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  1. Great job, as always Geoff! Congrats on another fine demo! I dug it so much I wanna ask what you thought of the guitar, but I don't wanna put you on the spot with regards to a customer.
  2. .10-46 for me. Not because I put any research into it, but because I've been playing XL110s for years and almost always have them around.
  3. I'm gonna join @Camstone on Team Detune for this one. My favorite "chorus" by far was when I had the Eventide PitchFactor. The micropitch detune patch was a spot on version of what Jack Butler had going in Crossroads, which was a formative guitar memory for me. That said, because that's the sound I'm after, I'm not normally a "chorus" guy. Failing the eventide, I'd probably go with the Luxe or maybe try out the newer Dimension Chorus pedal from Boss.
  4. Definitely all of you standing in front of either a brick wall or train tracks. Preferably in matching leather jackets. Oh, wait... that cover... Regarding Studio Custom's comment, I would suggest maybe taking an unexpected cover and make it your own. Like take a Black Sabbath song and twist the arrangement to suit your sound/vibe. I've done that in the past and while our band flamed out, we never became a cover band. There's a ton of bands on youtube now getting good mileage out of this. Where it's almost a roleplaying thing for them by doing big band arrangements of Radiohead and whatnot. It stretches the definition of cover band a little and seems to me that folks would be more likely to accept originals from you since you're not just a stunt double for the record.
  5. Don't laugh, but I've taken the capitalization of your username WAY too literally all these years.
  6. I just saw this! Man... Good vibes sent and a speedy recovery to you!
  7. I can think of at least two things wrong with that name... Edit: There's bits that I dig. At 13:25 I kind of dig it. But the overall noise-rock aesthetic isn't really my bag.
  8. Super-easy, barely an inconvenience. Just google "wraptail to headless conversion" and let the hilarity ensue.
  9. Go ahead and tell him to replace the toggle switch. This is a safe space.
  10. Where would learning to sing better get him that he wasn't already? If he felt like he was giving a good show every night and people kept paying, it must have been working for everyone.
  11. It was a fucked up thing to post, but let's be honest: it's not wrong. He'd be a total legend if he'd gone out in his prime. I guess this is just another example of the old staple: Always leave them wanting more. p.s. Nicely played with the Dangerfield line.
  12. I got two this morning: 1. The less I'm playing, the more I browse reverb.com 2. If I'm shopping for a piece of gear and I can't make a decision between the alternatives, it means I don't need it that badly.
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