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  1. @diablo175 Jim’s the man for a definitive answer. I know he’s experimented a lot.
  2. Safe to say there weren't any bargains then...😞
  3. If people are genuinely parting with their money for this it’s a cruel joke.
  4. I can honestly say I own two of my favourite Hamers and feel blessed in doing so.
  5. What a beautiful guitar. Congrats! I bet it cuts in the mix too.
  6. Congratulations! That is an absolutely awesome bass.
  7. Great guitars T62’s. I just adore my T62 and interestingly so does everyone else that plays it.
  8. I quite liked the look of that one but the Kahler stopped me from picking up the phone. Great that its found a good home. Congrats!
  9. What’s it weigh? Does it have a good acoustic voice?
  10. You have a pretty incredible collection of guitars already so the bar is high.
  11. I had the Ultra and the 2 before the 3. To be honest the Ultra disappointed me but the two was amazing. The 3 is, unbelievably, even better. IRs are the hardest part of the learning curve, without question, and it takes some time before you get confident picking “keepers” to suit Amp blocks but when you do... The great thing about Fractal is their community. Any sound, any question, it’s answered in hours - or less. You’re coming along just fine Jim. Welcome to the club!
  12. Very cool! I love that guitar and the whole back story. Thanks for posting!
  13. It’s a lovely colour. With shipping to the USA CITES would certainly be risky. It’s a big case too so it won’t be cheap.
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