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  1. There was one for sale at a local guitar shop near me. I liked the guitar, but hated the location of the output jack. I wish the output jack was on towards the bottom of the guitar like a Charvel/etc. other guitars. Guitar George
  2. Helllo Hamer brothers! Happy New Year to everyone! I was going through my guitar collection and noticed my '90 Chapparal Elite 90 strap pin rubber washer is worn out and making the Dunlop Straplock on the guitar body flop around no matter how much I tighten it up. Can anyone recommend a rubber washer for my strap lock pin please? It would be greatly appreciated! Guita
  3. I ended up not buying the Crate Stealth amp head due to distance and the seller's unwillingness to ship & receive electronic payment. I'm kind of glad it didn't work out. I'm suspecting that the amp might have been stolen or I show up and get robbed. Guitar George
  4. The seller didn't want to accept any electronic form of payment or meet me halfway. Thank you for the suggestions.
  5. Since no one is interested in helping me buy the amp, here’s some information about it. The amp is designed by Lee Jackson in the 1990’s for Crate. It’s basically a 3 channel all tube 50 watt amp head that runs on a quartet of 6V6 power tubes. The overdrive rhythm/lead channel has a hot rodded Marshall tone similiar to a JCM 800. The clean channel has 3 band EQ and can cover the clean tube tone. The 2 button footswitch switches between clean & overdrive and accesses the lead channel. There’s also. a 50 watt 1x12 tube amp combo that was built in the product line as well. The 100 watt head
  6. Hey guys, I'm interested in buying this amp in Oregon: Crate amp The seller doesn't want to ship to me. Is there anyone in the HFC located in the Oregon that can pay the seller, pick up the amp, and send it out to me? I would be willing to pay for the amp, shipping cost, and gas for the trouble. Guitar George
  7. This is my vibe about amps after playing through a bunch of solid state practice amps over the years. I have a Soldano Astroverb 16 and both a Reverend Goblin & Kingsnake tube combo amps. I enjoy using my Fractal Audio FX-8 floor processor or throwing a bunch of stompboxes in front of the amps and getting the tone from my fingers/tone/pick attack. That being said, I wouldn’t hesitate playing through the new Roland Cube or Yamaha solid state amps, if I’m sitting on someone’s gig.
  8. I didn’t know that the 1st generation Cruisebasses came with a finger rest or was it added as an aftermarket mod? Guitar George
  9. I also know that Brad uses a Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis preamp and a Soldano Decatone 3 channel 100 watt amp head as well. I didn’t see any Mesa Boogie gear the night that I visited that studio. Guitar George
  10. I’m currently using the compressor in my Fractal Audio FX-8 floor processor, but also have an old Boss CS-2 compressor for my analog pedalboard. It gives my single coil pickups the extra sustain and pop that it needs when I”m on the clean channel of my amps. Guitar George
  11. I used to rehearse and record at a recording/rehearsal studio in Hayward, CA called Spirit Wind Studios. Brad had a business partner, Jim Hawthorne, who owned the studio at that time and was involved in the production helping Brad with his background music for the ESPN commercials. I visited the studio one day and got to check out some of Brad’s guitar and his Soldano SLO 100 stack over there. Guitar George
  12. Does the black Archtop GT have the original Seymour Duncan P-90 pickups to go with it? Guitar George
  13. I was looking at the D’Haitre Guitars website. I didn’t know Andy Beech made guitars for Zakk Wylde or the Prince “Cloud” and “Symbol” guitars. Wow! Guitar George
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