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  1. I understand your point but these videos were broken up from one single live concert video that was shot in 1995. Each video was of one song from that live concert. So why would the one song from the original live recording be banned in this country and the other nine or so clear to play? And why can the damn French view it and I can't without using shenanigans?
  2. I was watching a series of videos of Mad Season (Live). 3 videos played and then the 4th said it was "blocked in your country." Blocked in the good 'ole USA? So I switched on my VPN and chose France and watched the video. Turned off VPN and watched the rest of the list. I was considering downloading the video and posting it on my own Youtube channel just to see what would happen or even uploading it to FB. For those who have not heard of Mad Season it is Layne Staley's offshoot band with some other well knowns I don't know about. The video that was blocked was, "I don't know anything," coincidentally. This one was not blocked.
  3. Dion's wife Lorna has offered to share the link to Dion's funeral service if you are interested. If there is interest should we post a link here or go through PM?
  4. I have been so sick this past week. Been glued to my bed or office chair with a Rhinovirus attacking my body. So I've done a lot of streaming. Found this kid. Seems full of talent. Good lookin' kid too. I was laying down and letting YouTube stream along when this came on and got me up to check it out. Hope you like it. So I checked out more.
  5. Almost correct. In dogs they are on the inner forearm of the front legs. They aid in takedown in a hunt. In pets, they hurt the masters in rough play because the dog instinctually wraps them around what they are playing with which may be your body parts.
  6. From your description he certainly was.
  7. Wonder if my wife will ever clean a snake cage.
  8. Argh! My son keeps me up-to-date on the idiotic things his "friends" post on FB about GOT. What a bunch of little bitches.
  9. J5 is an insane player. Off the top of my head: He learned to play by watching Hee Haw with his father. He learned chicken pickin' at a young age. He then went on to rock citing EVH as an influence. He says Marilyn Manson gave him his name when he toured with him. He's also toured with NIN and done stints with Country Music stars whom I can't remember because, well, who cares about Country Music. He's been touring with Rob Zombie for years as well as touring with his own band(s). If you watch some of his instructional videos he actually says which notes he's playing instead of, "B string, 14th fret," as opposed to Zakk Wylde saying, "The high note." I've never seen anyone do the Chimpanzee better than J5. Look him up on U-tube if it isn't blocked over there.
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