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  1. This just in: Another series. https://www.clickorlando.com/entertainment/2020/03/30/rejoice-kate-mckinnon-will-play-carole-baskin-in-tv-show-reports-say/
  2. That's awesome but it also shows how inept the sheriff departments are in this area. Don't know if it's the same across the US but here they are not respectable. ETA: And the fact that her brother was / is a cop had a lot to do with the weak investigation. I think she killed him. She even said in one episode, "If you want a cat to kill someone, rub sardine oil on them."
  3. Yes, Tom Crutchfield is a reptile dealer now located in Homestead, FL. One of the first scenes in the series was at his facility. Later on in the series they introduce Mario / Scarface. He deals in all exotic animals. The guy I worked for at The Shed in Miami got into serious drug debt from Mario and instead of risking dismemberment he fled the country and apparently ended up in Tanzania.
  4. My son got laid off. All shows cancelled until further notice. And he was just getting ready to move out and into an apartment with his girlfriend. Now she's living here too. I like them but this sequestering shit is getting old and funds are drying up.
  5. Considering his speaking voice I was quite surprised as well. The first scene with the giant retic and the snow leopard in the van is at Tom Crutchfield's place. He's an old friend. Known him since I was about 15 and he was smuggling snakes from Bimini and Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, etc. The other guy, Mario / Scarface, took over the place I worked at in Miami in 1982/3 and sent the owner, Joe Berarducci, on a one way trip to Tanzania. No one has heard from Joe since. I left Miami after that. Too crazy down there. As far as I know, Tom hasn't killed anyone though he has spent some time behind bars and was extradited from Belize. Mario is a scary dude and has dismembered people. Possibly his first wife too. The reptile people are generally easy going and we all pretty much get along with just small rifts where someone gets screwed in business. But those cat people are fucking nuts and the people who are involved with PETA are fucking nuts.
  6. I really enjoyed this one in my self isolation. https://www.netflix.com/search?q=zz&jbv=81212488&jbp=0&jbr=0
  7. Pick update: Sorry I haven't gotten these out yet. My son's girlfriend was kicked out of her college apartment. So guess what? I got to drag her furniture and belongings down the flights of stairs and into a storage unit. Then the rest of the stuff she needed for daily life came to our home along with her. The college is shut down and they ordered everyone out. She originally had permission to stay on campus since she lives alone in her apt and could sequester there. She needed to stay behind because she is doing research on sea anemones and needed to take care of the little creatures. Well, at the last and most inconvenient moment the school changed their minds and told her she needed to leave too. So I haven't had the time to get the picks out. Hopefully I will this week. There are still some available for those who might like some.
  8. I'm never going to use these especially since I'm not playing much anymore. I have a 72 pack minus maybe 10 or 12. I liked these for a while but then went back to the Jazz III. These have the Jazz III point but a little larger grip area which is cool. 1.0 mm. If you guys want some txt me @ 863-409-3318 or email me @ thornm@tampabay.rr.com since my inbox is usually full and I don't check in here as much as I used to. include your name, HFC name, and address and I'll pop 4 or 5 in the mail to you, whatever I can get away with for standard envelope. These are new, by the way. ETA: First picture is size comparrison between Jazz III and Jazz III XL
  9. I think I saw a live video of her a few years ago and thought it was really cool but as it wore on it wore out and I turned it off. But in this video, since it's professionally photographed, I can see she has some crazy stomping going on. I guess Thom Yorke does the same sort of thing but I can hang with him for hours on occasion.
  10. Interesting use of loops. Kind of a Rasta sound. Don't know how much I could listen to her but would like to pick up on some loop technique.
  11. I don't believe there was another guitar player. If I remember correctly, Shaw just joined the band and wrote Crystal Ball. The band had great faith in him and labeled the album, "Crystal Ball."
  12. Believe it or not, I was drinking Schlitz Malt Liquor and licking cleavage when I was 15.
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