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  1. An Other thing that call my attention (because im not a diablo expert)is that the neck looks like to be made in one piece of wood?
  2. Its a 1997 diablo, 99% original in pictures. 2 grands , located inArgentina,probably good price for my country😑, not in my rabge of good business
  3. Extrange think couse the reverse heastock or regular?
  4. This player kill me, i love his soul/sound
  5. No one born knowing walk , don t worry. Welcome to the best and friendly forum in the web
  6. New upgrade , looks like he have the original sd in other guitar ,no problem to regret it
  7. I really appreciate your opinion and i'm waiting more of your finger up or down, i will agree news and goods pics in some days, With the info you have today......how much you think is the price in the actual US market?
  8. Completly agree with u Probably this weekend i will take a view in person and good pics too, i dont know what to do , this fcking repair kill me, even if a can reduce the price a lot, i really dont know what to do, Im here to ear all yours opinions
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