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  1. They don't sound better but they feel a LOT faster than a comparable Chap due to their smaller body and scalloped access for the higher register. Aesthetically they are a lot more desirable and above all this is why they command more money. To me one of the great original Hamer designs.
  2. It's a fantastic playing guitar. I've played it at Jim's on a few occasions and it has a huge sound and the finish quality is exceptional.
  3. Awesome guitar! The O'Connor snakeskin finish is absolutely fantastic. Nice score matey. Rock on!!
  4. I just love the tumbling boomers. Such a cool variation.
  5. I’m glad that awesome 24.75” scale length Chaparral I sold years ago met an owner that cares. I’m very sorry to hear of the horrible few years you’ve had Dave and hope the guitar, in some way, provides some solace.
  6. I had one of these and it is absolutely mega. Great with modelling preamps too. GLWTS.
  7. I am most creative in evenings - the later the better. It’s as if my brain goes into slow mode, I forget work, maybe even my wife has gone to bed, and the ideas start rolling. I get them down roughly and normally come back to them at a different time. However, this isn’t my optimum time to record ideas as I make mistakes. That takes place earlier in a given day.
  8. My double neck Cali is 11.7 lbs. Heavy by Strat standards but not incomparable to a heavier Les Paul.
  9. Humbucker, single coil, single coil on the 6 string too.
  10. Wow!! What an awesome thread. I just love those mini FB’s. Tremendous.
  11. Upwards of that if you have a Snaky Virt? 😃👍🏻
  12. I’ve met Pete a few time’s before I knew who he was. His brother was best friends with my best friend at the time’s Dad just when we started playing. If only I found a way of acquiring some of his gear...
  13. Maybe the seller is just hoping to achieve an offer in line with half his asking price? Surely someone out there will “hard ball” him with a 50% offer?
  14. DBraz


    Looking awesome! I can’t wait to see how this one develops.
  15. Yep. That’s over double what I think it’d Be worth here. Good luck I guess.
  16. Sweet! Nice choices with the construction and hardware.
  17. The logo “R” missing bit may not be because of a refin. It’s possible that part of the “R” rubbed off where the clear coat is thin at the transition and from an owner getting enthusiastic polishing? Love the Hamer FB. A shame about the pick guard.
  18. I love that one. It’s Gatorbyte’s isn’t it?
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