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  1. I like the part where Tom just stops "playing" to push his sleeve up.
  2. I guess the colors were interchangeable. I can't find any other pictures.
  3. I'd never seen this before. What are the little knobs for?
  4. I was a HUGE Kiss fan. Ace was the reason I started playing guitar. That said, there are a half dozen songs after 1980 that I can listen to without thinking "man, that sucks". Paul can't sing any more, Ace could NEVER sing and the two position pentatonic noodling has been passé since Eddie put a pick to strings. I've made it through about 30 seconds of Ace's new stuff. It's just painful to listen to.
  5. My guess is "the Ultimater" followed on by some young upstart claiming the "Ultimatest"
  6. And through the miracle of the innerwebs the corporate coffers of Shishkov Enterprises expand incrementally. Or, "hey fellers I just helped buy a bandsaw!"
  7. Oops sorry! I've got the correct paypal address if anyone needs it. TM
  8. Anyone got a good paypal address for Mike? The @gmail.com doesn't seem to be registered.
  9. and on the topic of the explorer shape, here's a blurb when Gibson went after those little cardboard guitars: ****** Los Angeles, CA (December 22, 2010) - Gibson Guitar Corp. was granted a request for an injunction against WOWWEE USA Inc, the makers of Paper Jamz, and its retailers, which include Wal-Mart, Amazon.com, Big Lots Stores, K Mart Corporation, Target Corporation, Toys “R” Us- Delaware Inc, Walgreen Co., Brookstone Company, Best Buy Co. Inc, eBay Inc, Toywiz Inc and HSN Inc. The initial complaint, filed by Gibson Guitar Corp. on November 18, 2010, stated that the WOWWEE USA Inc prod
  10. HOLY SHIT I'M IN!! just got an email from Mike. I'd pretty much resolved that I'd never have my Sunburst's partner, but now it SHALL BE DONE.
  11. Both. Dr. Z Maz 18 with a Brake Lite attenuator (amp is "crunchy" with guitar volume on 10) and then a selection of stompboxes out front to suit the need.
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