all this is why they command more money. To me one of the great original Hamer designs.
  11. It's a fantastic playing guitar. I've played it at Jim's on a few occasions and it has a huge sound and the finish quality is exceptional.
  12. Awesome guitar! The O'Connor snakeskin finish is absolutely fantastic. Nice score matey. Rock on!!
  13. I just love the tumbling boomers. Such a cool variation.
  14. I’m glad that awesome 24.75” scale length Chaparral I sold years ago met an owner that cares. I’m very sorry to hear of the horrible few years you’ve had Dave and hope the guitar, in some way, provides some solace.
  15. DBraz


    Looking awesome! I can’t wait to see how this one develops.
  16. Just watched the video. Interesting that it was refretted. There was plenty left on the originals when I sold it. It must be getting a lot of play! Its definitely 24.75” scale length with 14.5” radius. At least it was before the refret that’s currently on it.
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