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  1. I didn’t know that the 1st generation Cruisebasses came with a finger rest or was it added as an aftermarket mod? Guitar George
  2. I also know that Brad uses a Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis preamp and a Soldano Decatone 3 channel 100 watt amp head as well. I didn’t see any Mesa Boogie gear the night that I visited that studio. Guitar George
  3. I’m currently using the compressor in my Fractal Audio FX-8 floor processor, but also have an old Boss CS-2 compressor for my analog pedalboard. It gives my single coil pickups the extra sustain and pop that it needs when I”m on the clean channel of my amps. Guitar George
  4. I used to rehearse and record at a recording/rehearsal studio in Hayward, CA called Spirit Wind Studios. Brad had a business partner, Jim Hawthorne, who owned the studio at that time and was involved in the production helping Brad with his background music for the ESPN commercials. I visited the studio one day and got to check out some of Brad’s guitar and his Soldano SLO 100 stack over there. Guitar George
  5. Does the black Archtop GT have the original Seymour Duncan P-90 pickups to go with it? Guitar George
  6. I was looking at the D’Haitre Guitars website. I didn’t know Andy Beech made guitars for Zakk Wylde or the Prince “Cloud” and “Symbol” guitars. Wow! Guitar George
  7. I need to avoid looking at these guitars as I want to buy one with a rosewood fingerboard/2 humbucker version of your guitar. Happy New Guitar Day, dude! Guitar George
  8. I played an outdoor NYE show with an '80s cover band in 40 degree weather with both my '90 Chapparal Elite 90 & '94 Diablo II guitars last year. We had those propane tube heaters on each side of the stage, was wearing spandex/rising sun tank top/black satin baseball jacket, and it was cold! The guitars were fine, but I had to wrap myself up in a trench coat and stand next to the patio propane heater during the breaks. I ended up getting a cold a few days later and my guitar sub wasn't available to fill in for me. The most miserable gig I've had to play even though the guys were nice enough to help me load in/out my gear. Theraflu carried me through the gig that night. I hate to say this, but I won't ever do that again! Guitar George
  9. Happy New Year to all of my fellow HFC members and their families!
  10. I used and formerly owned an original MIJ Boss DS-1 distortion pedal from the late '80s. Used it as my source of distortion into a Peavey Backstage solid state amp when I was first starting out since I wasn't familiar with tube amps at the time. I sent my MIJ DS-1 distortion pedal to Analgoman for the Super mod since my pedal had the more desirable chip that came with the DS-1 pedals from that era. I liked how it improved the range of the tone control and cleaned up the noise. Unfortunately, I ended up trading it away for some gear and bought an MI Audio Crunch Box v2 pedal for my distortion pedal needs. I liked the Marshall In A Box sound of that pedal on and the way it sounded to me than my old MIJ DS-1 pedal. Guitar George
  11. Is that a rackmounted London Power Aurora amp head? I've never seen one before. How many watts is it? It looks like it's a one channel amp. How does it sound? Guitar George
  12. I'd love to hear that preamp with my digital delay & tube stereo power amp, but you would have to use a Voodoo Labs GCX audio switcher just to switch between all of the channels since there's no MIDI control and the audio outs needs its own switching system. Guitar George
  13. If you watch the end of the YouTube video, stop it at 5:24, Felicia's guitar has an F-hole on the bass side of the guitar. That guitar is actually a Hamer Artist Custom and you're correct about the rest of the description of the guitar. I remember her playing a Daytona guitar for awhile. Guitar George
  14. @Pieman: Thanks for posting & sharing that video with us! I liked this video demo compared to the GregV video. That gave me a good idea of what the guitar sounds like and what it's capable of doing. It's sort of like neck through/sustain block bridge like the original Special, but with Seymour Duncan Double D pickups, and is more twangier/snappy sounding like a Tele than the typical double humbucker/Les Paul style guitars, at least to me. For being one of the last U.S. made Hamer guitars with a different sound about it, it's got my attention in a good way since I was kind of looking at the '90s Hamer Specials with P-90 pickups. Guitar George
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