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  1. Yeah, the Pyle looks like a shameless knockoff of the EBtech units. Not that I want it to be $93 dollars instead of $29, but still... at least make the box look different.
  2. I have. Maybe if there isn't a better way I'll hit the site a few times a day other than when the feed mail comes out just to get better coverage.
  3. I'm low-key searching for an H9 Max and one sold recently for $390 (which is much cheaper than most of the listings on reverb). Obviously the cheap ones get snapped up first (all other factors being equal) but it feels like I almost never get a jump on cheaper listings. Reverb support says everyone gets a 1x/day mail of new things in your feed, so it sounds like it's not a misconfiguration, but is there like a third party site you all use to get notices? Am I missing something?
  4. Fun fact: One of the early pioneers of analog synths (Don Buchla) worked on analog computing for NASA (guidance systems?) before building out a line of synths, so his build quality and aesthetic were influenced by the space program (at least indirectly).
  5. dafuq? Is there like an article you can link about this craziness? I can't resist a good FL story. Edit: I found this, but I figure there's gotta be something more interesting - https://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/20200212/fbi-romance-scammers-swindle-vulnerable-florida-residents-out-of-millions
  6. If I was 20 years younger, I'd probably worry about your sanity. But at this age I recognize that this kind of playful delusion is the only way to make it through. 💯
  7. Pro Tip: My wife and I have been dieting and eating a lot of chicken, broccoli, and brown rice. We've started steaming it in an instant pot on the deck so that it doesn't stink up the house. It still lingers a little when we bring it back in, but it's so much better.
  8. Probably a sustainblock special for me. That said, between that and a wraptail studio, I kept the studio. 🤷‍♂️
  9. My money is that he starts vlogging his journey of learning to use modular synths. 🤷‍♂️
  10. I probably made it sound more intimidating than it is. I totally suggest you check it out sooner rather than later, since it will totally meet you where you are. It would still be worthwhile if I was using it as just a way to do traditional "effects" blocks (flanger, chorus, delays, reverbs, tremolo) in series and parallel however you like.
  11. I don't think it's too hard, but I had been digging into synths for a while before I got it, so I had a slight leg up. You can really easily customize effects by like adding LFOs to "turn the knobs" automatically for you. You can also route components really easily or use env followers to make it adjust a parameter based on your pick attack. All of that is about as fast as you can tap it out. On my first day I made a harmonic tremolo in maybe 15 minutes. I read an explanation like off of Strymon's web site and then used a sv-filter as a crossover to split the audio at some frequency,
  12. Man, just the mention of Windham Hill records really transports me back to a simpler place and time. I'm a huge Michael Hedges fan and some of those albums were a big deal to me.
  13. Empress ZOIA. 100%. It's pitched as a "modular synth in a box" but it functions both as that, and as a super-flexible virtual pedalboard (a la Helix) and as a platform for designing your own effects (see https://patchstorage.com/platform/zoia/ for examples). It's about 3-4 modules to DIY a harmonic tremolo which I wanted to try but didn't want to shop for. I made a 10-tap delay and started experimenting with even vs. random vs. exponential spacing. Want parallel delays and reverbs with the ability to mash a momentary switch to have it crank the mix and feedback? No p
  14. While I agree that nondestructive edits can be a blessing, there's also something to be said for committing to the finish line. The age of DAWs has let these companies sell endlessly to our OCD leaving folks perpetually "one more" track/plugin/mix away from "finished". In general, I'd say: Don't tweak. I would give yourself maybe 2-3 rounds of edits and then ship it. Give yourself 1-14 days in between each so you come back to it with "new ears". Be honest about if there's something wrong and add or remove accordingly. I had a friend who did graphic design and they normally ha
  15. Combination convolution reverb pedal and modular pedal-and-synth-maker in a box. Can be switched between Beebo and Digit firmware from touchscreen. Includes MIDI breakout cable, Beebo, and original box. $SOLD plus actual shipping for HFC members.
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