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    1995 Hamer Archtop Sunburst Custom, 1998 Hamer USA Artist Custom, 1994 Hamer USA Diablo II, 1990 Hamer USA Chapparal Elite 90, 1982 Hamer USA Cruisebass,1984-87 Fender Japan Stratocaster w/factory installed Kahler Spyder tremolo, 1998 Fender Floyd Rose Classic Stratocaster w/ EMG 85 SA 85 pickups
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    1992 30th Anniversary Marshall 6101 combo amp w/ matching 1912 closed back cabinet, Rocktron Vendetta, Reverend Goblin, Reverend Kingsnake, Soldano Astroverb 16
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    Rocktron, Boss, MXR, Xotic, MI Audio, Fryette

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    Playing my Hamer USA guitars onstage!!

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  1. I went out bought an old '80s Ibanez Roadstar Precision/Jazz bass copy, loaded it with Dimarzio P/J pickups, used it for recording, occasional bass playing gigs, and after awhile I sold it. I found a used 1981 Hamer USA Cruisebass 4 string bass on E-bay, bought it with no case, sent my bass guitar case to the seller, and had it shipped it to me with guitar case/shipping box. It arrived safely, had a lot of scratches/dings/chipped on the finish, fixed the worn out nut, tightened up the loose tuner hardware, had my friend adjust the truss rod, installed Dunlop straplocks, and had the bass intonated. Whoever owned it never used a guitar stand or took care of it, but I fixed all of the issues to make it playable & usable again. It plays great now, stays in tune well, and sounds quite good considering that it has the OEM Dimarzio P/J pickup set in it. I bought a Sansamp Bass Driver DI box to play through the P.A. system since I didn't have a bass amp at the amp, bought a used SWR Super Redhead 2x10 bass combo amp, played a few gigs with it including being a house bassist for the local jam night for 6 months in the local dive bars. Guitar George
  2. Obviously, the seller has seller's remorse and became aware of the actual value of his guitar on Reverb and other platforms. There are other guitars and sellers out there. Maybe budget more money for your purchase?
  3. The Craig's List ad has been removed. I hope that someone got that Standard.
  4. At the time that I bought my 1990 Hamer Chapparal Elite guitar from an E-bay seller in Nashville, Tennessee, he also offered to sell me a Hamer California Elite guitar with the hollowskull finish just like the one in the picture. I wasn't sure if I wanted that kind of guitar at the time, but I really wish that I just bought it as an investment, sat on it, and I could of flipped it now. 😮 Guitar George
  5. That's a cool guitar! I'm very interested in the Fret King Corona GW or Corona Custom guitar: Fret King Corona Custom guitar
  6. I use either a Reverend Kingsnake 20/60 watt or Goblin 5/15 watt 1x12 combo amp and Fractal Audio FX-8 floor effects processor onstage for my cover band gigs. I don't know if I would want a pedalboard amp. I have yet to try one, but I like the sound of a good tube amp and speaker of my choice as my stage rig than a tube preamp/solid state power amp type of pedalboard amp. I do like the Khan Pak II 2 channel 18 watt amp head and the Strymon Iridium for an amp less/IEM stage sitaution. I also own a Stiff 90-AD 2 channel 50 watt lunchbox amp head and a Krank 1980 Jr. 20 watt amp head that I might be bringing out back into my amp rotation. I recently bought a Legendary Tones Hot Mod V2 EVO tube circuit from Dave Szabados. It made my Stiff 90-AD into fire breathing tube amp monster! Guitar George
  7. Great looking guitar! I bet it resonates really nice. What kind of Mojotone P-90 pickups did you get? I have the Hot Quiet Coil P-90 pickups in my 1993 Hamer Special. Guitar George
  8. I remember seeing that Wolf Hoffman's Archtop Sunburst with the Floyd Rose up for sale on Reverb. He was asking around $5,000 for the guitar. That Chapparal Elite with the space graphics is awesome! Guitar George
  9. So all of the guitars for sale at River City Guitars are from the Fung collection? Pete's Hamer guitars for sale?
  10. Nice travel guitar. It reminds me of the Lazer guitar that Johnny Winter used to play. Guitar George
  11. I had the original Seymour Duncan Hot (neck) & Custom (bridge) P-90 pickups that was factory installed in my '93 Special. It's my first guitar with a set of P-90 pickups. I liked the sound, but couldn't deal with the noise when I play it through my amp with high gain without having to use a noise gate pedal. I bought a set of Mojotone Hot Quiet Coil P-90 pickups and installed it in the guitar. Much better sound, no noise when driving the amp at high gain. Guitar George
  12. I've been there substitute rhythm guitarist for over 10 years. I'm grateful for the opportunities that were given to me and was made a permanent member about 3 years ago. The band has been in existence since 1990 for 30 years with different band member line ups and is the original AC/DC tribute in northern California! Guitar George
  13. Hey tweed! Only real 100 watt tube amps & Marshall 4x12 cabs on our stage is allowed! The volume onstage gets loud, but it's awesome, and the club owner let's us do it. That stock Marshall JCM 900 4x12 cab only had 2 Celestion G12T-75 speakers when I bought it from Guitar Showcase in Campbell, CA. I've had different speakers in it over the years. It currently has a quad of Celestion Vintage 30 speakers with a custom made 5 input jack plate that can run mono/stereo/ wet/dry/wet. The amp head is a Rocktron Vendetta 100 watt, 4 channel amp head that I bought from Kurtsstuff from this forum years ago since he was local to me. He had Bruce Egnater, designer of the amp head, mod Ch. 4 to get a hot rodded Marshall tone. Guitar George
  14. Hey RobB! Thanks for the kind words. The next Long Gon Bon show is going to be on Saturday, June 25th @Brittania Arms Cupertino 1087 S. De Anza Blvd. San Jose, CA starting at 9:30pm. Guitar George
  15. Hey HFC folks, Tbonesullivan sold me a really cool 1993 Hamer USA Special in candy apple red with gold hardware and OEM Seymour Duncan Hot & Custom P-90 pickups in May 2021. Due to the pandemic, the guitar sat in its case for awhile. I started playing the guitar, decided that the OEM SD pickups were noisy for my usage, bought a set of Mojotone Hot Quiet Coil P-90 pickups, and had them installed. I also had the frets leveled since there were fret issues going on. Still a cool tone and it's much quieter for use in high gain amp settings. No squealing or hum! I finally got to play the guitar at rehearsal and onstage with my AC/DC (Bon Scott era) tribute band, Long Gon Bon! Here's some video from our show that I recorded with a Go Pro camera. Dog Eat Dog / Jailbreak Dirty Deeds/TNT/Shot Down In Flames Beating Around The Bush/It's A Long Way To The Top/Down Payment Blues Guitar George
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