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Hamer rawks northern Italy!!!

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So here we go.

Sunday march 6th there was a show in Milano, major town in northern Italy.

Yours truly attended with most of his small posse of six stringed thangs.

One of my tables was occupied by (end to end): Bolt, Korina V, Korina Standard, Standard Custom, '78 Ibanez Iceman.

That table was extremely visited (and photographed - especially the Bolt ;) ) and the Standards elicited a definite interest from the visitors; I have 3 prospective orders for Standards, one of which was communicated by the italian manager of an international pro-audio brand.

On the other table I had my twang bar trio in blazing glory: Caddie's trans green Daytona, the T-62 and the Vintage S. People just stared, and stared, and stared again.

The T-62 now sports a set of Harry Haussel pickups and it sounds stellar (!!!); all those who took it for a strum where just mesmerized by the figuring in the birdseye neck and where truly impressed by the sound and the feel of the tremolo (which - of course - stays in tune even after repeated divebombs).

And everybody was quite suprised that Hamer no longer produces these beautiful guitars.

As a frame of reference to this last comment, please bear in mind that the show was chock-a-block full of Strats (italians are very image conscious).

All in all I feel extremely satisfied of the result of this exposure. Just confirms everything we know about the quality of our guitts (except the odd screw-up here and there...) and the potential Hamer could expect from Europe...

Rawk on!

(pics - hopefully - later)

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Hamer in Europe :


(I hope my latin is still okay - it's from 30 years ago)

translated: I came, I looked and I conquerd (Julius Cesar)

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One of Hamer's strongest markets has always been Germany. Behind the US and Japan I think that there was a long dropoff after Germany until the next contender (UK, I'd assume)...

Pics? We'd love to see the Bolt!

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Well, these don't need any presentations... The T-62 was the most played


Not pictured here: to the right my cut tail Explorer by Bacchus, and then my '78 Iceman. Elsewhere was my BC Rich Mockingbird, another very appreciated piece.

The Bolt received a lot of attention, plus some unsolicited bids (it wasn't up for sale in any case), as did all three of the pointy Hamers

I'm expecting to get some much better pics in a couple of days


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Hello JJ Paul,

You have some really cool Hamer guitars in your collection. I like the Daytona, T-62, the Mirage II, the Standards, the Vector and Vintage S guitars. You have nice finishes on those guitars. A lot of them are in a nice sunburst of some kind. Were you selling those in Italy or were you showing them as part of a guitar show or exhibit?

Guitar George

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Hi George!

Where did you see a Mirage? I (still) don't own one...the guitar that is pictured on the right of the Vintage S is actually a Patrick Eggle which I had on consignment for a friend of mine.

The show is in reality called "Second Hand Guitar", but I attended principally to show off Hamer US and Nik Huber guitars. I was selling some other stuff as I said on consignment for friends and acquaintances.

I could have sold off my Standard Custom 3 times, the Vector twice, and the Standard Korina once (or twice?).

You may notice in the pic with the T-62 that there is a handwritten note "Hamer US? Order here!".

I know that the orders will eventually arrive - slowly but surely!

Oh yeah...thank you for your kind appreciation... I still feel I'm not worthy enough, especially if you compare me vs. Poe, Armitage, HamStd, Serial, Riffmonger and many other Big Shots whose names I don't recall right now...


(JJ Paul doin' The Rick - Copyright Alberto Biraghi 2005)

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Zee Vee


A selection of pointies

(all pics courtesy of Alberto Biraghi, Studio Bipielle)


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