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  1. I only found out about it when my computer went into chkdsk upon rebooting. I didn't pay attention to it until it did it again. I have been rebooting more often lately because of other problems occuring. Then I noticed it wasn't my C drive but my H drive. There were a lot of downloads, documents, pictures, etc. from past years. I believe I got that drive in 2008 or so. So I babied the thing and copied those files to a new drive. Then I unplugged the H drive and booted up. Static was gone. I'm assuming it had something to do with active indexing since I really didn't access that drive physicall
  2. Well, I solved the problem. Seems one of my old hard drives was failing. Not sure why that would make a kind of static while I was working on things, moving my mouse, etc. But, I spent the last 2 days babying it and copying a couple-hundred gig over to another drive. Disconnected the bad drive, problem solved. Weird. I hate computers. Thanks for all the advice. I'll probably do some upgrades you guys mentioned while I'm at it. This drive was apparently causing Chrome and other things to crash as well even though it was just a file storage drive from several years ago. Thanks guys.
  3. I inherited my dad's laptop and plugged the focusrite into it. No buzz so the noise is coming from being connected to my desktop. I did also plug in my wireless usb mouse to the laptop and it didn't cause any noise. Def my desktop computer.
  4. This end of the house has the old 2 wire romex. Built in '46.
  5. I just bought some studio monitors for another attempt at home recording. They sound awesome and now I'm hearing things as they should be heard. But one thing I've noticed is that when they are sitting idle they produce a dirty buzz that exaggerates when I move my mouse or load up a page on Chrome. It's not terribly loud but audible if there is no sound being produced by music on YouTube or other programs. I thought at first it was caused by my flat screen but unplugging it didn't stop the buzz. So that left the computer and sure enough when I turned it off the buzz stopped. But, I'm also usin
  6. I think I have one of those. I'll have to get out my propeller hat.
  7. Looks like everyone has the Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen on sale for $109.99
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