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  1. Wow, this thread sure hasn't panned out like you thought.
  2. Please tell me you at least wear them on a necklace as trophies of past kills when you're on stage. Or you built, like, battlements for your amp out of them.
  3. "You know those guitars, that are like ... double guitars?"
  4. RIP another blade switch. Do you have like a blade switch graveyard out back?
  5. Could I be ok with it? Sure. PRS, Fender, Hamer, Reverend, Nik Huber, Suhr, Tom Anderson. I could probably go all in with most of those brands and probably others. Gibson might be a notable exception since I tend to dig longer scale single coil guitars. But would I bother? Nah. Maybe if life had taken another turn and I was given some kind of exclusive endorsement deal. 🤔
  6. I think my sentiments echo much everyone else's above: if the guitar itself doesn't have a liveliness and feel that makes me excited, then pickups won't fix it. But if a guitar is muddy, I've swapped pickups several times to get a clearer, more open tone out of humbucker guitars. With my single coil guitars, I haven't, but I think they've got so much more of that thing to start with that I haven't felt the need to swap. Also, we need tiny knobs for pickup height adjustment.
  7. When I first skimmed that I was like "what would a mid hump OD even look like on a midi signal?"
  8. I love that we can all get along here. For starters, I like the track more than I would have thought. Second, the description "Sort of early 80's New Wave pop meets YES" would be an insta-fail for me in most cases.
  9. I dig that a lot. While the Z3 semi-hollow was a super versatile guitar, I don't think it's better, just different.
  10. I don't have any firsthand knowledge, but I've seen plenty of positive reviews alongside the few negatives. Plus, it's the only game in town for G&L replacement necks. I've been lusting after a roasted maple neck and knowing I can get one for the Legacy has definitely tamed that desire a bit.
  11. Love it. I used to have an ASAT Z-3 semi-hollow. It was a great guitar. I've currently got a Legacy loaded with Wilde microcoils as my strat style and it's been fantastic too. Plus with Musikraft now making G&L replacement necks again (https://musikraft.com/product-info.php?pid196.html), you can do a whole lot of customization -- nearly as easily as a Fender.
  12. Agreed. For my $0.02 digital just frees up more money for guitars and makes switching between those guitars even easier.
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