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  1. pablo

    Guitars That Catch Your Eye

    blue guitars sounds better
  2. this deal supreme, if come with the OHSC no words
  3. for sure Dave Hunter's never had a Hamer USA less than 1 mile of his hands and eyes ,or.......you know the money make "miracles" some times
  4. pablo

    chap 1992 all original?

    the number in the body ia anormal in hamer usa guitar right? i never saw a number in the body
  5. pablo

    chap 1992 all original?

    thanks guys. something dont look right
  6. hi friends. what you can tell me about this chaparral? no paint and looks like it have a serial number in the body? thanks guys https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-739456593-guitarra-hamer-made-in-usa-ano-92-impecable-permuto--_JM
  7. hi hamer lovers can anybody tell me what you thinks about this guitar. if someone had one how it fells, sound , quality? i cant find a lot of info about those fender thanks my friends D_NQ_NP_997825-MLA25518075580_042017-O.webp
  8. something wrong with the floyd right? did you see the pics or i am wrong?
  9. i had the oportunity to be a lot of times there. mayority time in florida and Maine. i have a lot of friends there . my next time there i will open a post asking who in florida ( or where i be at that moment) wanna show me his Hamer collection
  10. if i live in usa that bass will be mine in a second
  11. pablo

    Standard Appreciation Thread

    exist the number #0001? pics?