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  1. Thanks all for your coments, god bless Argentina and United States of America
  2. Remember........a fly jacket and NASA😅
  3. To much time no posting nothing so here you got a little history ( sorry if i dont write in english, i dont like to use the translator) My kids , wife and me had the oportuniyy to go Florida for holidays, so one of those days we went to NASA , my unconclused dream was/is to be a civil or military pilot, all about fly i know it and i love it , so my kids are in the same way , specialy my liitle 4 years boy This thay the weather was hot but was imposible for us make he take out his jacket🤦‍♂️, he was very happy walking betwen rocket with this, was fuuny how all the people look at him and make a smile😁 At the end of the day we was walking to the exit and front of us we saw an army boy walking with all the equipment i never saw in my life , my little boy saw him and freeze😅 The guy look at him and star to walk to us and stop in front of my boy, he say hello to everybody and with tears in his eyes he start to toll him: When i was young like you, a soldier come to me and give me the US flag he had in his arm and this is my first time i will do the same with you So he put his hand in his arm and take out something from his military wear, yes......a US flag My kid dont move a hair, he continued freezze, the soldier take his hand and put the flag on it. He says to everybody thanks for give him this moment and go out, its imposible for me write this situation and dont cry. Nobody of us will never forget this moment
  4. Hi everybody im on the way again😎 I have a little questions for the best forum in the web: Like you know , my cali ( im in love with it ) is 1996 so have no the stadium logo ( all of us know the reasons) So allways , all the cali's i see for sell have stadium logo , no one like mine 1:Do you know why i cant found a calis 1996 in US or the rest of the world? 2: exist any diference in quality ( wood, paint, craftmanship construction or whatever between the logo stadium logo calis vs the smaller one? Thank all for the answer
  5. i will translate this: sell me one of those🤣😘 joke
  6. yestarday y had a the opportunity to return to the hotel and see what they construction simply awesome , amazing what they did and im so happy to see a part of our passion inside the hotel( where the reception is)
  7. my first new year day in Fort Lauderdale, a little more closer to the beggining of hamer's lovers happy new year to everybody, for who are with us and who not my best wishes for you pablo
  8. sorry for my question, im from Argentina and i cant understand some words what is CONUS only and where are you living im going to pass christmas and new year in fort lauderdale😏, plus a lot of days there i dont need the guitar but im so tempted🤦‍♂️
  9. im sorry , standards 🤦‍♂️
  10. maybe Mick lent the guitar for the netflix show?🤔 a lot of pics with him in live shows with the Hamer 😎 why he is not a forum member?🤣
  11. why at this thread point there is no one pics of those explorers?🤔🤔🤔
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