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  1. They need some sort of dial to "age" them or "mismatch" them (for power tube pairs) to be internet-guitar approved.
  2. Yeah, it's the classic S-curve for price/performance trade off: everyone gets off at a different floor. If you've gone too far, it's like @fractal said above: you can't tell if it was worth it anymore, so you start relying on "experts" outside of yourself to justify your expenditures. For me, that's become a major red-flag and I normally nope out once that happens.
  3. I need to reorient my thinking and finances so I can have a "small house in Spain" that I visit every year. Not to get too personal, but is your friend exceedingly well off financially, or just spends his money and time better than I do?
  4. Depending on their location and the timeline of the pandemic, it could be they only need them indoors, not on the walk to the taco truck.
  5. Glad someone got the Zappa reference.... or, watched the video!


    1. sixesandsevens


      Both.  I'm a big Zappa fan and also a B-more native.

    2. Eli
  6. I assume that's a fresh maple top/veneer to cover up the woodworking for the neck pickup slot? Looks great and a great idea vs. forcing the move to a solid color.
  7. https://baltimore.craigslist.org/msg/d/millersville-robin-ranger-guitar/7187480401.html I know there's some Robin fans among you, so I thought I'd pass this along.
  8. I'm pretty sure once Portnoy (or anyone from Dream Theater) is in the lineup, "too over the top" is more like "surprisingly restrained". 🤣
  9. For the younguns, from https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mickey_Thomas_(singer) -
  10. "'twas a good day" is a good one IMHO... Honestly 'twas a good day any time I get to spend a chunk of time here, so it works on multiple levels.
  11. I'm sure they do amazing work for Canada's youth ... but that sounds like an SNL skit.
  12. RIP. I can't imagine the heartbreak of losing a child.
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