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  1. Wasn't he playing a Keisel/Carvin type of similar thing?
  2. Actually you only die once, you live every day so make it your best and do things that make you happy and give you joy!
  3. Hard to beat the TopHat but for the money the HRD would work really well.
  4. Not a conversion neck, but 24 3/4" I put together a few years ago with Warmoth parts.
  5. Wow! Nice stories. I remember seeing Charlie waaaaay back. Pretty sure it pre-dated the Boogies, great show! You are a lucky man, Congrats!
  6. Why doesn't this have a "USA" after the Hamer logo?
  7. I'm a traditionalist, pickguards on, pickup covers on. My Les Paul is a two piece body, one piece neck. Plain Top. A good friend who's played mine and a friends R8 (I haven't) says they are very comparable. Mine is a Japanese Epiphone Eliteist from '07. I did change pickups to Dimarzio 36th Anniversaries. I reckon it's good enough for me.
  8. Good offering from Mudshark ! Nice guitar! I believe I’m going to like this one a lot!
  9. 1.66 wide at nut 1st fret .92 12th fret .93 those are approximate. I can get more exact if you'd like.
  10. This is a very nice 1999 Terry McInturff Glory Standard Maple top, mahogany back Rosewood board 25 1/8" scale Custom Dimarzio pickups, similar to Air Vintage ( according to Dimarzio) Nice condition, with one ding on the upper back edge(camofouged by previos owner) Abalone fret markers and TRC Frets in good condition $1600 firm, shipping available at actual cost $1600 firm
  11. I've had two Dumble type amps. A Bandmaster Reverb modified by Andy Fuchs and Brown Note D'Lite that I built from a kit. I don't own either anymore. I'm not a good enough player to own them (hate to admit it, but true). They magnify (amplify) the mistakes and sloppiness of my playing. I want another, I'm not any better of player, but I want another. The Tweedle Dee I built is really nice, but it's a modified 5e3. Probably fits my playing much better. My 2 cents
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