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Apparently hamer specials have jumped in price.

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...smacked out of his mind and fishing?

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On 8/28/2020 at 10:56 AM, Disturber said:

I mailed him this morning:
I can pay 2000 Euro for the guitar. Is that okay. Plus shipping.

I have funds locked up at my bank that expires in January 2021. There is a 500 Euro fee to access the fund early.
Can you please lend me the 500 euros, and I will get access to my money right now. Then I will do a bank transfer
back to you in a few days. For the 2000 for the guitar, plus shipping and the 500 euros you lended to me. 
I hope we can work it out. The guitar looks great!

That makes me think of this (very funny if you have 18 minutes to spare):


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If anyone is looking at this one. The seller and I played tag for a couple of weeks. He kept dropping I kept saying "Too high" IIRC his final offer was about $1175.00.

So if you are an interested buyer. ( I say that because he determined that I was NOT interested in anything but bothering him) shoot him an offer. I think he wants to sell.

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