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  1. I don't understand how this could have happened. I haven't found a good deal in a pawn shop since ebay. On top of that the previous owner shouldn't have settled for what he got from the pawn shop. But congratulations on your snatch.
  2. Wasn't one of the Destroyer models a lawsuit issue with Gibby?
  3. Ha, I forgot about that other thread. lol
  4. If they spaced the tail piece further back then the body carve would have made it too deep and the strings would have pressed on the back of the bridge. That is my question. But, a wraptail would have been cool and could be substituted.
  5. I don't think we have any whippersnappers on this forum, lol. We are getting as crusty as The Heritage Forum.
  6. Everyone can use a little Deep Purple in their day.
  7. That one is really cool. Thanks for posting. The dude has picked up more tools too. More tools is always good. I was thinking the same Ting, but, maybe that's why he calls it Burl's Art and not Burl's Guitars. They are functional "novelty" guitars. The guy's got a great fence outback too.
  8. I was watching this again as I posted the OP. The video was nowhere finished when you replied which means you didn't even watch the video so you have no idea what you are talking about.
  9. I'm proud to say I don't even own a TV mostly because of stupid shows like you mentioned. In the beginning I liked the idea of "Survivor" and thought about trying out for the show. I was in great shape and know how to "survive" and catch little fish to catch bigger fish and could survive in the mud or whatever they threw at you. But then it turned into an obstacle course competition which I probably could have won as well but that just wasn't my thing. Back then I was kind of like that episode of "Gomer Pyle" where he and Sargent Carter actually gained weight on their survival camp week because Gomer knew how to catch rabbits, which by the way, you can't gain weight eating like with most fish.
  10. 27 minutes into the premier of Season 8 and there was already a fuck party with 3 hot naked chicks. I screamed out, "TITS!" and had to pause it and give it a golf clap. But, those guitars don't have tits so they are a no for me.
  11. Yes. At least it did on mine. Mine also came with EMG SV pickups which were pretty cool. No hum. Vintage tone.
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