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- Monaco Elite, Custom Ordered 1 of 6, Chambered .. beautiful !

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Gorgeous! From a custom ordered run of 6 guitars. Specked by Greg at BCR Music:

The first chambered Elites (2002). Custom color which is a beautiful Sienna with a subtle burst. Hamer checkerboard case (Greg had made .. there are very few of these around), switch ring, etched cover plate, etc. In addition to these custom appointments the previous owner upgraded the pickups to Antiquities. This is a great guitar! Very smartly specked, in my opinion. The chambering really adds a warmth and resonance missing in a lot modern L.P. style guitars. The pickups are a great choice as well. Vintage carved neck. Estimated weight approx. 8 lbs.

Custom checkerboard case! Purple lining! Special etched cover plate!

A sliver of wood was sliced in an area on the back .. pictured (a cymbal?) it looks like a near perfect puzzle piece that went right back in. BCR Greg was an Authorized Hamer repairman at the time. He did a great job of fixing it. The color match is spot on and the finish is smooth to the touch.

This Elite is in excellent condition. A few slight impressions. It has almost no fret wear, just the typical 2nd/3rd fret beginnings. It plays like a dream and sounds amazing!

PLEASE ask any questions. Thanks!









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I've owned one of these (the other one currently for sale) and they are fabulous. The color is still one of my all-time faves. I much prefer it to "59 burst". IMO this one is seriously underpriced considering the etched cavity cover and pimped out case,

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Thank you for the kind words. It is a looker! I was very surprised how close in tone this 'chambered' Elite was to my custom ordered 'center block/ tailpiece moved' Newport Pro. There are some differences but not enough to keep both. The chambering extends the low end a little (firmer deeper sounding low notes). The highs are not piercing at all. It still has a focused midrange, but a bit airier especially when played clean. A Les Paul compresses quicker; this Elite pushes back and holds a clear note longer before compressing. Just add a touch more gain and it is huge. It definitely has the broken-in/ vintage thing going on.


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