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Hamer full len. 8 string gauge/brand recommendations.

Ham Rex


The 8 string bass I have has GHS Boomers 20-90 90-45 70-45 55-25 40-20.

Is there a different size or brand I should try?

Please note this one has the high octave string below the main string.

I see most have the high octave strings above the main string.

Thank you in advance. 


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On 9/9/2022 at 9:21 AM, EricS said:

When I had a Zon Sonus 8, I ran these and liked 'em a lot. I'd get them again. 


Thank you.

They're about the same gauge so I'll try them after my GHS run out.

I was wondering if there were heavier sets or recommended gauge strings from Hamer.

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I use the regular D’Addario 100 8-string sets on mine.   Is your nut cut in reverse (Rickenbacker style)?  If so, I would imagine it was custom-ordered that way.


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