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SOLD! 2001 Fat Stratocaster Deluxe

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Most of you would definitely agree, that it is a shame that great Stratocaster fall into my lap from time to time. I know it and you know it, but I wasn’t having any luck selling my Taylor and a local musician needed an Acoustic for his Church Gigs and had a great Stratocaster for trade. We met, made the deal and like a lot of my hand offs that should take 10 minutes or less, took 45 so I could talk his ear off. LOL 

7.43 LBS on the digital Scale, Ash, Maple Neck (I would call it 50’s non V, with bigger more modern frets), Roller Nut, Modern Bridge. What is not original, the Pickguard with Rio Grande Pickups, and the locking tuners swapped for standard tuners (NO EXTRA HOLES, they dropped right in, no mods). The Wiring, pots, jack are all stock. The Bridge Pickup is was rewound by Gravelin and was a complete surprise to me when I cracked it open. Body is FACTORY routed HSH, no funny business under the guard. 

The previous owner play this as his backup for the last 10 years, it has been played but taken care of. The finish feels really clean, some satin action from being played in the upper arm arena, some hazing on the back, couple of small dings, nothing through the finish, no nasty buckle rash. It has been broken in the right way, by simply just being played. Frets are excellent, clean, the bridge is set to level for floating, NEW D’addario 10 to 46 are on the guitar. Currently no back plate on the guitar, It does come with the tremolo arm. 

$900 Shipping included, Paypal






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16 hours ago, bubs_42 said:

Travis is my witness, walked this one through a guitar show on Saturday and it didn’t last 10 minutes. POOF! 


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