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  1. Art yes! Exactly my reason for owning an O’Connor Cali Double neck! 😃
  2. I have that same noble aim but I just can’t get there. Yet. I think half a dozen is just about perfect in terms of flexibility for tones/fixed bridges/trems. Problem is I look at the likely “go” candidates, pick one up, and...
  3. I have cousins in Oz that have been advised to vacate their property which they’ve spent ten years building. He’s a Vet too so animals dying, let alone people, will affect him big time. £50 donation made by me through WWF UK. My music theory knowledge is in need of improvement so any highly recommended video would be useful.
  4. Wow an O’Connor Red Dragonskin with a reverse headstock! Marvellous! My congratulations for the acquisition and what a great start to the year you’ve made!
  5. It’s a lovely guitar and I can attest that it plays AND sounds as good as it looks. This guitar will make someone VERY happy. GLWTS Gene.
  6. After I landed home with my Shishkov Super-C within a few weeks I’d ordered another. This one was to be deliberately different in subtle ways so as to avoid being a clone of the first. Having played BTMN’s Korina Hamer’s and loving them I decided on a Figured Kotina body and Quilt Maple top accompanied by a Wenge neck (once you’ve had one...) and a different choice of pickups. The biggest visual difference being a bound body/neck (this time White/Black/White) and a figured ebony board/headstock face. 24.75 scale length as opposed to the firsts 25.5 with Satin Chrome Schaller hardware. Once the build was underway I requested Mike do the same headstock bevels as the first Super-C but this time on the rear face. Into the build Mike suggested no pickup rings and to screw the pickups into the body as an alternative. I liked it. Colour choice was fun. I’d originally wanted a blue into purple “marine life” inspired finish but it just never worked out. In the end I settled for a deep purple wash with a translucent purple/pink over the top and a purple burst on top of that. Photos don’t do it justice as it changes in the light constantly. Sometimes you get all colours at once -pink, purple and an in-between hue - but often it’s a purple burst with reddy pink flashes. Inlays, requested early on, were Mike’s original design but I wanted them in Black Pearl like I have on my Virt so they didn’t pop as much as usual. Abalone was used for the 12th inlay “pick”. To top it off, thanks to a good friends Dad, I had a hand engraved metal Dragon truss rod cover made. This has been my go-to guitar since I first picked it up. The shorter scale makes it play slinkier and it’s softer tonally particularly in the higher register. Uber light too. Mike said it’d be light and he wasn’t kidding! It’s a masterpiece. For me this guitar has added memories as my original plans of going to Hartford and then Philadelphia by air, before going home, were altered at the last moment. On the morning of the second day Mike said he’d drive me to Philadelphia and we could have a road trip. If I fancied it? Hell yeah!! We had a great time chatting, eating, putting the world to rights. On arrival we were greeted by Diablo175 and, after an introduction to his axe arsenal, we all went out for dinner. Fabulous. Sometimes it’s the memories associated with the custom orders that make them so special.
  7. When I was a young teenager I watched Gary Moore play at a guitar show in London. I went up to him afterwards to say how awesome I thought he was, or words to that affect, and all I got was “Fuck off!” I was crushed. On the opposite side of the spectrum I met Paul Gilbert, again after a guitar show clinic, and he treated me like a long lost friend. Legend.
  8. The Willy G is one of the meanest guitars I’ve ever played. Huge tone.
  9. When Mike announced Shishkov guitars I was one of the first to commit to an order. An Ultimate didn’t appeal to me so I enquired as to whether he’d consider building me a Super Strat? Affirmative. Next I was told that I’d have to wait until the Ultimate orders were almost done before expecting my own order but we could sound off on ideas and wood selection in between. It was over 2.5 years from enquiry to pickup but was worth every days wait. Originally I wanted an 80’s Hameresq headstock, a humbucker/single coil and a Schaller Lockmeister Floyd in vintage copper hue with an FM body. Set neck. Over a few months I’d fixed on a wenge neck with a bound ebony board having loved the slick feel of wenge on a bass I’d tried. Another few months and materials had arrived and Mike talked me away from a Hameresq headstock in favour of his own design, still 6 inline, which included unique bevelled edges. The pencil drawings he shared looked fantastic and I was wowed by the idea being sworn to secrecy not to reveal the headstock design until pickup. Around this time I enquired whether Mike would consider a carved top? He thought it was a great idea and suggested he carve the back too for a unique aesthetic and feel? Right on! My original spec was block inlays and Mike pushed me to be daring with something more personal. Being born in the Year of the Dragon I settled on a dragon chasing flaming pearls theme, drawn by our own Diablo175, expertly cut in pearl and abalone by Mike. The 2 piece FM body became 1 piece again a decision of Mike’s. White neck binding evolved into Black/White/Black for subtlety and the “tensioned” fretboard termination ended up being in line with the single coil angle. I wanted high frets, but not too wide, to give a semi-scalloped feel and repeated these with my second Super-C. All for playability preferences. From the start I wanted 3-way pickup selection and a blower switch. The blower switch is a direct to jack bypass from the humbucker when engaged. It allows the player to roll off the volume for a rhythm section, something I do a lot, and then flick the blower for full output. One flick and you’re back where you started. The volume lifts to split the humbucker coil. Mike wanted his own 501 blue stain and I agreed. It was between that or tiger eye. The build process was incredibly good fun. The evolution of the guitar, the conversations, the time to evaluate ideas in between progress, ending emails with an Iron Maiden song choice (we’re both big fans), meeting the amazing Team Shishkov for the guitar pickup, everything... All wonderful memories and very personal. Super-C 2 is my most played guitar but the original prototype “Super-C” (Trish Shishkov’s name for the guitar) will always have the most special place in my heart.
  10. That Sir is a stunner. Merry Christmas to you!! If it plays as good as it looks...
  11. DBraz


    Yeah. A really high quality song with great production too. Very pro!
  12. The single cut really suits the darker colour. Great shot of it in all it’s glory too.
  13. Absolutely outstanding work. If you intend to raise quality it can only be details as there is nothing obvious lacking in any of the pictures.
  14. I totally get it. The more I play my guitars the more I realise that I gravitate to a few of them and the rest are luxuries. Playing them’s the most important part.
  15. The guitar does look splendid on stage! Awesome job Mike!
  16. Team Shishkov rock! I have fantastic memories from both of my visits to Shishkov HQ.
  17. Awesome. One of my favourite Shishkov guitars.
  18. I too love Fractal and haven’t looked at an amp head purchase since. I started with an Ultra and was disappointed. The 2 was a huge improvement and the 3, having spent considerable time working with it, is even better. For me the biggest difference from 2 to 3 being feel although it does sound better. I’ve found a workflow when programming presets that works for me. The hardest part of all is dialling in IR’s and mixing them to taste but when you get it right... I’d never go back.
  19. That Sir is an absolutely brilliant find. An O’Connor Cali and a maple board? I reckon that’s a very rare Hamer. Looks fantastic.
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