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  1. In my solitarie night moments i use since a couple of years this little and awesome amp, amazing sound , have aux in for your music, tone control, eadphones out ,volume, db, etc, I bought mine for 32 buks in this time
  2. No surprise me , beautifull phantom and killer price, congrat
  3. Ok folks , thanks so much for the good waves, make his effect Please dont stop to upload Hamer's walls , my next step are more Hamer guitars and basses, so i need the pics for hipnotize my wife
  4. Yep, that was a big deal, for me blue en black elite the most beauty regular colors
  5. https://reverb.com/item/33705982-usa-hamer-californian-elite-1988-blue Dont tell me sound better please?‍♂️ No aff
  6. Hello folks, like you know( or not) i only have 2 Hamer's today , cause cuarentine effect y paint the 80% hoy my house, and i wanna put my babies on the wall, but my wife ( yes she ?‍♂️) told me what i wanna do don't going to look cute and because i want to stay married ,plaese my friend: can you upload pics with your hamer's walls , 1 or 2 or 100 Hamer, everything will help I want to show her there are people more crazy than me? Thanks folks?
  7. I made mine picw in blck for my blue 2tek , monster build quality what they send me for $35 on his moment http://www.pickguardplanet.com/pickguards-hamer-cruise-bass-phantom-prototype-rick-nielsen-model-small-parts-slammer-imports/
  8. Its normal , you are chating with the #1 ?
  9. Thanks all for your coments, god bless Argentina and United States of America
  10. Remember........a fly jacket and NASA?
  11. To much time no posting nothing so here you got a little history ( sorry if i dont write in english, i dont like to use the translator) My kids , wife and me had the oportuniyy to go Florida for holidays, so one of those days we went to NASA , my unconclused dream was/is to be a civil or military pilot, all about fly i know it and i love it , so my kids are in the same way , specialy my liitle 4 years boy This thay the weather was hot but was imposible for us make he take out his jacket?‍♂️, he was very happy walking betwen rocket with this, was fuuny how all the people look at him and make a smile? At the end of the day we was walking to the exit and front of us we saw an army boy walking with all the equipment i never saw in my life , my little boy saw him and freeze? The guy look at him and star to walk to us and stop in front of my boy, he say hello to everybody and with tears in his eyes he start to toll him: When i was young like you, a soldier come to me and give me the US flag he had in his arm and this is my first time i will do the same with you So he put his hand in his arm and take out something from his military wear, yes......a US flag My kid dont move a hair, he continued freezze, the soldier take his hand and put the flag on it. He says to everybody thanks for give him this moment and go out, its imposible for me write this situation and dont cry. Nobody of us will never forget this moment
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