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    1994 Daytona, 1994 T-51, 1995 Eclipse, 1995 P-90 Special, 2000 Newport, 1979 Peavey T-60, 1983 Peavey T-25,, 2001 Gibson J-45, 2000 Larrivee D-05, 1961 Gibson LG-0, 2015 Regal RC-51 Tri-Cone Resonator,, 1983 Ibanez Roadstar Bass. 1985 Ibanez Roadstar Bass
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    Deluxe clone head with Geezer 1x12 cabinet, Silvertone 1392, Tech 21 Trademark 60, Orange Micro Terror with Orange 1x8 cabinet, Fender 15w Frontman Reverb , Yamaha GA-10, Roland MicroCube, Pignose, Peavey Century 120 bass head and Peavey Monitor 260 head with Peavey 2x10 cabinet..
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    Korg Pitchblack Tuner, Boss CS-2 Compressor, Boss OD-3 Overdrive, Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer, ProCo Rat, Visual Sound Liquid Chorus, Voodoo Lab Tremolo, AquaPuss Delay............and...........Hardwire HT-2 Tuner, BBE Bench Press Compressor, BBE Boosta Grande, Joyo Tremolo, Donner Analog Delay .........and ................. BBE Bench Press Compressor, Boss BD-2 Blues Driver, Boss DS-1 Distortion, T Rex Tonebug Chorus/Flanger,, Boss DD-2 Digital Delay ...........and...........Johnson J-Station.........and........DigiTech Genesis3....also use Hermida Reverb or T-Rex Tonebug Reverb on amps with no reverb

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    Bireli Lagrene

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    Swing Gitan

    Django was one of a kind. The players in the wake of his influence are just incredible to me.
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  4. I'll be happy to delete them.