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  1. thanks for all the kind words fellas!!! i'm gonna go with 2 pickups....i'm a rocker, not a jazzer One slanted bridge pu, would be cool as hell. Hollowbody shredder. Shrellow?
  2. Accept - Ball to the walls and metal heart. 70s Judas Priest. Sad wings, stained class. Bruce Dickinson - the chemical wedding is one of my favourite heavy metal albums. Surpasses many of the maiden albums. The newest Machine Head album (the blackening) is very heavy. As for the required norwegian recommandation, check out Sahg: and Stonegard
  3. MC Hammer Deep Purple Prince Kiss (below whitesnake) Police (in front of the left rolling stone=
  4. Queen Beach boys (the guys with surf boards) Blues brothers
  5. Nickleback is rock meant for people who don't like rock.
  6. I checked them out on youtube. Not too bad, a bit boring, but not bad IMO. Don't know how he does it live, but his low pitched vocals sound very processed. Definitly not crabcore.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5886Nb_psg Crabcore
  8. The blackening is definately a great metal album. My candidate for album of the year i Baroness - Blue record
  9. I wish Mastodon would do a headliner worldtour so it's actually possible to get tickets. When they opened for Metallica in Oslo this summer 40000 $150 tickets were gone in two hours. Mastodon, Baroness and Kylesa on a worldwide club tour! Now please!
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